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What an insult

Author: zaxxon_79 from Miami, FL
9 September 2004

Hey, I have experienced Hurricane Andrew and this movie made the real thing look like a typical rainy day. Obviously no one in Hollywood ever experienced a phenomena other than earthquakes to make a good movie of what really happened. I was one of those who lost homes and had to rebuild from the start up. On top of all that these actors who are great actors were at their WORST in this production. From what I see they too never experienced seeing their roof fly over their heads or worry about when and how they will rebuild their lost homes. So I tell the Hollywood community if you want to make a movie about hurricanes, just come on over and sit through one maybe a half way decent movie can be produced.

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Loved this movie

Author: mom9900 from United States
28 August 2010

Sorry to disagree...and no I haven't experienced a hurricane but I loved the movie. It wasn't supposed to be a documentary or reality show. It was supposed to be a movie, a drama....And it was...LOVED IT. I especially loved the portrayal of Bryan Norcross. He had me hooked from start to finish. Loved the son and father who were at odds and then the father thought he had lost him forever. And the reporter who wanted a story and was willing to do whatever to get it? Well he got it. He got something he never really thought he would experience. He got to see it wasn't just glitz and glamor of a big story but the human story behind it all. All in all a great movie.

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Excellent movie.

Author: angela-compston from USA
21 March 2014

I don't understand these reviews on here at all. This movie was wonderful and had great performances. Most especially Brian McNamara as Cal Kessler gave a moving performance. What a superb actor. The actor portraying Bryan Norcross and the rest of the cast were also excellent. I am trying to find a DVD to purchase.

Favorite part was when the gravity of the storm set in on Cal Kessler. He went from cocky reporter after a story to someone who was worthy of a lead story with the veteran photographer. He grew up during that storm. Bryan Norcross was a total joy to watch as he tried to warn everyone of the coming storm with everyone choosing not to believe him. They all learned quite a lesson from this seasoned professional who together with Dr. Sheets knew what was coming.

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Not Even Close to Reality

Author: GreenEyedBrit
24 January 2008

Was on LMN tonight Having been through Hurricanes Andrew and Opal, and several tropical storms, this movie was a insult to those of us who have done through them, it was not even close to reality, trust me nothing even close to any of this actually transpired nor did the aftermath look even close...as a previous poster commented, come down during hurricane season and go through one or be evacuated for one and then make a movie. It would be wonderful if this movie was a case example of a Cat 4 or 5 hurricane, however it is not, and I can't repeat how unrealistic this was..the scenes were poor, the acting terrible it obvivious that none of these actors have ever been through such a hurricane or taken the time to research the true devastation..maybe the producer should have looked at the real news footage and pictures of the aftermath and had a semblance of an idea of what to produce

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I thought I was watching a soap

Author: newton_kerry from United Kingdom
16 January 2008

The acting was so poor, the effects awful, the sets fake and I thought I was watching a TV soap, it was so bad.

Some of the shots where obviously news item shots which showed how bad it might have been, but apart from that it was dreadful, what a shame a good point could have been made about how dreadful hurricanes can be both in the USA. The film makers could have pushed home the point to people the dangers and the incredible losses people suffer, better still to show how long it takes to get back to some kind of normality, and how slowly Insurance companies and governments move to help the man on the street.

Ah well maybe next time

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Direction matched only by the acting and production

Author: Belinda from Australia
7 March 2000

One of the worst movies I have ever seen. Shocking acting and special effects only partly mask the terrible direction. What the film lacks in production values it makes up for in wooden delivery and terrible cliches. You half expect to be able to see the people throwing the buckets of water. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

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This is a terrible movie.

Author: Jeff (12gavnv@neto.com) from Texas
26 May 2002

I am ashamed to admit I wasted an hour and a half of my time watching it. The acting was wooden, the action was absent and special effects - such as they were - were pathetic. Other disaster movies at least try to have a plot. What was this - a very long and poorly produced public service announcement for hurricane safety tips?

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