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(I) (1994)

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Sex & Nudity

  • A woman is shown trying on lingerie.
  • A man and woman kiss. Through a one-way mirror, they watch another woman try on lingerie, the woman's breasts, butt, and pubic hair visible. The man and woman watching her have sex.
  • A man and woman kiss in a car. She unzips his pants and mounts him in the front seat. Her bra is shown.
  • A man and woman kiss. It is implied they have sex. They wake up in the morning and the man pulls the sheet down, revealing the woman's breasts. They have sex, the man's butt and her breasts and butt visible.
  • A man and woman are shown nude in a hot tub, both of their butts and her breasts visible.
  • A man and woman take each other's clothes off and have sex, the woman's breasts and butt visible.
  • A man forces a woman's shirt open, revealing her breasts. He then pushes her up against a wall and rapes her.

Violence & Gore

  • It is implied that a woman's husband beats her. A few bruises are shown. A car tries to run over a man.
  • A man is shot at.
  • A man rapes a woman.
  • A man is shot in the arm. He is then shot by a different person in the chest and killed. Some blood.
  • Two men fight, some blood.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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