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Filmed in my home town.
Patessi24 January 2002
The greatest Finnish movie ever made. My opinion can't be objective, though, since the film is so close to my own life. It reminds me about me and my friend. The most underrated film in the world. Juha Lehtovuori has made a great script!
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Muisto lapsuudesta
Janne Anttila27 December 2011
This is hugely underrated movie. Although my memories come with golden edges, this one i saw all the way back when i was approximately ten years of age, and now about 16 years later, i saw it again. So this might not be the most objective review but anyway. This movie just brings forth so many memories and with that a lot of feelings. Cant find anything negative to say even tho i'am a sound designer and thus know something about making a movie. But Veturimiehet heiluttaa is almost flawless with all its minor flaws that create the unique feel and atmosphere to it. Its sad and a bit melancholic but yet gives hope and strength, makes you think about life. Plus i pretty much identify myself as Hapa. Thats something. Wish i could have those days back. I remember, it was a sunny day and my mom was preparing a dinner. Today just an hour ago while i was watching, just for brief moment, i could almost pick up the scent coming from the kitchen.
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