True Romance (1993) Poster


Plot Keywords

pimp drugs
cocaine newlywed
movie theater wedding
sicilian love
mafia gangster
kung fu chase
actor elvis presley impersonator
hallucination interrogation
montage los angeles california
explosion fish out of water
police brutality f word
hotel toilet
bodyguard suitcase full of money
beach culture clash
pistol machine gun
trailer home husband wife relationship
boyfriend girlfriend relationship sunglasses
diner teenager
voice over narration friendship
pay phone silencer
mafia boss mob boss
crime boss hitman
revenge shower
blood police officer killed
bulletproof vest police detective
satire detective
police wearing a sound wire
death of partner drug addict
revolver 1990s
money on the run
young love comic book shop
tough guy gun fu
punched in the nose prostitute
uzi violence
sawed off shotgun bead curtain
red dress getting in tattoo
fire in 55 gallon drum pink cadillac
massacre gun held to head
fellatio while driving rottweiler
torture pump action shotgun
obscene finger gesture punched in the stomach
chesterfield cigarette shot multiple times
blood splatter dreadlocks
reference to pepsi reference to coca cola
wire undercover operation
techno techno music
shotgun sex
sex in public pot smoking
police work police stop
police raid police chase
police car police car siren
police bust phone booth
movie actor marijuana joint
marriage joint
drug use snorting cocaine
dog cola
burnout burning rubber
burger blaxploitation
bathtub sex in a phone booth
purple cadillac killing in the name of love
reference to jack the ripper on the road
gore ghost
drug abuse cult film
stabbed in the foot mob enforcer
man punching a woman informant
gay slur italian american
vomit cult
lovers on the lam left handedness
suspense road trip
hamburger shot in the crotch
psychopath brutality
beating cadillac
mobster gunfight
drug dealer black comedy
shot to death shot in the stomach
shot in the leg shot in the head
shot in the forehead shot in the eye
shot in the back shot in the arm
murder of a police officer shot in the face
detroit michigan movie producer
drug addiction movie theatre
roller coaster racial slur
audition protégé
amusement park shootout
death car
tattooing convertible
drug dealing motel
father son relationship comic book
murder crack cocaine
ethnic slur filmmaker
gun organized crime
briefcase corkscrew
neo noir obesity
robbery bob marley impersonator
cross country white male pretending to be black
prostitution hollywood california
mexican standoff death of father
title spoken by character

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