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The first dress list is for the ND vs. Air Force game, an away game played in Colorado Springs, not at home. This game was one of Joe Montana's first great come back games, down 10-30 in the 4th quarter. ND won 31-30. All 49 players dressing for the game received a game ball.
Rudy runs his fingers down the list in a close-up two times. The first time he starts on one name, the second time he starts on another name. The two names he starts his finger on are the actual names of the two players who picked him up and carried him off the field.
The real Rudy can be seen playing a fan in the stands at the end of the movie.
In the movie Rudy is portrayed as having largely gone into the steel industry after graduating high school. In reality, he served four years in the US Navy as a yeoman on a communications ship, which is never mentioned.
In real life Dan Devine was very supportive of Rudy and elected to put him in the game on his own. Because Devine considered Rudy a friend, he volunteered to play a villain in order to get the film greenlit.
While Rudy's real life service in the US Navy is not mentioned in the film, the military duffel bag he carries in numerous scenes is stenciled with both his name and USN.
The film debut of Vince Vaughn.
The game film that Coach Parseghian is watching when Rudy walks in to ask if he could dress is actually from the game that Rudy played in.
According to Rudy, he has no brother named Frank in real life. The character of Frank is all the people who told Rudy he couldn't do it, rolled into one person.
The football scenes have an added sense of realism because the director never filmed any scenes with a camera on the field. As with a broadcast of a real game, all football scenes were filmed with off-field cameras.
The crowd scene when Rudy is cheering in the stands is a real game between Notre Dame and Penn St. which was played in the snow during the 1992 season. You can even see fans with Penn St hats are sitting around Rudy.
In the scenes from the game that Rudy actually plays in, the jerseys of the players have names of actors and crew.
Many of the Priests and miscellaneous Notre Dame employees in the movie are actual Notre Dame employees.
Dan Devine was upset about the scene in which several players laid down their jerseys on his desk as a form of protest for not letting Rudy suit up for the upcoming Georgia Tech game. According to Devine, that incident never took place and if it had, the players involved would have been booted off the team.
While visiting the radio broadcast booth during a Giants baseball game, Sean Astin noted that the poster photo of him as Rudy wearing the suit with the duffel bag was shot on the field at Stanford University.
First movie in which Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn appeared together.
One of only two movies shot on Notre Dame's campus. The other was Knute Rockne All American (1940).
Names shown on the dress list are real players names from the 1974 team. The list includes some typographical errors.
John Whitmer (the athletic trainer) was one of the actual Notre Dame Football Athletic Trainers. Likewise, the scene with him is shot in the actual Training Room in the Joyce Center at Notre Dame.
There is a sign above the stairs to the Notre Dame locker room that lists the national championships won through the years. A sign that omitted the 1977 and 1988 championship references was substituted for the movie.
In the middle of the film, during the scene in which Father Cavanaugh speaks to Rudy in the Basilica, Notre Dame president emeritus Father Theodore Hesburgh and Edmund (Ned) Joyce, Hesburgh's vice-president, makes a cameo appearance. They are seen at the beginning of the scene walking in the Basilica to the right side of Father Cavanaugh's character. Father Hesburgh was president when the actual Rudy Ruettiger attended Notre Dame. The Joyce Athletic and Convocation Center, on the Notre Dame Campus, was named after Ned Joyce.
The crowd scenes during Rudy's final game were filmed during halftime at a real game between Notre Dame and Boston College during 1992. You can tell by the colors that the Boston College fans wear.
In the scene where the players pay their jersey's on Dan Devine's desk, the jerseys have the players names on the back. In reality, Notre Dame does not put the names of the players on the back of the jerseys except when required by the NCAA. This is because Notre Dame does not want to portray that any one player is bigger than the university.
During the Georgia Tech Notre Dame game Rudy is the only one without a name on the back of his jersey
According to the real Rudy, the character of Fortune was a combination of three different people that were helping him realize his dream of playing football for Notre Dame.
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Having worked previously with director David Anspaugh and writer Angelo Pizzo on Hoosiers (1986), Jerry Goldsmith was always first choice to score the film.
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Ned Beatty plays Sean Astin's father. The year before, he appeared in Prelude to a Kiss (1992), in which he played the husband of Astin's real-life mother, Patty Duke.
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In the movie the players & coaches of Rudy's Joliet Catholic High School football team were actually made up of real high school players & coaches from Mt. Carmel High School in Chicago. The two schools were brother schools formed under the same order of priests and have had an on and off rivalry since the 1920's. They also are the two winningest state championship teams in Illinois and at the time of filming were both coming off championships. The irony that players from Mt. Carmel were dressed in their rival's jersey and then had to act the scene out on the turf of their bitter rival's field (St. Rita), might have to suffice for players from Joliet Catholic who weren't asked to be in the movie, even though they play 30 miles from the filming location. Also, you can hear the coach telling the players at the last practice that they'l need to get ready for the Mt. Carmel Caravan.
In the final scene, Notre Dame Sports Information Director Roger Valdiserri is honored with his name on the back of a player's jersey.
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In 2008, Senator John McCain used the track 'Take Us Out' from Jerry Goldsmith's score as his official anthem in his Presidential bid.

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