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Tentacle Sex....................&.....................Super Sperm.

Author: M0KUJIN from Nagoya, Japan
6 February 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is prevalent with scene's of extreme sex and sadistic violence. Women / Girls are repeatedly raped through every orifice by what appear to be huge tentacle penises, causing their body to violently erupt into bloody pieces. Penises that are miles long and fire a constant stream of projectile semen more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Japan during WWII. Creatures with more penises than fingers. Slashing, dicing, ripping, beating, decapitation and raping of women / girls. This is NOT animated afternoon fun for the children, or even adults with any morals. To sit through this amazing animated adventure, and the others in the series, one must throw any sense of morality outta the window....

From the opening credits with the picture of a red-skinned demons, every muscle group shaded, doing what you might imagine demons to do with an ominous narration about the legend of the Overfiend (also known as the CHOJIN) and the collapse of the three worlds in the background, the story is completely entertaining. These opening credits also serve as a good warning as to the adult content of the rest of the movie - if you are already feeling queasy or covering your eyes, I recommend you avoid anything in this genre.

The characters are fully developed throughout the film, changing over time as one might expect with the sudden addition of paranormal forces into their ordinary lives. It is a story of love, war, desperation, misunderstanding and ultimately change, following the lives of children becoming adults in a world where demons, super-humans and gods can interact with humans on a very intimate level.

In the beginning of the actual story, a sharp contrast is drawn between the demon world experienced in the prologue and the brightly lit world of the humans. Nagumo is a silly pubescent Japanese high school kid, whom enjoys peeping into the female locker room, obsessed with the girls in his school and enamored by a beautiful Japanese cheerleader named Akemi. Akemi is a carefree, smiling girl-next-door in these opening scenes, when she is summoned in for a conference with a teacher, the true horror begins. The teacher, a Ms. Togami, turns out to be a Makai, a demon from one of the three realms explained in the opening narrative. This is the audiences first introduction to Amano Jyaku, the 300 year old anti-hero from the world of the Jyujin-kai, or "man-beasts", battling the now demonic - Ms. Togami.

From here the story takes off as Amano Jyaku and his sister Megumi search for the Chojin, each following a different character. Nagumo is Megumi's pick, although he seems a small and weak introvert compared to the star basketball player Ozaki (his complete opposite), whom Amano is convinced is the true Chojin, an thus decides to pursue. The story follows the lives of the characters, and although there are strong scenes of extreme violence and rape, none are excessive or distracting from the plot. The violence that surrounds the characters is what drives them, it is the force that promotes the changes necessary to live in the ever changing world of the story itself. A lot would be lost to this story were the violence to be removed or even toned down. However, keep in mind, that it is strongly present before watching this movie, or showing it to others.

To tell any more of the plot would reveal entirely too much of the story. Much of the enjoyment is following Amano and Megumi on their 300 year closing quest for the all powerful Chojin, a search which leads them to a shockingly unexpected conclusion.

If you can forgive the English dubbing (I recommend watching this with subtitles if you can locate the uncut PERFECT COLLECTION DVD), it's a classic piece of Japanese animation.

Not for the faint hearted or easily offended....or those of a nervous disposition.

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Author: jessejace from setagaya tokyo japan
30 May 2003

Possibly the most important Japanese gothic sci-fi tentacle sex horror metamorphosis allegory of our time, Urotsukidouji is poignant love tragedy wrapped in a shroud of horrific telescoping genitals and pink, luminescent semen. This movie is a large part of the reason anime has a negative reputation as porn.

Follow Nagumo as he falls in love, gets killed, comes back to life as a super sex demon and lives happily ever after. His cute, innocent love story with the character Akemi is a grand contrast to his propencity for non-consentual sex with just about everybody he meets. He truly is Everyman. I mean, uh...isn't he?

There is also an incomprehenisble plot about demons and half-humans and the repeated destruction of Osaka, Japan. But you'll have a hard time concentrating on the plot's intricacies, what with all the raping and the killing and the kicking and the hurting.

Part II is also good (maybe better than part I), then the series dissolves into post- apocalyptic gobblediguck. But if you have an insatiable appetite for monster porn, you better watch them all.

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Watch the Japanese version

Author: prottier from Netherlands
21 October 2005

Watch the Japanese version. Avoid the English dubbed version. It has been censored. And the most important clues of the plot happen exactly at those moments that were deemed too graphic for American viewers. As a result, in the English version the story makes much less sense.

Now, about the movie. This is a masterpiece of sick and twisted fantasy, filled with an obscene amount of sex and violence. And usually, the two are combined. It's an epic tale of the fight between good and evil, however, like most anime movies, it's never entirely clear who is good and who is evil. Aside to this, there are several smaller and more personal story lines as well, like the love between two teenagers, a kid and his alcoholic father and a few others.

The quality of animation of anime movies has improved much over the years and this movie is clearly one of the older ones. But it's still unique in its kind. It's one of the great anime classics, together with such movies Akira and Fist of the North Star.

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Not just tentacles and porn.

Author: Taketsuo from Finland
24 April 2003

Many people see this as nothing else but another stupid hentai title with cute little girls being raped and killed for no good reason. Well, with such way of thinking, Neon Genesis Evangelion would be nothing more but stupid big robots fighting for entertainment that little boys can watch. Well, that of course isn't the case, is it? Such an opinion is a serious understatement.

First of all unlike other hentai titles I've come across, this series is strongly plot driven. In fact, (almost) all of the sex scenes serve the storyline and drive the story forward in some way, let it be consensual or not.

As for the characters, this movie is unique already in the fact that it's one of the very few films that actually has made me feel something for the characters. Like the character of Niki for instance, or the doomed love of Nagumo and Akemi...I wanted to shed a tear or two for them.

To sum it up simply, Urotsukidoji is very much worth of watching, if you can take the content, that is. If demons with multiple penises raping schoolgirls (which actually happens quite a little, in the first series at least) and the excessive violence doesn't disturb you, I highly recommend this one. As a hentai title, it's 5 out of five. As a movie among others...3 1/2 out of 5.

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Erotic horror done right.

Author: Ky-D from Hawaii, USA
1 August 2005

One of the earliest 'hentais' to make it state side, this helped spark the uber obsession America's geeks have with anime. Featuring graphic violence, explicit sex and an adult-themed apocalypse story, this is one of anime's best offerings.

The world, it seems, is divided in to 3 parts. The human world, the beast world and the demon world. Demons being evil, beast being good, and humans caught in the middle. An ancient prophecy speaks of a creature, called the Overfiend, which will be born of man and will bring either peace or destruction to the three realms. The race is on to find it's vessel on Earth and harness it's potential power.

The story has more than it's fare share of fantasy and horror, it seeks to balance the two elements and does a nice job of it. But the main reason most people will watch this is the same reason I did: anime-sex. For inexplicable reasons that stuff is just plain hot, probably because they do things in the medium one would never see in a live action film.

The sored acts include all manners of regular sexual activity all the way up to tentacle rape. Yes, I said tentacle rape. However, unlike most other products of it's kind the sex doesn't feel like cheap excess nor does it come off as the only viewing point. Graphic (often fully explicit) though it may be, it serves a purpose with in the larger story. Rather than a stopping point it furthers the action.

Horror purists will be happy to know that mixed in with the sex and fantasy elements is a healthy dose of horror, J-pop style. Dr. Suess-inspired underworlds, great creature designs, and gobs of spilt hemoglobin. The ultimate conclusion is a little hard to get past at first (as with many J-horror films), but it still wraps up nicely.

Anime fans, horror geeks, and the rain-coat crowd should definitely seeks this one out.


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Nightmarish and bizarre

Author: Mike ( from Selbyside - St. Paul, MN USA
26 April 2004

Wow, if you're reading this review; you've probably heard all the hype and controversy surrounding this movie and to tell the truth it deserves it. From the first 10 minutes of a female teacher turning into a demon and raping a student, to orgies to sodomy to some graphic depictions of violence; this film is an endurance test for a movie-going novice. I enjoyed this first segment in the series, I think the 2nd one (Legend of the Demon Womb) was slightly better, but they are both better than any other in the series including RETURN OF THE OVERFIEND or INFERNO ROAD. The later in the series, the more confusing and stupid it gets. Don't say you weren't warned!

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All time best anime porn!! Watch it to believe it!!!

Author: Justice_Rater from United States
21 November 2006

First of all if you are a person against porn it will be intensely hard.. I mean "HARD" to sit through it. But importantly this movie is one of the founding fathers of anime porn tied in with Sci-Fi,complex storyline, action packed, and when I say action I mean intense fights against each other, intense hot sex one scenes on top of another--raping of beautiful women crying rampantly with alien tentacles malfunctioning in all the wrong places where all your wildest and twisted dreams comes true in satisfaction....and I'll leave the rest to your imagination but I bet it will be too difficult to even try to think in the middle of it. I enjoy watching it and highly recommend watching this over your usual everyday same boring porn.

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Author: Ketil Iversen from Norway
9 October 2001

This is the best anime I have ever seen, a modern classic. The story, characters and animation is just great. However it is not for all people, full of violence, blood and sex as it is. Yet thru the bloodshed it is a story, and I feel that the sex and violent that are present in this movie is necessary to see the whole picture. So if you like Japanese animation films, a solid dose of sex and violence you should check this one out.

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Repulsive but Incredible!

Author: James D. Taylor ( from England
26 January 2002

This is rightly considered the greatest of all Hentai movies. Even anti-hentai Anime fans have praised it as revolutionary. But there are some elements of Urotsukidoji should have been dropped altogether. The pointless scenes of rape for one thing. And that schmaltzy scene at the end is badly done. But for all it's extremities, this has the kind of mind-blowing action, plot and animation which could have put it up there with Akira. Behind the sex and violence, director Hideki Takayama and writer Toshio Maeda have nonetheless managed to give us an acute observation of teenage sexual anxiety which has wrongly been interpreted as violent porn. Let's face it, we've all been like Nagumo at some point, hopelessly in love with Akemi but without a chance of catching her. It's both intelligent, observational, with touches of humour and outbursts of outrageousness. In short, it's anime fantasy at it's most humanist level. Very well done.

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Tentacles, anyone?

Author: Bataeu from Australia
27 June 2005

Now, this anime is not for people who like anime such as Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and other harmless films/series. As it states on the cover, this anime is "absolutely not for children". The first time I saw Urotsukidoji: Legend Of The Overfiend I was not prepared to see the mix of tentacles and schoolgirls. I was pretty shocked, and turned it off after the opening sequence. But curiosity lured me back, and I watched the film after figuring, 'hell, it's only a cartoon'. What I saw was like no other anime I had seen before. OK, there's plenty of tentacles to be seen in this film, but plot-wise it's a pretty good horror anime (with lots of nudity and sexual situations). This anime is well worth a watch to the more mature anime viewer.

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