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10 Feb. 1997
Mad Dogs and Englishmen
When people become sick, a farmer turns on his English neighbours blaming them for bringing BSE (Mad Cow Disease) there, and making his wife ill. With Tom convalescing, its newly promoted Nick, who's in charge.
10 Feb. 1997
Under Siege
As more people become sick and die, rabies is now blamed and the English family's dog is now under threat. Mal Truesdale gets farmers stirred up and promptly arrested, and in the heat, the police station is blocked and besieged with Keith Purvis instigating the trouble from outside, and cutting off everyone inside with no way of communicating with the outside world. Nick's command of this situation will be fully tested and what is to blame for people getting sick?
11 Feb. 1997
Working Lunch
Adam and Dash ruin a 3-day stakeout. Dash can't help listening to the tapes of a restaurant couple they recorded and this will lead onto another case. Tom is telling everyone to relax and breathe, as part of his new relaxing regime.
18 Feb. 1997
Immaculate Misconception
Leonie is pregnant and her father is upset and angry and wants justice. But what really is going on and who is the father? All evidence seems to point to Clancy. Meanwhile, the police station toilets are blocked up and this brings plumber Charlie Drake out, who will become yet another suspect.
25 Feb. 1997
Reports of Damage and Loss
Heavy rains are falling and as Nick and Adam make it back to Mount Thomas, they recount their stories of how they tried to save two sisters, one stuck in a watery drainpipe the other in a car. Nick is full of anger and rage and Adam is more or less quiet, both forced to help each girl separately.
4 Mar. 1997
Fowl Play
Duck hunters and wildlife protection activists clash but someone has been shot from the beginning. This brings the local doctor under Nick's radar again and Adam gets involved with a girl of one of the hunters, but her bullying father is fighting with everyone, including the cook at the pub and then he falls ill. But was it the duck meal?
11 Mar. 1997
The Luck of the Irish
Chris is getting married and she has known her Irish fiancé for only two weeks. His son is getting into trouble at school, where another student, a Muslim girl, is being harassed by other kids at that school, which Nick is investigating.
18 Mar. 1997
Bloodstained Angels
A musician with angry lyrics, a club owner and an angry parent, then violence starts. Who truly is to blame for the ever increasing attacks where everyone is targeted? Just who are the criminals and who are the innocent parties?
8 Apr. 1997
Charity Begins at Home
A case of domestic violence, involves the local Salvation Army and police in protecting the woman, when Dash intervenes. The husband seems contrite and apologetic and the wife breaks the intervention order against him. But the husband just won't take no for an answer .
15 Apr. 1997
Fool for Love
Adam is getting married to Stacey. It's a bit fast, but his friends and colleagues are there, even if his family can't turn up. Meanwhile, a dating service has sprung up in Mount Thomas. One upset client is not happy and the police know it's a dodgy business, but they have to prove it.
22 Apr. 1997
The Last Night
A teenager is brought in and when his seemingly uncaring father gets involved, its Tom who recognizes a fellow Vietnam veteran who is still suffering from that war. His son is involved with a gang who are at odds with a Vietnamese gang, seems to bring the war out in Mount Thomas with the police trying to keep the peace.
29 Apr. 1997
Two old gold miners state that two young gold miners are stealing their mine. Then a giant golden nugget is found. That's just the start of all the problems, in particular for two police officers.
6 May 1997
Fool's Gold: Part 2
With the golden nugget disappearance, so too are at least one of the young miners and two police officers. But its more serious than that, particularly for the two police officers that are trapped.
13 May 1997
Grave Matters
Vandalism at the graveyard upsets many but this will lead to another case of someone digging up graves as well for buried treasure. Tom doubts if Jed is innocent of the vandalism and PJ has to deal with an overly-helpful preacher.
20 May 1997
Loose Cannons
A man returns home but does not receive a warm welcome from some quarters. With owning high powered guns and Nick on his side, this is going to get explosive as there are two children involved as well.
27 May 1997
Lean on Me
Dispute over a dead goat, some dangerous drugs that are harming people as well. Then Adam and Stacey are deciding on where to live.
3 Jun. 1997
Random Breath
The police are conducting random breath tests, but one case is to prove difficult for Dash and this will have deadly consequences. All this as Inspector Russell Falcon-Price makes his mark on Mount Thomas.
10 Jun. 1997
Close Encounters
A baby has gone missing. As the mother's sanity is questioned, the police investigation is looking more like there was never really a baby, but Adam and Nick are investigating other leads that suggest something is going on.
17 Jun. 1997
Buckley's Chance
Jack Buckley has won the Lotto and looks like all his troubles are over, then the ticket goes missing and with a jackpot so high, this is only the start of the problems for Jack. Adam has to deal with Stacy's pregnancy issues that are affecting his job.
24 Jun. 1997
No Means No
An ex prostitute is prosecuting a man for rape after he beat and assaulted her, but as he gave money it makes for a harder case. Nick is also involved with the woman in question.
1 Jul. 1997
Poetic Justice
A $1 million dollars worth of cigarettes appears to have been hijacked. With local characters and a cigarette company P.I. who's pulling in weight on the investigation; finding the missing truck may hold the answers for the police. Nick is driving Maggie up the wall with his poetry, trying to get her to join in on the local talent night.
8 Jul. 1997
Left in Trust
A 16 year-old girl goes missing and her Polish mother who speaks very little English turns up looking for her. But accusations fly and it seems people are lying about her and she is still missing. Stacey does not like being given the brush off by Adam, and is beginning to blame Dash.
15 Jul. 1997
Sick Puppy
Tom's other daughter, Susan, turns up after an accident and makes new friends but one of them has a dark past, which makes Tom very concerned. This involves the rest of the police, much to Susan's annoyance.
22 Jul. 1997
Sisterly Love
With Susan working at the school, a children's project and thefts bring missing valuables and suspects. The police have to go back and question everyone involved, including the kids. This brings Susan and Tom at odds again.
29 Jul. 1997
Can't Take a Joke
A young female mechanic and increasing practical jokes, start an investigation into more serious acts against more people working there. Adam's problems with Stacey are brought to the boil as she gets friendly with an old male friend.
5 Aug. 1997
Every Contact Leaves Its Trace
Continuing the story at the garage, the police investigations are still ongoing. Monica Draper is here to investigate Adam's situation, which has gone from bad to worse. Its Dash who doesn't trust Stacey but can she discover the truth?
12 Aug. 1997
Playing Games
A couple are trying to build a resort on their land but their local neighbours object. The main opponents end up on a Murder Mystery weekend at the pub with Maggie and P.J. participating, but things get more serious and real along with the fun. Adam is still recuperating in hospital and Chris has a new admirer.
19 Aug. 1997
Counting Chickens
Two brothers go at it at their mother's funeral and this is only just the beginning. With livestock and farm goods sabotaged, it's only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. But why is this happening in the first place?
26 Aug. 1997
Drag Line
A local peer of the community is found dead but it is what he is dressed in that causes a stir. There are plenty of suspects from friends and strangers, who all seem to not tell the police the whole truth, until the police confront them after investigating further.
2 Sep. 1997
Closing Ranks
Nick gets bashed on the head and the Torrini's are having a baby - both go to hospital but that's only the start. Adam's career is in the balance and he is about to be sued on top of it all, but can Dash save the day?
9 Sep. 1997
Off the Air
A radio broadcast from Mount Thomas seems to go after the police officers one by one, putting them on the defensive. With security and thefts happening, the DJ stirs things up even more by calling it a crime wave. The police may have no choice but to go to him for help. But who is helping whom?
16 Sep. 1997
The Scarecrow
The scarecrow comes into to report a stolen car but Maggie stops him from using his other one as it is not roadworthy. This leads him to the 'troll' (his father), whom Dash is terrified of, but all he wants is to be left alone which it appears, Maggie won't do. Maggie also gets a surprise visitor and with car thefts increasing, there can only be trouble ahead.
23 Sep. 1997
Safe as Houses
A family's home is been repossessed by the bank and they are not happy with this which brings out the police. The situation will only get worse and thefts in the area and the family auctioning their personal possessions, all seems to be linked and it all points to Sam Chalmers, who happens to be a friend of Dash.
30 Sep. 1997
Our Patch
Three out-of-town workers take rooms at the pub for four weeks. They are loud, boisterous and drink heavily and seem to take delight in winding up the police at every opportunity they get and Chris too. There is bound to be trouble, even though they are not who they say they are. Robbie is making more of an impression on Dash and it's not good each time.
7 Oct. 1997
The All-Seeing Eye
A couple come to town looking for their daughter that was taken two years earlier. The wife asks the local gypsy woman for help but a local witch contradicts her findings. Who is lying and why? And where is the missing girl? Suspicions are falling on Robbie but Maggie does not want to hear it, as it is about her brother.
14 Oct. 1997
Playing Possum
The local jewellers is reportedly handling stolen goods but they have the paperwork and the owner is a friend of Tom's. Meanwhile, Maggie is unable to handle Robbie and his problem, so calls her father for backup.
21 Oct. 1997
Collateral Damage
Drugs at a local school incites the parents and has the police looking into a nightclub amongst other things. Maggie is trying to help Robbie whose girlfriend is still using and Dash's things keep going missing. Is Maggie over her head on this matter with Robbie?
28 Oct. 1997
The Big Picture
Continuing the drug problem in Mount Thomas, the effects are far and wide reaching, from the citizens, their families, an undercover drugs squad, the local police, Maggie, her brother and a nightclub. Such is the gravity and scope of the problem, even more people will be thrown into this problem and for Maggie is will turn more serious.
4 Nov. 1997
Settlement Postponed
Compo Hayes is making a nuisance of himself with the police. Is he running an illegal book on gambling and why will no one admit to it? Maggie gets help for Robbie but can he stay the course?
11 Nov. 1997
Containing the Rage
With Remberance Day looming, someone has vandalised the war memorial where the commemorations are to take place.
18 Nov. 1997
The Civil Dead
Two cases go to court but with court appointed lawyers in short supply with funding cutbacks, one defendant opts to defend herself and Luke Darcy is let out on bail but the police do not trust him. Dash will be involved in both cases and it will seem like the police versus the Darcy's is back on and it will turn violent. Tom has his first meeting with Sally Downie and they seem to like each other.
25 Nov. 1997
A reclusive artist has a painting go missing then it turns up again but that's just the start, as more thefts with violence occurs. Maggie and P.J. are at odds over Robbie's involvement with all of this. Just who is the mystery motorcycle rider? Is Robbie up to his neck in it and just what will Maggie do about it all?

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