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Nostalgic mix of old style and new

Author: Chung Mo from NYC
2 November 2006

Those unfamiliar with the "Martial World" sub-genre of kung fu films will be unprepared for the spectacle about to unfold. Largely based on popular Chinese novels, this genre was very popular in the 1960's and 70's finally dying out with the demise of the Shaw studio. Set in a world far removed from reality these films feature super martial artists and their clans battling for fighting supremacy. Compared to your standard kung fu films, these movies can be impenetrable to non-Chinese audiences. The story was done once before by the renown Chang Cheh but Idoubt that it was anything like this movie.

Yuen Biao plays a constable who gets inadvertently involved in the quarrels of several martial clans while he brings a "thief" to justice. The "thief" is a beautiful princess who had decided to have "fun" pretending to be a thief and getting arrested. Along comes the Golden Snake Man who is slightly crazed and is primed for revenge against the leader of the clans, Lord Wan, who massacred Snake Man's village and stole his wife ten years earlier. A "Poison" clan run by women, a crazy old master who bounces around like a ball, and a Manchurian who seems to have magnetic powers over swords, complete the chaos.

Much like earlier "martial world" films, the parade of characters is dizzying. Familiarity with the novel might help but translations are not easy to come by. The subtitles don't help at all with lots of pronoun mistakes and strange choices of English. And like the earlier films there are lots of incredible martial art feats that require wires and animated rays. Most of the fights are filmed in 1990's style with lots of cuts, wide angle camera shots and movement that doesn't really connect but it goes so fast that it doesn't really matter. The first big scene has a flying log ship, with ninjas riding on top, that swings into the scene and rams into a pagoda. The cables the ship hangs from are very visible and nothing is done to pretend that they aren't there. This sets the tone for the whole film. Watch it but woe to anyone who takes it seriously.

The photography is very good and the actors are all very good given the crazy material. The film is paced very well and never bores. The attempts at melodrama almost work but the craziness surround the drama makes it hard to be involved. There's lots of fun fight scenes but little in the way of real martial arts. The finale is partially shot in an amazing cavern with the actors flying very high over actual rock formations. The two drawbacks are the confusing story and the abrupt ending, but this is very traditional for the genre as well.

Very fun light film watching. Recommended.

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Superb entertainment!

Author: Sassy Cat from United States
9 February 2013

This movie is completely off the hook awesome! I've never seen a movie make so little sense and be so much fun at the same time. I honestly could not follow the story at all. Things keep changing and moving and then there's a new wrinkle and then - look out! - someone is flying in your face to attack you! There are so many great spontaneous fights, crazy special effects, magical mayhem, random and spectacular wire-fu and great comedy mixed with intense drama that the story line didn't matter too much.

Yuen Biao is outstanding as always. The entire cast is crazy good. And some of them are just plain crazy. Make a giant bowl of popcorn and enjoy!

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Zu Warriors meets Flying Daggers!

Author: George Clarke from United Kingdom
18 July 2014

Its taken me a while to see this little gem of a film, and it was not what I was expecting at all...

It felt about 3 hours long, not in a bad way, but just because it had so much going on!

Yuen Biao plays a fast kicking constable who is trying to take n criminal Sharla Cheung Man as the martial world battles around him. With many great faces of Hong Kong cinema portraying kung fu masters, the Sword Stained With Royal Blood becomes a who's-who of cameos and supporting roles that only adds to the madness that ensues!

From the get-go, we soon realise that this is not to be taken seriously, even though for a good portion of it, there is heavy drama, tear jerking deaths and some serious characters, but with that said, this plays like a companion piece to the corny and fantastic Flying Daggers with Tony Leung and Jacky Cheung.

From that movie, we have once again in hilarious form, the incredible Ng Man Tat who provides the most laughs throughout. That's in between all the swordplay, crazy effects, wire-fu and drama.

So yes, I guess at the end of the day, the Sword Stained With Royal Blood is a typical 90's Hong Kong classic, and all fans of Yuen Biao, Danny Lee, and HK fantasy films should really check it out!

Great fun!!

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Swordsman Movie Classic

Author: rehanyousuf15 (
13 September 2001

Made in the same year as his other swordsman style move classic Deadful Melody, Yuen Biao stars in this impressive seminal classic.

Directed very differently by Cheung Hoi-Ching, Yuen Biao plays a chief constable on the tail of the mysterious Golden Snake Man who also appears to be a killer, (played very impressively by Danny Lee).

Unlike most one-dimensional 'bad guys' who are in most movies, director Cheung Hoi-Ching masterfully weaves a complicated back-story of the Golden Snake Man's (Danny Lee) past. While Danny Lee's immaculate playing gives his character a three-dimensional shape.

Also, director Cheung Hoi-Ching surrounds Yuen Biao with a dynamic cast filled with wonderfully varied characters played brilliantly by the cast (which includes Ng Man-Tat, Anita Mui and the impressive Man Cheung). The two love stories between the two main protagonists (Yuen Biao and Danny Lee) are both diverse and complicated.

Although some people have complained that the story-line is too difficult to follow, this is probably because the current flow of films are very brainless (unfortunately) so nowadays most people complain when an movie which appeals to a person of an IQ of over 5 comes out.

Although made in the same year as the wonderful Deadful Melody, these two swordsman style movies are very different. This movie contains a haunting soundtrack, immaculate performances from the whole cast. The direction and the cinematography itself is nothing short of wonderful.

What director Cheung Hoi-Ching does so masterfully is surround himself with all of the above with a beautiful site at the end. And unlike most swordsman movies, Sword Stained with Royal Blood has a huge diverse universe of characters all with a back story, with an intelligent storyline and a bitter-sweet denouement with the love story between Yuen Biao and Man Cheung.

The Sword Stained with Royal Blood is an uncommon piece of swordsman style move. Assured, intelligent, patient, meditative and different.

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Great Wuxia movie ,go get em' Golden Snake Man!

Author: dworldeater from United States
30 December 2012

The Sword Stained With Royal Blood is one of many Wuxia films that were getting pumped out like crazy in Hong Kong in the early 90's . Most of these martial arts/fantasy films are based on Chinese novels and the story lines are often as insane as the action on screen. The Sword Stained With Royal Blood indeed has both . It does have some flaws ( poor editing , wires can be seen in some scenes and the storyline is sporadic with sub plots galore), but more than makes up for it with an awesome cast and great, bloody flying swordsman action .With a cast of Yuen Biao as constable and lead character , Elvis Tsui as villain and Danny Lee to steal the show as superswordsman Golden Snake Man , you know you will have a memorable cinematic experience. Golden Snake Man and friends definitely deliver and The Sword Stained With Royal Blood is a solid entry to the swordsman genre . I definitely dig it.

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The best wuxia ever made

Author: gorthu from United States
18 April 2009

Easily my favorite wuxia.

One of the best movies I've ever seen. The whole cast does a great job. It is a magical movie. The soundtrack, the story, the comedy... Movies just don't get better than this. This movie has the most amazing mix of comedy and drama I have ever experienced. Get this movie immediately if you a fan of wuxias. SOrry for the short review, but I don't want to give anything away. You have to see it for yourself. Blah blah, words words words. Sorry, I am trying to type enough words so this reviews posts. Stop reading and go get the movie right now. the World Video DVD is really cheap.

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workable plot great fight scenes

Author: muichimotsu ( from Houston, Texas
18 July 2000

Superb movie with exciting scenes.Great plot and subtle character development.befits the genre.Wire work done with ease. great costumes and enough wire-fu to definitely rank this film as a tried and true way to present the chivalry/warrior theme. Golden snake style..i love it...

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Standard swordplay movie.

Author: Alexandre Bender ( from Canada
18 January 2000

Sword stained with royal blood is a movie with a very weird story. The action scenes are numerous but they are far too short to satisfy a swordplay movie fan. And Yuen Biao doesn't even let us the chance to see his martial artist capacities. But the end fight is well orchestrated with the wires as you witness an aerial fight between two men , for real ,without seeing the wires. This movie remains good to rent but no to buy, buy Duel to the Death or Swordsman II for a good swordplay movie instead. 7,1/10

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