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It had me in tears!!
ste-156 August 1999
I've just seen this film on carlton {london's local ITV network] & i'm writing this with tears streaming down my cheeks!! I will not give away the ending although from the start that will be pretty obvious.! This film was not your typical TV Movie - Yes ok it tugged your heartstrings but not in that sickly sweet finger-down-the-throat way of the majority of the genre. The main character - "Jesse" was sensitively & magnificently portrayed by Scott Bairstow -Who He? Well it's the first time i've ever seen him as well. [Check his profile on IMDB for where you may have seen him before-i for one want to see a LOT more of him! Ooerr!!] It held me spellbound the entire 90minutes - spoiled only by the annoying ad. breaks. The climax will move you to tears-as it did me-a 35yr old guy-unless you are totally insensitive &/or numb from the neck up that is.. Check it out-you know you want to! Rating 10/10 Emotionally draining.
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TV movie with a difference
DanielKing4 January 2003
Films like this generally personify for me everything that is wrong with TV movies. They take a situation, usually with a high emotional content, and milk it for as much as it is worth. The emotion arises more out of the narrative rather than anything the actors do or say. This, however, is different.

The opening sequence, showing the kidnap of the baby, is well-handled and sets up what is essentially a mystery that has to be solved. There is a real sense of loss and bewilderment. The action then springs forward fifteen years and we see Shepherd in the school where she teaches. These school scenes are also done well; aside from the fact that she is a teacher of English, as is always the case when movie deal with teachers, the film avoids the usual cliches. She has the respect of most, but not all, of the kids and the school itself is a mix of the rough and the smooth.

The scenes are intercut with the progress of the couple in their search for the child. Greg is much more intense in his desire to keep going as he feels he was ultimately responsible for the loss, although in a later scene Shepherd's character confesses she feels it was really her fault. Basically there are powerful emotions at work here and although we guess early on who her child is there is much work to be done before the final resolution.

The acting is the real reason to watch this movie. The film belongs to Cybill Shepherd and she does very well, particularly convincing in the classroom sequences. John Heard, who can do this sort of thing in his sleep, works like the true professional he is.
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there was a little boy
angel_liz_love28 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
this film i would give a high recommendation for. it is a real shame that it has no release on DVD or VHS. The film was well acted out and it was really moving, especially the ending. this film is like a true story. the story is of a baby boy who was kidnapped one night. after many years of failing to find their child, the mother (Cybill Shepherd) and father (John Heard) decided to move on with life. it is 15 years later and Cybill is pregnant and is a teacher at a high school. Little does she know that her missing son (Scott Bairstow) attends to one of her classes and little does he know that she is his mother.the teenage son does not know that he has been kidnapped as a baby. i would of given this film a 10 out of 10 but i will give it a 9 as i cannot get hold of this film to buy. only with luck if it comes on TV.
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maximus_joshus12 June 2004
As far as dramatic movies go, I am just like most other men, but when forced by my newly made wife to watch this movie I found myself balling up in tears at the ending. The movie was well scripted and well acted out. On top of that the drama was neither "cheesy" or forced it allowed you to feel how you would in either or both the parents shoes and the childs shoes and even a little of the woman who stole the babies shoes as well. I was impressed by the movie and enjoyed the little side tracks they had set in the movie. The one thing I had a very many doubts ab out is 1 the unrealistic of the ghetto me being a corrections deputy am more than aware of the runnings and actual behaviors of the ghettos of America. First of all a blonde women dressed nicely does not just walk right through this type of neighborhood without a gun drawn for gods sakes. However,If asked I would recommend the movie and guys, it doesn't hurt to shed a few tears once in a while, women love it.
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