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When Gromit is reading the newspaper at the café, one of the headlines is "Dog Reads Paper".
The museum set is the biggest in the film. A lot of the exhibits are fashioned in Wallace's likeness. There's even a Stone-Age display case with penguins identical to Feathers McGraw.
When Feathers sweats during the diamond heist, the animators needed a bigger model. The one used through the rest of the film was a lot smaller.
In an effort to get Gromit out of the house, the penguin plays very loud music. One tune is "How Much is That Doggie in the Window?" and another is "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the 'Ole Oaktree" which indicates that he's just been released from prison.
In one scene, Gromit is reading "The Republic" by Pluto. The actual author is Plato; Pluto is Mickey Mouse's dog.
The rubber glove that Feathers uses to cover his head has only 4 fingers (as is common in animation) despite the fact that Wallace and all humans in other Wallace and Gromit films have 5 fingers on each hand.
Nick Park's favourite of the Wallace & Gromit films.
Gromit's birthday is February 12, indicated by the circling of the number 12 on the calendar and the month only having 29 days (it is also leap year).
Nick Park had to use an orange filter on the end credits sequence so people could read them. He later regretted using that colour.
When Wallace is scaling the museum in his Techno-Trousers, we briefly see his feet reflected in a window. They were actually magnets painted green.
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The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

We only learn the penguin's name, Feathers McGraw, at the end of the film, when Gromit reads about him in the paper.

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