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King Of Kung Fu: Top 10 Jet Li Movies

From time to time i like to do features about my favorite top 10 movies for certain actors, this time it’s kung fu legend Jet Li. I hope you enjoy my top 10 list and remember, these are only my choices everyone will have a different top 10.

Here is the run down for my top 10 Jet Li movies.

10:Fong Sai Yuk (1993)

Director:Corey Yuen

Cast:Michelle Reis, Vincent Chiu, Josephine Siao, Peer Chan, Adam Cheng, Sibelle Hu

9:The Warlords (2007)

Director:Peter Chan

Cast:Andy Lau, Kaneshiro Takeshi

8:Kiss Of The Dragon (2001)

Director:Chris Nahon

Cast:Bridget Fonda, Sam Wong Shum

7:Once Upon A Time In China II (1993)

Director:Tsui Hark

Cast:Donnie Yen, Rosamund Kwan, David Chiang, Hung Yan Yan, Max Mok

6:Last Hero In China (1993)

Director:Wong Jing

Cast:Gordon Liu, Leung Kar Yan, Nat Chan, Chung Fat

5:Once Upon A Time In China (1991)

Director:Tsui Hark

Cast:Yuen Biao,
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Fantasia 2013: Final Wave Titles Include Curse of Chucky, Frankenstein's Army, Raze, Hatchet III, Nakata's The Complex, Hell Baby, Shorts, Docs, and More

  • Dread Central
The full Fantasia 2013 lineup has now been revealed, and we have here the third and final wave of titles to share. Prepare to drool!

From the Press Release:

The Fantasia International Film Festival is proud to announce the rest of our 120-feature lineup that comprises our 2013 event, along with a string of additional details that mark our 17th edition as a standout. Fantasia will engulf the city of Montreal from July 18-August 6, 2013. Be sure to visit the Fantasia Film Festival website for detailed essays on every title announced here, as well as all films previously disclosed over the last weeks.

Before we get started on titles... Meet Our 2013 Juries

Main Competition For The Cheval Noir Award For Best Film

Jury President: Laura Kern (Critic, Curator, managing editor, Film Comment)

Jean-Pierre Bergeron (Actor, Director, Screenwriter)

Samuel Jamier (Co-Director of the New York Asian Film Festival, Programmer at Japan Society)

Jarod Neece (Senior Programmer and Operations Manager,
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Full Fantasia 2013 Lineup Announced, Includes Curse of Chucky, The World’s End, You’re Next

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The Fantasia Film Festival is taking place from July 18th to August 6th in Montreal and will feature over 100 films from around the world. We gave you a look at the initial lineup last month and now have an additional list of Fantasia 2013 films that will be screening, including Curse of Chucky, You’re Next, and Frankenstein’s Army:

Horror Is Child’S Play – Don Mancini’S Curse Of Chucky (World Premiere)

A rarity among genre franchises, the Child’S Play series (begun in 1988) has retained the sure-handed guidance of original screenwriter/creator Don Mancini throughout killer doll Chucky’s decades’-long reign of horror. Mancini, who will be hosting our “scar-studded” world premiere, graduated to the director’s chair with 2004’s Seed Of Chucky, after having co-written or written every entry in the series. His longevity with the project is, of course, matched by the fiendish voiceover work by
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Famed Action Choreographer Yuen Woo-ping To Make Hollywood Directorial Debut With 'Vigilantes – The Lost Order'

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What does "The Matrix" trilogy, Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill" films and Wong Kar-Wai's eventually arriving "The Grandmasters" all have in common? The assistance of legendary Hong Kong action choreographer Yuen Woo-ping. And while Hollywood has come calling for his skills, he hasn't really felt the need to crossover here. He already has a lucrative and celebrated career at home, not only for his stunt work and ability to make punches, kicks and flips looking amazing, but for this directing gigs as well, with movies like "Drunken Master," "Iron Monkey" and "Last Hero In China" all to his name. But now, he's testing the Hollywood waters. Yuen will helm the awkward-titled "Vigilantes -- The Lost Order," which is actually a Chinese-Canadian production. Guess that's close enough to call Hollywood, right? Anyway, it's described as "The Matrix meets Wall Street," with a story that...
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Leung Kar Yan: A Movie Legend

Leung Kar Yan was born 20 January 1949, also known as Bryan Leung but to his fans “Beardy”, is a Hong Kong actor and director and despite being one of the most well-known faces in Hong Kong action cinema, he had no kind of martial arts training, relying on his talents to imitate the moves shown to him by the action directors.

His first break was in 1969 when he headed to the famous Shaw Brothers studio where he appeared in several renowned period kung fu films, such as Avenging Eagle, Shaolin Martial Arts and Bloody Avengers but didn’t really get a break as a leading character. In 1978 Legendary actor/director Sammo Hung got in touch with him and cast him as a villian in his then upcoming movie Enter The Fat Dragon,(A movie where sammo takes on the part of his fallen hero Bruce Lee). Many actors were given their
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Jet Li: 30 Years And Counting

Other names: 李连杰

Li Lianjie

Jet Li Lian Jie

Birth date: 26/4/1963

Nationality: China

Workplace: Hong Kong, USA

Selected Filmography:

1982:Shaolin Temple

1991:Once Upon A Time In China

1993:Tai Chi Master

1993:Fong Sai Yuk

1994:Fist Of Legend



Jet Li has been making movies now for 30 years, this time in 1982, he was at the beginning of his journey starring in a movie called The Shaolin Temple (1982), which would make him an over night superstar. Thousands of people back then would travel for miles to get a chance to see Jet training, with his lightening fast punches and flexibility.

Wushu Years

Li was eight when his talent for wushu was noticed at a summer course at school, and he began his practice there. Li participated in the sport of wushu in the non-sparring event. He began on the Beijing Wushu Team, an athletic group organized to perform
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Movie Villains: Chung Fat and Dick Wei

Other names: 钟发

Choy Fat

Chung Faat

Tsui Fat

Zhong Fa

Nationality: Hong Kong

Workplace: Hong Kong

Selected Filmography

1979:Odd Couple

1979:His Name Is Nobody

1980:The Magnificent Butcher

1980:Encounters Of The Spooky Kind

1981:The Prodigal Son

Born 2nd December 1953, Chung studied along with a number of other Hk film stuntmen/actors – in Madame Fan Fok Fa’s Peking Opera School. He started off his movie career as an extra on the movie “Enter The Dragon”, being seen as one of the fighters who takes on Bolo Yeung, when Bolo breaks his neck.

Throughout the early 70′s, Chung would appear in minor roles or most of the time as a stuntman, in movies such as Chinese Hercules, The Tournament, Iron Fisted Monk and Broken Oath. Although these were brief appearances and mostly uncredited, it wasn’t long until Chung was spotted once again by legend Sammo Hung and brought into his team.
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