Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993) Poster

Plot Keywords

prince archery contest
king sheriff
tights contest
archery spoof
robin hood slapped with a glove
1190s 12th century
written and directed by cast member sword duel
combat hand to hand combat
long sword love interest
saved from hanging fire
opening action scene flaming arrow
arson showdown
fight fighting
guard spear
gangster hitman
sniper lance
ambush karate
fistfight brawl
shot with a bow and arrow battlefield
battle knife throwing
knife fight dual wield
thief quarterstaff
tough guy warrior
comic violence stick fight
disarming someone swordsman
sidekick action hero
adventure hero comic hero
hero character says i love you
stabbed in the chest wedding
noose hangman
title appears in writing crossbow
man dressed as woman fair
virgin archer
running into a tree falling from height
subtitled scene lizard
rabbi catapult
training severed ear
blowing a kiss love at first sight
sword fight face slap
cleavage party
mime dagger
reference to abraham lincoln bridge
cardboard cut out mole
singing in a bathtub character's point of view camera shot
upside down camera shot sword
speech impediment death of family
playboy magazine servant
blind man tower
castle hit in the crotch
punched in the face knight
horse england
reference to larry king fake beard
dungeon raised middle finger
briton abroad escape from prison
jerusalem talking to the camera
song and dance character repeating someone else's dialogue
scene during opening credits house on fire
self referential medieval times
swashbuckler slapstick comedy
absurd humor anachronism
male slaps a male reference to mark twain
men in tights director cameo
cult film man in drag
scene during end credits obscene finger gesture
movie reality crossover jewish stereotype
cross dressing robin hood spoof
breaking the fourth wall thief hero
taxes friendly brawl
friar forest
psychotronic cult director
witch parody
bow and arrow arrow
guillotine chastity belt
title spoken by character character name in title
surprise ending

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