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Tony Leungs excel
Fong_Chun_Kin18 April 2003
No doubt about it, this film is lifted by the outstanding comedic performances of the two Tonys. Their chemistry lights up a movie that deserves better scriptwriting and directing. A rather nonsensical comedy, yet it pulls at the heart strings through the protaganist's yearn to learn more about his father's past and ultimately regretting his misguided hatred for his dad. It brings new life to the classic 'Tell Laura I love her', so simple yet so memorable as the film's title track.
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An entertaining Chinese version of "Back to the Future"
jaedelen6 June 1999
Being a recent fan of Tony Leung Chiu Wai ("Little Tony") led me to rent this at an obscure video store that specializes in Hong Kong film. As usual, he is adept at comedy in this particular feature, playing the materialistic Yuen. Tony Leung Kar Fai (whose acting I find overrated) was adequate as Yuen's father, as was Carina Lau ("Little Tony"'s real life girlfriend) as Yuen's mother. Although the time-travel element was a little contrived and there is no complex Oedipal issues as with "Back to the Future," I was content to suspend my disbelief and concentrate on the humor and the acting. It's a simple story of the struggle to understand the older generation and it's very heartwarming. There's a couple of musical-inspired 50's dance scenes as well as a farcical moment where both Tonys disguise themselves as female servants. If you are familiar with Tony Leung Chiu Wai's work - and wish for something lighthearted (after viewing "Cyclo" and "Ashes of Time") this is a delight to watch.
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I liked it.
Pro Jury23 August 1999
Seen subtitled on the International Channel, "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother [Father]" released in 1993 is a comedy/drama that stays with you a long time. It is sweet and good-natured and touches upon one of the deepest wishes that children of dead or dying parents may have -- to go back in time -- to KNOW.
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Tell Laura I love her
thebeautifulones5 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I give a definite 8/10 for this one.

Cynical son, Chor Yuen is angry with his father, Chor Yan for always helping everyone else till the point he is broke. As such Chor Yuen is unable to go to med school and for the rest of his life, blames his father. His father is later beaten up by a robber and instead of feeling guilty, he fools around with a female doctor. He is transported back in time when he falls into a manhole, only to learn why his father was always preaching the phrase "ren ren wei wo, wo wei ren ren".

Both Tony Leungs exhibit fantastic comedic talent, especially, when they had to disguise themselves as "mahjies" to try and find out how Laura's father outsmarted Chor Yuen. Tony Leung Kar Fai plays his role as an honest man with integrity really well, while Tony Leung Chiu Wai played the role of cynical and angry man very well too. Through the past, Chor Yuen learns that there is a bit of his father in him, and while in coma, Chor Yan probably learnt that the duty of a father is to his wife and child.

The show, perhaps is lesson for all those who had disagreements with their fathers from time to time and perhaps, for fathers to learn that the "ren ren" in that phrase should be about their families.
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Uplifting and meaningful family comedy!
OllieSuave-00717 October 2014
This is a family comedy from Hong Kong, starring Tony Leung Chiu Wai as Chor Yuen, who scorns his father Chu Ren (Tony Leung Ka Fai) as too generous and soft which ultimately leads to him falling victim to a burglary attempt by a thief he let go. Left in a coma, Ren's misfortune has made Yuen in different. But, things change when Yuen falls through a time portal and journeys to the past to see his parents, relatives and neighbors in their younger days. This blast from the past makes Yuen understand his father more and makes him evaluate his own morals.

This is a beautifully written plot that brings the importance and understanding of family to your heart, sending chills to your body and tears to your eyes at the right moments. The movie blends in drama with comedy and is a steady-moving but captivating story. It is very interesting to see one's journey to the past to witness his family's younger days, which makes one appreciate his loved ones more and helps one evaluate his/her own moral compass. It makes me want to time travel back in time and see the livelihoods of my own parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and others.

It is also interesting to see how Yuen attempts to change the course of action by helping his family and neighbors in the pastime (giving needed financial, career and moral advice), hoping to make the present time better for the people involved.

Peter Chan did a nice job directing and assembling a respected and well-acted cast of characters for the movie. The plot drags in a few areas, but there are plenty of laugh-out-load and tear-jerking moments that make this a near perfect movie for the general audience.

Grade B+
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