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Season 11

4 Feb. 2004
Retribution: Part 1
Luke Darcy is back in town and has seen the light, but P.J. is all over him. Assaults are occurring and P.J. knows he is dangerous. The Darcy and Kenny family rally round as usual. Has Luke really changed or is he playing games again, like he has done, time and time again?
11 Feb. 2004
Retribution: Part 2
With Luke Darcy out of the picture, P.J. is taken away and is saying nothing. What is going on? C.I. are on the case but the Mount Thomas police are going to investigate it anyway and find out the truth for themselves and it will lead to some unpleasant conclusions.
18 Feb. 2004
The Right Thing
A women's only morning at a swimming pool has Tony Timms pull a stunt there. This will bring Chris and Deniz Demir at loggerheads, as they are both running for council. Deniz ends up getting sick and it may be a dirty political trick or is something more sinister going on?
25 Feb. 2004
Happily Ever After
Kids come under the police's attention, as one man is in hospital. Ben, as sergeant keeps running after these kids whilst Tom is waiting for a report on them. This will bring in social services and kids that need a home, but will they get a home or will they get put into the system?
3 Mar. 2004
Heirs Apparent
When an old lady passes away and leaves a fortune in a will and an alpaca, friends and relatives come out of the woodwork claiming to be the inheritors of the estate.
10 Mar. 2004
A Mere Formality
Ben and Susie face the inquest into Brad's death. What is hoped to be a mere formality quickly becomes complicated when Brad's sister turns up with a letter damning written by Brad and a neighbour/witness makes damning claims against them both - including accusations that Ben and Susie were having a passionate affair - details which never surfaced before the trial.
17 Mar. 2004
Cast the First Stone
Two band girls have a fight over their music teacher. The girls are painted as being loose, but the police believe they have a predator on their hands. Jo has to help P.J. with a bad back, but what has he been doing to get it that way, as he won't say?
24 Mar. 2004
Great Expectations
P.J, and Jo are stuck down a hole. Tom is sporting a black eye and Jonesy has lost his pants. All this due to woman stealing a car and a new police officer at the station in Widgeree.
31 Mar. 2004
Off Your Face
Chris tackles a couple of burglars and is hospitalised. Jonesy feels guilty and his help causes further problems. The theft of all that alcohol is causing more trouble as well. The added crimes are not going to help at all and then Jonesy has to inform Chris what has been going on.
7 Apr. 2004
Running Scared
There's a serial rapist on the loose and any woman in Mount Thomas could be the next target, including female police officers. Then the internet, uploading of images and videos of local women, makes things even more sinister and there are plenty of suspects around.
14 Apr. 2004
Mind Wide Open
A woman claims to be a victim of alien abduction. Then she says her neighbour has been abducted too and he confirms it. When senior constable says she has as well and a little boy goes missing, what is going on? P.J. does not believe it for one minute.
21 Apr. 2004
Reasonable Doubt: Live
In this live episode, the Heelers must deal with a child killer who has been found not guilty by a jury. When he returns to Mt. Thomas and gets involved in a fight with a group of angry locals, Jonesy arrests him and clearly plans to mete out his own form of justice, in spite of opposition from his colleagues. With the mob out of blood, the acquitted man is sheltered at the station as an armed standoff erupts at the Imperial.
28 Apr. 2004
On the Inside
Evan and Susie investigate a women's prison where they suspect not everything is run by the book.
5 May 2004
Secret & Lies
Jo is determined to reopen a case which leads to old wounds and new ones, for two families over their missing sons.
12 May 2004
Yesterday's Hero
A footballer returns home and tries to make a fresh start but is turned down and has many people against him. Susie has a date with him and this clashes with her relationship with Jonesy, over and over again. Who is committing the burglaries and what about the evidence the police find?
19 May 2004
The Cull
A meeting about culling kangaroos takes place after Susie and Jonesy come across carnage of a lot of animals slaughtered with a high powered assault rifle, leaving the area like a battlefield. This will bring two men against each other who served in the same platoon in the Vietnam war and both men have secrets to hide, that will lead the outspoken Jonesy, to do something drastic before he truly understands something of the situation.
2 Jun. 2004
Life of the Party: Part 1
There a drug problem again and Joney's brother is in town chasing it up. The police seem to have leads but explosions and evidence adds further proof. But Jonesy and his brother are at serious odds over this and with Joney's big 30th birthday coming up, the big guns are called out.
9 Jun. 2004
Life of the Party: Part 2
The Jones family are reeling from the shock of what has happened. Susie tries to help, whilst there is still the matter of the drugs issue to deal with and blame is shifting once again and this will enrage Jonesy even more. The real culprits will be found but the police will have a job making one of them get justice they deserve.
16 Jun. 2004
Keeping Mum
A man shot dead and an 11 year-old boy stealing from a car shop, have something in common. Jo tries to do a good turn and it will raise a whole lot of questions about parenting. Things will not be as simple as it seems and it will be hard on Jo and P.J.
23 Jun. 2004
Whilst on patrol, Susie discharges her firearm and shoots Ben. Inspector Falcon-Price and ESD are called in to investigate and further investigations are not going well to prove that it was an accident, as the past history between Susie and Ben over Brad is looked into.
30 Jun. 2004
Jo and P.J. take the plunge, but its a case of a teacher and his female students that Maggie never got to deal with, has P.J. thinking about Maggie when awake and when asleep. This makes Jo question their recent decision and case of the teacher and his female students will make P.J. say what he truly believes.
7 Jul. 2004
End of Innocence
Old ladies are being bashed and Clancy's detective work is very helpful. Clancy is then a target and then Tom and Jo are threatened. When incidents occur, a local criminal family are blamed and Grace just can't see the problem the same way Tom does. And threats by more people to 'get the police' are coming thick and fast.
14 Jul. 2004
Headless Chooks
In the aftermath of the bomb explosion that destroyed the station, everyone is coming to grips with the lost lives and the new people stepping in. Nick Shultz turns up as part of the investigating team from the city. Tom is distressed that Grace is missing, and no-one can find her; he's sure the Baxters had something to do with her disappearance, but PJ suspects someone else.
21 Jul. 2004
A Time for Mourning
Old coppers are investigating assaults on women, leaving the new coppers to deal with an old man who believes he has been robbed and someone may be after him. The rest of the police are trying to get the new offices in order, and there is a lot of anger around.
28 Jul. 2004
Pigs Will Fly
There's no rest as a suspected bomb is found at the new police station. Tom lays down his orders. As the investigation seems to get closer and provide answers and the new recruits have to deal with a worrying break-in. And there are more deaths to come.
4 Aug. 2004
Life Goes On
As it seems Tom has lost it in his search to find the bomber, P.J. enlists Susan's help and there is more destructive acts of violence to come. A young girl goes into labour in the public restrooms, so Susie and Jonesy have to act fast.
11 Aug. 2004
Tom gets a lead but P.J. is not so sure he can trust him anymore. Tom is after the Baxters and his outlook on 'everything' seems to have changed.
1 Sep. 2004
Don't Call Me Baby
The probationary constables have an accident and Jonesy gets involved with a woman who ex is chasing her wanting his things back.
8 Sep. 2004
Bring It On
Joss suspects something is wrong at a golf club and has a bet with Kelly over work. Tom and Jonesy have heated words over Jonesy's relationship with Donna and her story is full of holes, but is there any truth to it?
15 Sep. 2004
Pillow Talk
Donna is forthcoming with information but Jonesy has to get help so he asks Amy. Red herrings occur and Inspector Falcon-Price turns up wanting answers. Meanwhile a tape goes missing that's crucial for a case. Ben and Susie have to talk about their relationship.
22 Sep. 2004
Out of Love
Jonesy is still protecting Donna, even though she is behaving oddly and doing things she should be arrested for. Chris has two unexpected visitors and the police station gets two missing animals they have to look after, till the owner turns up to collect them. Tom shows the new darker side of his character even more.
29 Sep. 2004
Turf War
With dead bodies piling up, who is responsible and now there seems to be a dirty cop at St Davids. This is going to bring Inspector Falcon-Price and the new no nonsense Tom, to have it out on more than occasion, made all the worse with missing guns and three police officers who are in mortal danger.
6 Oct. 2004
Away Games
Susie and Joss attend a party for a visiting Tasmanian footy team where a noise complaint has been laid, and find a girl who says she has been pack-raped. Investigations reveal that Tom's step-son Daniel was at the party, and the evidence links him to the crime. Meanwhile, a woman is feeling threatened - is it the creepy guy along the way, or her jealous ex-husband? Events push Ben to the limit, and he makes a life-altering decision.
13 Oct. 2004
Special Treatment
As Daniel is a suspect, Tom treats him like anyone else who is suspected. The investigation into the assault continues and Inspector Draper is called in as well. Tom's new attitude will also have personal repercussions.
20 Oct. 2004
Too Late to Say Sorry
Joss and Kelly help a woman who seems to have just given birth but things are not quite as they seem as Joss investigates further. Sergeant Holland joins the team in Mount Thomas and will make his mark.
27 Oct. 2004
One of the Boys
There is trouble at the school with one boy apparently assaulting a girl but it's not as simple as that. This will involve the whole family and the 12 year-old is having a difficult time with one parent opposing each other. Sergeant Holland is making things difficult for Kelly and even when she makes a decision, it seems to be too late. Joss gets friendly with the mother of a woman who has been knocked off her bicycle.
3 Nov. 2004
A Helping Hand
A man who needs a nurse has a painting go missing. Joss gets assaulted by Fay's ex-husband and this may lead to the missing painting. Joss is told to break it off with Fay, whilst Tom appears to be doing P.J. and Amy's detective work for them.
10 Nov. 2004
Tit for Tat
Tarni Baxter is back and has a not-so-pleasant boyfriend with her. Tom makes it his mission to warn them. Sergeant Holland decides on action of his own, which increases the tit for tat action between Tom and Tarni. Kelly gets her own back on sergeant Holland and what he has been up to all comes out. Tom finally finds out the truth but his words with Roy Holland doesn't go according to plan, and puts him in a very awkward position.
17 Nov. 2004
Crash Site
The Boss's rental car is discovered crashed and burned out on the road to Melbourne, with a charred body inside.

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