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A Well-Made Erotic Thriller

Author: James Upton from Mobile Alabama USA
6 August 2007

'Save Me' is a well-made psycho-sexual drama typical of the erotic thrillers made in the 90s. The film stars Harry Hamlin as Jim Stevens, a stockbroker whose life is falling apart when his wife's (Olivia Hussey) infidelity drives him into a marital separation he does not want. Stevens' life is also being made miserable by an inept and power-driven boss (Steven Railsback) whose illegal dealings threaten his job.

When by chance he meets Ellie (Lysette Anthony) his whole life changes, but as you will see, not necessarily for the better. He becomes obsessed with her, and she with him, but soon their sexual rendezvous become known to the other man in her life, Oliver (Michael Ironside), a psychiatrist with whom she is living.

The plot thickens when Oliver threatens Stevens and he becomes the target of assaults and attempts on his life by an unknown assailant. The plot twists and turns into a suspenseful surprise ending, and Stevens learns the bitter truth: an English rose of such unequaled beauty and charm has many thorns.

This film is characteristic of many 'B-titles' that have made the rounds on the cable circuit, only this one is also available in a unrated version that you won't likely see unless you rent it. There are some casting shortfalls not unlike 'B-titles' but the story itself is plausible and a good showcase for stunning Lysette Anthony, who easily mesmerizes the viewer into noticing little else in every scene she's in.

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Watch it for Lysette Anthony

Author: kerangador from Singapore
19 June 2011

If you are a connoisseur of beautiful women with flawless ivory skin, the perfectly measured body, golden flax hair, pink nipples, firm breasts etc.. you have to watch this movie.

Lysette Anthony is totally hawt here. I mean totally mind blowing hawt.

She is the sort of woman you can imagine as Helen of Troy - launching a thousand ships because her beauty was totally captivating.

The sex scene at the end with the beefcake actor has to rank as one of the hottest scenes in film history.

The plot may be thinner than Lysette's pantyhose but if you think about it - most films plots are pretty crappy and rip-offs from better movies.

But well, if you like watching beautiful women - you can't give this a miss.

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Definitely worth a look to see Lysette Anthony Naked

Author: w22nuschler from United States
27 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Lysette Anthony became a favorite of mine after her wholesome role in Krull. She shows her skill as an adult actress in this film. First of all, you need to get the unrated version. This movie is a soft core thriller that has Harry Hamlin getting involved with Lysette. The first sexy scene has her trying on a tight white nightie. Her body is perfect and Harry can't help but stare. Then she has a nice love scene in the back room of the store wearing that white nightie. She not naked, but she is smoking hot to look at. Next they do it in a car and we see her bra, but no nudity yet. The scene is pretty good. Finally we get to Lysette naked. She is in bed and Harry pulls down the sheets to reveal her nude, perfect body. She makes love to him on top and on the bottom. Really nice shots of her boobs and her nude frame from the side. We get more nudity as Lysette comes out of the hot tub. It's a short scene. Then about 52 minutes in we get the best nude scene of the film. Heck, it might be in the top 10 of all time nude scenes(along with Rochelle Swanson, Tanya Roberts & Kristi Ducati). They undress in front of the fireplace, which makes it hot already. She gets totally nude and there is a shot of her riding him as he holds her up that goes on for an amazing 50 seconds. There is a really nice shot of her boobs as they climax together. The scene is also hot because of both bodies showing sweat. There is one other scene where Harry forces himself on Lysette in a garage where you see a little boob from Lysette, but the fireplace scene and the bed scene are the two best. Aside from the love scenes, I can see why other did not care for the movie. It was made just so we could see Lysette naked.

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Unless you have a strong desire to see Lysette Anthony nude, rent something else.

Author: Dr.Jolly from Shawnee, Kansas
9 July 1999

I saw this movie on a movie channel not too long ago in the middle of the night. It's a B movie with a different twist. Lysette Anthony plays a beautiful woman who suffers from multiple personality disorders. Her problem isn't to hard for her to handle, until her normal self pursues Harry Hamlin. As she dates Hamlin, her evil identity appears randomly and constantly seduces Hamlin. In case you're wondering where you've seen the lovely British actress, Anthony has been the evil blond in Look Who's Talking Now, and had supporting roles in Dr.Jekyl and Ms. Hyde, along with Dracula (Dead And Loving It). Hamlin and Ironside (who plays Anthony's shrink) are from L.A. Law fame. The movie has a good story to go with, but begins to stray away from the plot and dive more into the sex. Before you know it, Hamlin and Anthony are having sex every five minutes, and soon, the movie becomes another Cinemax romp fest. Being male, I did enjoy seeing the naked Anthony a few times, but visual stimulus can only last so long. Hamlin and Ironside are TV actors, which means they are stuck in character roles (in this case as lawyers which is even worse). Overall, if you flip over to the channel playing this one and catch Anthony nude, you're lucky, because it's the only reason to watch this one. I give it a 3 out of 10.

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Save me, indeed

Author: mark thomas (sorabji) from NYC
18 July 2004

One of the curses of the night owl life is that movies like this surface on the cables at 3am, and for whatever reason I must watch the whole bleepin' thing sunrise be-darned.

I saw this on, what else, the Showtime Women's channel. I hate to admit it but I agree with the IMDb reviewer from 1999: the only reason to watch this nonsense from start to finish is to see Lysette Anthony naked. Everything in between is the bonehead self-absorbed stuff that burns through the Gross Domestic Product of whole countries in a Hollywood week. I can not believe people get paid to do this stuff.

Whatever else there is to say about this, it is always good to see Steve Railsback on screen, even when his dialogue is worthy of a 7th grade playwright. This is a really stupid movie, full of zero- quality acting.

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Lysette Anthony is one of the most beautiful women in the world

Author: sniper968 from Australia
14 December 2011

I like watching movies. I like watching beautiful women. If you are like me - you must watch this movie because Lysette Anthony is absolutely beautiful in this film.

She gets naked several times in this film and wow, it feels great to be a man.

You get some pretty good views of your fulsome white C cup breasts and her gorgeous white backside. I hope they release this in blue ray.

Now if you like your films with claims of intellectual mambo jumbo - or you do not like beautiful sexy women having sex maybe this isn't the movie for you.

The plot for this is practically threadbare like Lysette's clothes. But hey, think of the many horrible movies you had to endure - well, this is truly an actor's film because once you see Lysette you don't want to get out of your chair and you may feel compelled to rewind a particular scene over and over again to get every nuanced view of the story.

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Beautifully Erotic

Author: SARKAR SKJS from India
11 February 2016

The movie is refreshingly raw and original. Lysette is gorgeous and Harry Hamlin together make an interesting couple together. Movie starts slowly but once both the characters comes face to face the pace of movie begins. 1st part of the movie you will find yourselves engulfed in to the love and sex of the lead characters and the later half the mystery and thrill. Lysette is very beautiful and beauty unmatched. Her character keeps you tied to your seats. She depicts a sense of eroticism and mystery in her character. a Perfect damsel in distress. Harrys' character shows the height to fall in career and family trouble. a sudden mysterious person entry in to his life gives his life a new turn. Overall for the simple story yet powerful sex scenes between the lead stars takes you in to a erotic joy ride.

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Pretty exciting

Author: Cristi_Ciopron from CGSM, Soseaua Nationala 49
11 August 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have seen SAVE ME when I was 16, a kid; and then, many times thereafter. It is one of the good erotic thrillers—suspenseful and paranoid, verging on insanity, convincing by the sheer distress of its main characters. This tasty, suspenseful flick belongs to the erotic sub-genre of what they used to call psycho—thriller, which was the common way of much of the early '90s B movies; Tanya Roberts, Mrs. Tweed, Eric Roberts, Mrs. Stansfield, even M. Rourke and B. Willis have been in such outings (as a matter of fact—did you know that Rourke has been once in such movies, and Willis too?). And most of them, as I have already said, were made in the 1st ½ of the '90s. Since, they pretty much vanished. Many were rather murky, inarticulate and SAVE ME is a bit different—neater, better done, and what might be called atmospheric; so it is, and it isn't, a wholly adequate topic to take up and discuss the entire sub-genre. It deserves a nicely penned comment, at least for its quite recognizable cast (Ironside—a blander Saxon; Mrs. Hussey). The point of SAVE ME is showcasing Lysette's beauty, yet we get an interesting storyline as well.

What you might have heard is true—Lysette's nakedness is exquisite, and it's awesome she accepted to undress.

It is my theory that Ironside is a Saxon impersonator; and Saxon was a Reynolds impersonator, as you might have noticed. Anyway, because of the emotional climate of the age when I first saw them, there are a couple of movies (like SAVE ME, POSSESEED BY THE NIGHT, ALMOST PREGNANT, a post—apocalyptic fare with Hauer, several flicks with the pretty Drew B.) whose entire casts have passed, for me, into legend.

I have seen this on TV the very year it was released; it could be labeled as an erotic thriller. But then again, it's also the chance to see Mrs. Anthony degrade herself, descend rather low on the professional scale, etc.. I liked the movie a lot. Patsy Kensit, Lysette Anthony, Shannon Tweed and Tanya Roberts plus Joan Severance were, at the time, my favorite actresses; and Mrs. Anthony was somehow the hotter of the 5.

She claimed to be 31 when in this movie; I had already seen her before in a TV 'Ripper', where she had a sort of a cameo.

I would like to see her in Looking for Eileen; as for now, I am thinking about Roxana, manliness, the 4th step, and a young broad I talked with about Mrs. Bovary, Delon, Eric Roberts and V. Leigh.

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Good enough toward end, but not spectacular

Author: vchimpanzee
21 August 2007

At the start of the movie, Jim Stevens has to explain to his young son Kenny that parents sometimes have to spend time apart. It's not that he and Kenny's mother hate each other, but he and Kenny both wish things could be different.

And if you were looking for a family movie, that is all you should watch.

Jim goes to a mall to buy a present for Kenny, and he sees this beautiful woman walk into a lingerie store. Ellie tries on a sexy teddy, and she actually walks out into the store still wearing it. Jim desperately tries not to appear to be a pervert.

Outside the store, Oliver shows up angry, and his behavior suggests that he abuses Ellie. Ellie writes a note with her phone number and the words "Save Me". Jim calls the number and Ellie suggests meeting at Santa Monica Pier. There, she explains that Oliver is the psychiatrist in charge of her mother's care, that she wants to break up with him, and that he will do anything to stop her from leaving.

Jim sells bonds for Barton and Robbins, and while he has made lots of money for them in the past, the company has been carrying him for a year and this has to stop. And on that day he had the talk with Kenny, Jim did show up late and dressed like a construction worker while everyone else was wearing nice suits. Barton seems to be on his side, but Jim's new boss Michael wishes he were in charge so he could just fire Jim. Jim refuses to go against his values, which Michael doesn't have. On what may be a related note, someone with Michael's values handles Oliver's money.

Jim's values are quite different where personal relationships are concerned. He doesn't seem to be formally separated from his wife, and yet what happens with Ellie makes this a forbidden romance/women in jep movie typical of Lifetime. Actually, we don't really see Ellie in jeopardy nearly as much as we see Jim running for his life.

Jim's friend Matthew offers help in solving the Oliver problem, and he has a cabin with a hot tub to which he invites Jim and Ellie.

The second half almost redeems the movie. There are some unexpected plot twists. Or, if you're the type who can see these things coming a mile away, lame plot twists. But I enjoyed them. Also a pretty good car chase.

Even if this wasn't any better than a typical TV-movie, Michael Ironside and Lysette Anthony give superior performances (well, for this material, anyway). I wasn't sure if it was just the accent in Anthony's case, but later I realized she was talented. Bill Nunn did a good job as the detective. Only one acting performance was truly bad: Steve Railsback as the evil boss Michael.

If you enjoy watching a woman just get undressed, there's a scene in the lingerie store that should make you feel cheap and dirty. Since the credits say "nude model", I have to wonder if the scene was redone for TV. I didn't see much of Ellie either, which I understand is a shame.

I wouldn't say good, only "good enough".

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First sex scene was retarded

Author: mussersail-1 from United States
25 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The first sex scene in the lingerie shop was idiotic. The two way mirror thing just wasn't necessary, so then, when they finally start going at it, Ellie strips down to her teddy, but she is still wearing shiny tan dance tights. Duh? Thru the whole fornication scene. She had them on when she was modeling her lingerie earlier too - why I don't know as there are later scenes in the movie where she is completely nude and looks great - no need for the tights. Then later in the movie when he semi rapes her in the stairwell at his office, the same deal. I mean most of the movie is pretty stupid anyway, but at least try to give me the impression that there is real sex going on.

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