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Heart-wrenching but forceful and definitely true!

Author: Beth Carol ( from Staten Island, New York
9 April 2003

Melissa Gilbert portrayed a tortured victim helping others who were in her position at one time. She showed determination, motivation, and support to all women. I actually felt her pain when she relived through therapy the abuse suffered from her parents. I particularly hated her mother who actually did nothing to prevent her husband from sexually abusing her. She was a B----! I simply wanted to kill her, strangle her, scream at her, whatever!!!! She was supposed to be a social worker helping people with family problems. And also, she was supposed to be a mother who is supposed to be nurturing and supportive and she WAS NOT. She gives motherhood a bad name. Her father definitely was NO saint!!! He, too, was a b------! However, I could NOT hate him like I did the mother for some reason. Melissa Gilbert's character was forceful and motivated. She did NOT give up or give in. She took a bad situation, her own inner childhood pain and torment, and turned it into a productive project of helping other young women. She is to be admired. Her performance was believable, that I rooted for her! Yay, Shari Karney!!!

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Such a good film

Author: bsbhoney14 from Missouri, U.S.
12 November 2000

This was such a great story. It's of power and justice. It shows that people in the law system really care. It also shows that you are not alone! It also shows that you shouldn't be scared cause you have people that are out there that care about you!

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slanted POV

Author: westpac
21 April 2003

This movie takes the point of view that all recovered memories of sexual abuse are factual. In fact recovered memories, particularly ones recovered via hypnosis, are extremely prone to error and suggestion. And it is also a fact that therapists often encourage patients to remember sexual abuse even if the patient denies any abuse happened. This movie is more sexual abuse paranoia in the McMartin Day Care case vein and obviously slanted toward the opinion that sexual abuse is as common as blowing one's nose. No evidence that the main character was ever molested is ever offered except for some vague and unclear "memories" of her father. No corroboration of other family members is offered, but the fact that her sister did not agree with her is dismissed as denial on her part. It is possible that the story occurred in the way shown, but lack of correlating evidence or opposing POVs make the film a propaganda piece.

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Be open minded !!!!!!!!!!! IT IS NOT ABOUT POLITICS!!!!!!!!

Author: tweedledumb13 from United States
25 May 2008

As a victim of Incest,Molesation,Mental and physical abuse, and not having anyone safe to tell my story to I think everyone should OPEN THERE EYES!!!!!!!! It is EVERYWHERE and until people take off their blinders,it will continue to plague America and every one on this planet is at risk from violence and sexual abuse.There is NO I REPEAT NO POLITICAL MUMBO-JUMBO about this film.I think this movie is great and people need to realize that abuse is everywhere and in many forms.No one wants to admit it who hasn't been there. Many people chose to live in ignorance and that is why sexual abuse is a silent plague. This film is not about politics but about the rights of victims and the fact that our laws protect the abusers.Abuse has many forms and some who chose to live in a alternate reality are most likely to allow there own loved ones to suffer or end their pain when no one believes them.Victims of abuse carry the pain of what happened for life.

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Great Movie

Author: diannesdeals from United States
16 November 2006

I just saw the movie Shattered Trust: The Shari Karney Story for the 3rd time and I was again impressed by the courage and hard work of Shari Karney to change the law in order to protect incest victims. While it is true that the movie does not prove Ms. Karney's personal experience with incest we are told that the statue of limitations for her incest had run out years before and that she had not remembered them fully until she was hypnotized. She had no support from her sister or her mother either and it is very hard to stand up to a perpetrator with no one there to support you. Ms. Karney dealt with her perpetrator with her counselor as many incest survivors have to if the perpetrator is never brought to justice. That was certainly portrayed well in the movie. It is a movie that shows that women can win over incest and over the people that perpetrate acts of incest against them. It is an inspiring movie and one I would encourage anyone to watch it.

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Overblown with political correctness - to be avoided !!

Author: Nicholas Rhodes from Ile-de-France / Paris Region, France
25 January 2003

Much as I like Melissa Gilbert as an actress, what on earth was she doing in an overblown piece of political correctness like this one ? The story is repetitive and one tires of her tantrums and paranoia - incest is portrayed to be on every street corner and the whole thing is quite unbelievable. I've seen her in far better and more credible roles. The whole thing is really quite exaggerated and wearisome and there is no suspense or mystery at all to keep you on the edge of your seat. It is typical of the political correctness which has been reigning over America for the past ten years and whose current object of hate is incest and child molesting - in a few years time it will doubtlessly be something else. A film to be avoided at all costs !!

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Are sure that this is a true story

Author: dollbaby7 from United States
12 January 2006

I am trying to do research on Shari Karney and her job for a counseling class to become a sexual assault counselor and there is no information on her at all on the internet. Does anyone know how I could find her on the internet. I need to do this project in concern with my choice of counseling and I cannot do the research if the story is not a true one. If this women does exist how can I obtain the information I need for my project. I need to find out what steps she took in creating the law and all the proceedings she used to do it. Who was involved with her and how did they find the right ways to go about getting the law passed. Is she planning on a national law for the whole United States or just for California. What gave her the strength to come forward and is she still healing for her abuse?

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The truth of a woman is not easy !

Author: lionel.willoquet ( from Nevers, France
21 June 2001

The battle of a lawyer to obtain the deletion of term of notice in sexual ill-treatment on the children. A strong denunciation of the incoherence of an American law. With Melissa Gilbert (" Little House on the Prairie ").

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