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GenX Zombies
Gafke23 July 2004
Curt, a GenXer army brat, is madly in love with Julie, a Gothy punk girl with a fascination for the morbid. In order to impress her, Curt swipes his dads clearance card and the two lovebirds sneak into the high security testing facilities of the military base. Curt's dad, a high ranking military official, is involved in some pretty sick experiments which center around the reanimating powers of the chemical known as 245 Trioxin. After witnessing a gruesome resurrection, Curt and Julie flee, have sex and find out that Curt's dad is being transferred. Rather than be torn asunder, the two run away together. But a terrible motorcycle accident cuts their plans - and Julie's life - short. Now it's back to the base to reanimate his beloved, but even though the resurrected Julie seems normal, it's only a matter of time before her dead body rots, and her human emotions are replaced with an insatiable hunger for living human brains.

This third installment in the ROTLD series avoids the campy black comedy of the first film, and the utter stupidity of the second. It falls somewhere right smack between the two and ends up being halfway decent. There's some great scenes of cutting, scarification and body mutilation as Julie discovers that self inflicted pain can temporarily curb her nasty appetite. Whether or not this was an intentional comment on the habits of GenX teens to mutilate themselves to curb feelings of depression, I don't know, but it's quite effective and, considering that this came out in 1993, rather timely as well. Julie ends up resembling a Cenobite rather than a zombie, decked out in leather, chains and broken glass, but I'm not complaining. There's a LOT of gore, most of which takes place in the military labs as zombies are fitted with harnesses, lobotomized with power drills, held together with metal exoskeletons and, in general, end up resembling an S&M orgy gone horribly wrong. It's pretty nasty, graphic stuff, but the zombies themselves are pretty cool looking, especially one who ends up looking like a freaky, bipedal giraffe.

The story isn't anything new, but some of the acting (especially that of Mindy Clarke as Julie) is pretty good and the zombie effects are impressive. The ending is a downer, but not as grim and disheartening as it could have been.

All in all, it's fairly enjoyable. It's much better than Part 2 was, anyway.
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Part III and hopefully the last.
Joseph P. Ulibas11 June 2004
Return of the Living Dead III (1993) was released upon the 25th anniversary of the release of Night of the Living Dead (1968). Instead of making another bad spoof, Brian Yuzna wisely decided to make a return to the basics. A creepy and dark horror film. A young military brat and his girl are fooling around on a motorcycle and she's killed in a fatal accident. Grief stricken and severely sprung, the kid takes his girl to the army base where his dad works and takes her to a secret lab and revives her. Sadly the boy doesn't know what he's unleashed and this young "frankenstein" has to destroy his little "creation". If you're going to watch this movie please avoid the "rated" version. As in all of Brian Yuzna's films he likes to make his flicks over the top and very gory. The "family" rental companies carry the "rated" version so "look out" for the "unrated" label. If not then you'll be treated to a bunch of freeze frames and badly cut scenes. A sad tale about true love.


Let's hope this ends the series. If it does then it'll end on a high note.
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Excellent sequel, much better than I had anticipated.
Rooster9910 September 2004
Return 3 starts off very poorly. Actors are pretending to be in the military in a very cheap looking set. As usual in many low budget horror movies, moronic teenagers decide to break into a top secret military facility for fun.... <sigh>, and naturally accidentally release whatever the base is trying to contain. I was prepared at that point for the worst and settled myself in for 90 minutes of frustration. Return of the Living Dead 2 was one of the worst sequels I had ever seen, so I really wasn't expecting much from Return 3. But then something happened, and Return 3 got better and better. There was a real story! The director actually tried for some character development! There was suddenly plenty of extremely well done gore! There were some moments of real horror!

The scenes where Julie starts cutting and impaling herself were difficult to watch, that's how well done they were. The movie moves from a cheap horror-comedy into a well put together love story with incredibly gory effects. I actually really felt for the main couple, even though she was slowly turning into a zombie! Normally, one of them would get whacked which would give the remaining person a few lame Arnold-type lines, and an excuse to obliterate whatever (or whomever) is supposed to be the bad guy. However, this movie doesn't follow that formulaic path. It takes a very weird turn halfway through and never looks back.

When Julie makes her transformed appearance in the sewer, it is truly an awe-inspiring site! They actually managed to make her look both incredibly repulsive and very sexy at the same time. This film reminded me a lot of the Ginger Snaps movies in the type of character development pursued within the confines of a horror movie. Very pleasant surprise.

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Very good for this zombie subgenre
capkronos12 May 2003
Teen army brat Curt (J. Trevor Edmond) is so in love with wild, sexy punkette Julie (Mindy Clarke) that he decides not to let her untimely death in a motorcylce accident keep them apart. Thankfully his father (Kent McCord) works at a top-secret military lab experimenting on bringing the dead back to life. Curt sneaks in and uses the "Trioxin" gas to revive Julie, then spends the rest of the movie watching helplessly in horror at her mental and physical deterioration and increasing hunger for human flesh!

Having very little to do with the two previous comic RETURN titles helps Part III overcome familiarity, while director Brian Yuzna delivers loads of brain-munching horror without losing sight of the compelling, tragic central romance. Excellent FX work by Steve Johnson and many others, including Julie's amazing transformation from whimpering ghoul to multi-pierced, S&M femme fatale zombie queen.

This film was released in R and unrated versions. Shoot for the latter.

Score: 7 out of 10
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"Julie, are you eating him?"
Backlash00711 November 2001
Love and gore-what more do you need? Return of the Living Dead III is an excellent gore flick with a love story at the core. It's also a horror fans dream. That dream being that a great series never ruined itself like most do in the genre. At least that's the way I feel about it. RotLD III features a great story driven by great characters and awesome special effects. And of course, brains. Brian Yuzna (Bride of Re-Animator) is the mastermind behind this end to a great trilogy. J. Trevor Edmond stars as a guy who accidentally kills his girlfriend and uses Trioxin to bring her back. Said girlfriend, played by the awesome Mindy Clarke, makes for an unbelievable appearance by the end of the movie. My only problem with the movie is that it's missing the claustrophobic elements of the first one until the very end, and what an appropriate ending it is. Gore hounds will love this one. Brainsssssssss!

Note for genre buffs: Look for director Anthony Hickox and Brian "Scuz" Peck, who is featured in the entire trilogy, in cameos.
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A great gory twist to romance!
The third part in a series of movies usually is nowhere near the original; however, Brian Yuzna's take on the "Return of the Living Dead" makes the third installment in the famous comedy/horror series, a very different and special movie. Getting away from the slapstick comedy aspect of the previous films, director Yuzna & writer John Penney unfold a tale of doomed love and gory violence spiced up with very dark humor. Quite a change from part 2; in fact, the only thing this movie has in common with the previous chapters is the inclusion of the re-animating gas.

Penney's script is like a bizarre twist on "Romeo & Juliet": Curt Reynolds (J. Trevor Edmond) is an angsty teenager in love with rebel Julie Walker (Melinda Clarke). While sneaking in the military base where Curt's father (Kent McCord) works, they discover that the project his father has been working involves re-animating corpses. After a tragic accident where Julie dies, Curt decides to bring back Julie using his father's experiments with the infamous chemical: 245 Trioxin.

Right after Julie is revived, the action starts and never stops, with the couple running away from both the army and a gang that wants them dead. To make things worse, Julie's increasing urge to eat human flesh and Curt's own anxiety and family troubles collide and make the trip harder for the lovers.

Brian Yuzna really created something special with this movie, the characters are very rich and are the backbone of the movie. The acting is top notch, something quite different from the typical b-movie. In fact, the movie is so well done in those aspects that its flaws in SFx and overall production are easily forgiven.

The movie has a lot of heart and the credit for that must go to Yuzna's direction and Penney's script. The couple of lovers must really grow to face the situation and to face each other's troubles. The acting is very good for the most part, but is Clarke who gives the performance as Julie.

The transformation from self confident daredevil to fearful victim of the circumstances, and then to ruthless killing machine is very believable and one cannot avoid to feel sympathy for her character. A really remarkable job.

Sadly, the movie is not perfect, the low budget hurts the production a lot and the sets look a bit fake, However, it's worth to point out that the make-up effects in the zombies and the gore are quite good for the budget.

By far the best movie in the series, and among the best and most creative horror movies ever done. Director Brian Yuzna has not been able yet to come up close to this achievement, but he earned his place in history with this movie. 8/10. A modern classic.
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Interesting moive
Johnny Sokko23 July 2003
I came home last night to find my son watching Return of the Living Dead 3. After a few glimpses of the gore I immediately shut it off and confiscated the DVD. He was very upset with me and told me that it was his favorite move that he had already seen 10 times. I'll have a word with his best friend's parents tomorrow for allowing this to happen.

After he went to bed, I had trouble sleeping and being the closet horror film fan, ended up watching the movie...twice.

Return of the Living Dead 3 seems to fall to the shroud of a long line of B-horror films I remember from that period of time. Warlock, Hellraisers, Dead Alive, and Friday the 13th part...whatever and so on.

As a "Living Dead" movie, it holds it's own by incorporating the franchise respectably. But ROTLD3 has merits that make it stand on its own. Most notably, the departure from standard horror formula and taking some risks. Rather than camp it up too much the film makers attempted to bring the Trioxon/Brain eating fair down to earth. Pitting star crossed lovers VS the zombies. No matter what you may think of the film, you have to admire the risk.

This is really a love it or hate it film I suppose. Judging by the reviews that I've read, it holds true. Yuzna, the director, is effective with his obviously very limited budget. I was disappointed with some of the special effects, considering the money this team DID have, probably all went in that direction.

The actors were unfamiliar to me yet interesting. J. Trevor Edmond, (Curt, I think I remember him from Beverly Hills 90210), is a believable and charismatic lead and Julie (Mindy Clark) is a sultry and seductive counterpart. Kent McCord and crew were a bit week but hey, it is a low budget horror film afterall.

I felt particularly bad for Curt as the story progressed as he was unpredictably flawed. Normally young actors try to play this type of character cool but Edmond delivers a sensitive and frenzied performance, stressing the `love is blind metaphor'. I really thought this brought something extra to the movie. Clark is equally up to the task and ultimately steals the show with her transformation into a pin cushion zombie nymph. The performances are even more impressive when you equate the weaknesses in the script. Considering the shameful dialog and the lack of sophisticated character development..I was impressed what these two unknowns pulled off.

Overall it was a nice change of pace from the standard, run of the mill, splatter fest. A Golf clap, for those responsible for making Return of the Living Dead 3 in B-horror-movie-land. ....who knew my teenage son had good taste!
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Probably the best 2nd sequel in the history of horror movies!
Freakest8 March 1999
Usually, sequels are inferior to their original films. Fortunately, every once in a while there comes a sequel which by far surpasses the "first one". Brian Yuzna's "Return Of The Living dead 3" is one of those miraculous exceptions. A simple story of love, parenthood and zombies turns out to be one of the best horror films of all time, making the genre move forward both in quality and in innovation. There are some excellent performances, but the gore-effects take the lead role in another job well done by FX wizard Screaming Mad George. It's hard not to be captured by the movie's unique sense of humour allied to some ultra-violent scenes of pure horror and fantasy, that combine to tell the tragic story of a young man, who sees his beloved girlfriend turned into a flesh-eating creature that still loves him, but will sooner or later have to eat him! Brian Yuzna really got it once more, proving that he is one of the most promising horror directors for the future. Don't miss this one!
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A surprisingly good and (somewhat) original horror film
MisterWhiplash6 December 2000
Return of the Living Dead III is the type of horror film you can watch with your friends, or your girlfriend. It is a film with a romantic (yet tragic) edge to it that saves it from the muck of sequel overkill. The story follows a young man who, after seeing his girlfriend die who he loves so much, brings her back to life in a top secret facility with the gas that brings back the dead from part 1 (without them being able to get electricuted), but then strange things happen. Clever horror with a edge, with it's only problem not stopping too often and of course the sequel overkill. Still worth a look, especially for horror enthusaists who don't believe there's life after part 2. A-
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* *1/2 out of 4.
brandonsites19818 August 2002
Lonely teenager's girlfriend is killed in a motorcycle accident. He takes her to his father's secret lab and brings her back to life. However, she has a hunger that can not be controlled and she starts munching on various people's flesh that they run into. Now, she has accidently created her own army of the undead.

Better then you would expect with a good premise, pretty good direction an emotional finale and some smart jabs. However most the acting is cheesy, the effects are over the top and seem to belong in another film given the serious tone. However, watching Sarah Douglas chew the scenery is always fun!

Unrated; Sexual Situations, Profanity, Nudity and Graphic Violence.
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Powerful Film
jlthornb5130 April 2015
A very powerful existentialist horror film that captures the emotions and doesn't let go. Seldom does any film tackle the questions of life and death, the nature of existence, and the limits of humanity but this motion picture does so unflinchingly. The way director Brian Yuzna realizes John Penny's moving screenplay is incredibly well done. Longing, mourning, and the terrible pain of loss is eloquently conveyed and the young cast is more than capable in their respective roles. It is particularly strong when depicting the lengths that true love will drive one to in order to cling to the beloved in any circumstances. The tragic aspects of obsession are beautifully done and the balance between hope and tragedy is stunning in its intensity. A fine performance by Kent McCord as the father is something to pay close attention to. An unusual and deeply moving film that will leave audiences disturbed yet incredibly touched by what they have seen.
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The best in the series for me
Max Kämmerer27 July 2007
Call me whatever you want, but this film touched me as much as The Fly ('86) did. It has this emotional component that I can't call by its name, but that makes it more than a mere splatter movie to me.

I am not saying that this movie is a revelation or has to be considered a classic by everybody, but still reading all these negative critiques out there makes me feel like the movie gets treated worse than it deserves.

Let me point out Melinda Clarke's and J. Trevor Edmond's credible acting as a couple and the successful rearrangement of the series' roots without the unnecessary comedy, for example.
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Bringing something new to the series
Rautus8 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Instead of going for black humour and comedy like the previous two Return of the Living Dead films, Return of the Living Dead III goes for a more serious approach. Return of The Living Dead III is a horror film with some romantic drama between the two teenagers Curt and Julie. The film is about Curt a teenager who's father is part of the military and is using the barrels to re-animate the dead as a biological weapon, Curt has a girlfriend called Julie and to impress her to takes his dad's ID Card and sneak into the base.

They see the Zombie coming to life and leave, meanwhile the Zombie attacks the soldiers in the room before being contained with the soldiers. At home Curt has sex with Julie before his dad comes home, he tells his son that he's being transferred and they have to leave to a new place in a week. Curt doesn't want to leave Julie so the two run off but while driving they have a horrible crash killing Julie. Upset about what's happened he goes to the base and re-animates her with the gas. Suddenly they're attacked by the Zombie inside the barrel so they quickly escape, at first Julie is normal but soon she starts to get a hunger and eating normal food doesn't stop it.

Julie needs to eat brains to stop the hunger but she also finds hurting herself stops the hunger for human brains, Curt and Julie go around while the army is after them trying to contain Julie. Meanwhile a gang member that Julie bit in the store is slowly changing so his gang go after them for revenge. Curt and Julie make friends with a homeless man named Riverman who lives in the sewers, helping them the gang soon arrive and Juile deals with them all. Soon the army arrive and contain all the Zombies including Julie.

In the base again Curt discovers that they are going to place an exoskeleton on all the Zombies as a new weapon, Curt breaks Julie out and with the help of the Riverman zombie they escape from the room but all the Zombies break out and soon chaos happens in the base.

The acting is good and the zombie make up is good, the gore effects are a nice touch too. Return of The Living Dead III isn't a comedy but it is full of gore and horror to make this a great entry to the series.
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A Great sequel to an Over the top Horror Comedy
killerbrain8617 May 2007
This is a film that I am a big fan of.

The first return of the Living dead I like even more. Now I admit that return part 2 was was too silly in parts but I still consider it a classic.

The Gore in this film is excellent, not to mention the zombies.One thing I really like is the lack of Comedy in this sequel.Part 2 had lots of laughs but for the overall audience I agree it is hard to be taken seriously.

(Necropolis & Rave to the Grave will not be discussed) Another good thing is that they take off after part 2, instead of pretending it never happened.

Good acting & a believable love story make the plot more dense, for more intense scenes.

Overall I would say if u don't like the other sequels & if you haven't seen this, GIVE THIS ONE A CHANCE~!
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a must see for zombie fans
epeteet18 March 2007
As a punk rocker, i'm a big fan of the first RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD. I don't remember the second one all that well but i remember it being a lot like the first one (minus the punkers which is a bummer). This one is a lot different from the first two and under a different title i would have never known it was even related. This one must have had a substantially bigger budget as well because it looks very well done, or maybe that's because it came out 8 years later than the "original." Unfortunately i saw the R rated version rather than the unrated but it was still a good zombie flick that delivered a fair share of gore. The zombie effects were top notch too, which is always a major factor when deciding the coolness of a zombie film. It was a little too romantic for my taste but other than that it was tight. Most horror fans will enjoy this one, especially if you dig zombies
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Kicks Zombie Butt
nathan_jackson4 November 2000
This movie is great. Although it doesn't seem to last that long there is a lot of action and good characters, such as the army people, the Mexicans and the Romeo and Juliet like characters. This is great but is also one of the most disturbing. The first person to actually turn into a zombie is Mogo, one of the Mexicans (Julie doesn't actually turned into a zombie she just shares their hunger) and within 30 seconds all the other Mexicans are zombies too. A brilliant movie. Sink you teeth into it right now.
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a real achievement in the world of horror movies...
I saw the first two entries of the "Return of the Living Dead" series a long time ago. Even though they were both pretty entertaining and outrageous, I wanted the third one to bring new life to the series. I didn't want the same old thing because when you make sequels that cover no new ground, it's just a waste of time. I had low expectations for Return of the Living Dead 3, so I was in true disbelief as I watched it for the first time.

I don't really understand why it's a sequel to Return Of The Living Dead, because the only similarity the two films have is that zombies dominate each of them. Even with that, the two movies couldn't be any more different. The first two Return of the Living Deads spoofed horror movies, and didn't take themselves seriously at all. They were made to make you chuckle at the lame acting, unbelievably corny dialogue, and monsters with a sense of humor. Whereas, the third one held nothing back and tried to captivate the viewers with a touching story, great acting, fantastic directing, a clevar script, and special effects like you've never seen before. Against all odds, Return of the Living Dead 3 is definately one of the most impressive horror movies of all time.

It's not an uplifting movie at all, for there is constant suffering from start to end. But it's very refreshing to have a zombie movie that can be as serious as heartbreaking dramas, and that can show you how many horrible things there are in this world. The images are horrifying and ugly, and will indeed stun you. The last twenty minutes include some of the finest special effects, and lead to one amazing conclusion. The ending is perfect!!!! It was one of the greatest endings I've ever seen.

You don't need to see the previous entries of the series, because they share nothing in common with this. I would recommend it to everybody, especially those who love a good scare...
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Deliciously evil fun
jimmyplm25 January 2000
This is yet another cool installment in the ROTLD series. It is as good as the first two, and sure to please all fans. I really liked the new approach to the story. There isn't a big stress on cemetery zombies like in the others, but it is still scary and gruesome. You can't lose with a good zombie movie. A+ :-)
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One of the craziest movies of the 80's. A must-see.
Chromium_five15 December 2007
I was reluctant to watch the third part of the series (I have no interest in the second) as I knew the character of Burt would no longer be joining us. The death of Burt in the first ROTLD is one of the most unfortunate things in all cinema and had me depressed for weeks. I had further reservations when the logic of the first one was changed significantly--people in this movie are turned into zombies when bitten by one, which was not part of the original at all (this was also not the case in "Night of the Living Dead," but Romero put it into the sequel. It seems to be a weird detail that was obliquely added to the zombie genre and is now taken for granted). There is also some uncertainty as to why the resurrected character Julie even wants brains. In the first one, the zombies can feel themselves decomposing and only brains can relieve the pain--in this one, she is just inexplicably hungry, and brains... make her full, or something. This leads to a rather hilarious scene in which she's stuffing all sorts of food into her mouth at a gas station and had me wondering if the movie was going to be idiotic, but at that moment the director hits the clutch and the plot veers into full throttle awesomeness. (And in retrospect it's not that big a plot hole; maybe she can't feel herself rotting yet but her body knows it's happening and desires brains.)

We begin following Julie and her boyfriend Curt (weird side note: these are the names of my aunt and uncle!) as they aimlessly run through the streets while pursued by a gang, with Julie becoming more insatiably hungry by the minute. It's top-notch horror. A lot of horror movies have you wondering, "Why don't they just get HELP or something," but here it is clearly impossible for the police or medics to do anything, and you're as stumped about what the characters should do as they are. There's no feeling superior to them, a hard trick to pull off in a horror movie. Eventually, Julie attempts suicide and is rescued by a black man dressed like a Jedi Knight, and here I was no longer sad that Burt wasn't around because this new fellow actually out-awesomes Burt. He takes them to a room in a sewer which he has converted into some sort of temple and announces, "YOU CAN CALL ME... RIVERMAN," whereby I was able to conclude that if I were somehow put in charge of the MPAA rating system, I would rate every movie based on whether or not Riverman was in it (Riverman being played by cult actor Basil Wallace, best known as Screwface from the badass action movie "Marked for Death"). It is while in Riverman's lair that Julie discovers extreme pain can take her mind off brains, leading to the famous scene wherein she mutilates herself beyond recognition (some may see this as another plot hole, since the original ROTLD zombies needed brains to take their minds off pain, but I believe Julie still has enough of a conscience that she prefers the pain to killing). The astute viewer will realize here that all this eating and cutting on Julie's part seems to be referencing some actual real-life issues, although I'm not entirely sure what the point of it is. It might be just a joke, but the tone is dark enough that it makes a sobering addition to an already depressing story.

There's more awesomeness that I don't want to spoil here--I will only say that the freaky zombies from the first movie make an appearance at the end, bringing it all to a chaotic conclusion. Mindy Clarke is AMAZING as Julie--she makes a believable performance out of a role that is far different than the usual teen-horror "scream queen." The doomed bond between her and Curt works as both straight horror and tragedy, and the slick direction and elaborate set pieces make this a fine action flick as well. It's not quite as fun as the first in the series, but it's definitely impressive on its own, and I can honestly rate it as one of the better movies of the 80's. Check it out. 7/10.
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Don't watch if you are a fan of the first two.
Jason Dyer15 January 2003
Ok, I rank this one low because it tried too hard to be different from the others and failed. I mean, I understand if you want to try different elements to keep it fresh(for lack of a better word) but come on. There wasnt much of a threat posed in the plot. In the first two, you had a whole graveyard of zombies wreaking havoc. In this one, you have some guy's ex-girlfriend and then a few mutations. This movie had a more serious tone than its predecessors, but it failed to be scarier. And I'm sorry, although the female lead was a fairly attractive gal(to start), there is nothing sexy about watching her suck someone's brains out. Maybe a sexy vampiress going in for the kill can work now and then, but not this gal. I hear they are finally working on a fourth one and I look forward to it. It's wishful thinking but I hope that, not only do they go back to what worked in the first two, I hope they bring back James Karen and Thom Matthews. That would be a nice treat for us old-schoolers.
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innovative trends in body piercing...but not much else
Jonny_Numb29 May 2003
"Return of the Living Dead 3" is another slice of Brian Yuzna badness...horrid acting, gore that looks like red Kool-Aid, weak script and even weaker characters. Now, I understand that Mr. Yuzna has an interesting approach to sequels (taking the bare bones of the predecessor and making something original of it), but this second follow-up to Dan O'Bannon's witty and gory "Return of the Living Dead" is nothing to crow about. A hopeful young drummer named Kurt (who is on his way to Seattle to be in a ironic) gets into a motorcycle accident, killing his girlfriend (Mindy Clarke), and in a fit of passion, revives her with a chemical at a nearby military base; she comes back, with a taste for human flesh (you know the drill). Aside from her tendency to chew on people, the girl is the more rational-minded of the two, while Kurt spends most of the movie screaming hopelessly (a horror gender reversal...or just bad writing?). They're eventually pursued by a group of military men AND a gang of stereotyped Latinos in a sewer, of all places...unfortunately, Yuzna can't build suspense to save his life, and the bad acting here is always too sincerely straight to merit many laughs. Only a few minor elements impressed me: Clarke's body piercing 'suit' is imaginative, and the character of Riverman is over-the-top funny (intentionally, I think). But the zombies--this movie's bread and butter--are lame, unconvincing concoctions, and the ending seems to have lifted an idea or two from "Shock Waves" (zombies as the perfect weapon?).

To its credit, RotLD 3 is better than the first sequel, but that's not saying much.

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A negative opinion of this movie:
stavromuella6 May 2001
This film is the worst piece of dreck that I've ever had the great misfortune of seeing. The zombies were not zombie-like. The characters were one-dimensional. The writing was abysmal. The camera work was actually passable, which made the movie all the more torturous. I don't know how the directing was because that horrible "dialogue" kept on getting in the way. If you have insomnia and this is the only thing on TV, READ A BOOK instead of watching this truly awful film. The only thing that is surprising about the complete lack of quality of this film is that it DOESN'T have the name "Troma Studios" attatched to it.
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Shouldn't be allowed to use the 'Return of the Living Dead' name
shes_dead26 February 2001
The first 2 films in this series were a good continuation of the zombie genre. They were effective in infusing zombies, horror & comedy all in one – like merging Night of the Living Dead with Evil Dead II. They also added a bit of zest to the zombies themselves – enabling them with the ability to run (yep, way before 28 Days Later et al).

However, for some reason someone out there decided they should take the 'Return of the Living Dead' name and ruin it beyond recognition. Gone is the humour, horror and inventiveness of the original. In fact, gone even are the zombies! They aren't really zombies in this film, more just like childishly grotesque monsters.

One of the things that springs to mind on a film like this is why veer from the style of the original so much? I guess somebody wrote this dire script and someone else somewhere decided it would make more money if they traded off the 'Return…' name.

I don't know why other reviewers think this is an extremely gory film. They must have a very low tolerance level. The gore in this movie is quite childish, silly and obviously fake. It certainly isn't on a par with the first two 'Return…' movies, or any of the other 'proper' zombie films that Romero made.
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Romeo & Juliet meets Brain-Eating Zombies?! Yes, it CAN be done!
icfarm18 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is a little horror gem from the early nineties. J. Trevor Edmond and Melinda Clarke (of future "The O.C." fame) play a teenage couple, Kurt and Julie; a military man's (Kent McCord) son and his sexy, morbid, punk-rock girlfriend. One day, they sneak into Dad's base to see just what is going on there, and are they in for a show! A dead man is brought back as a zombie by good old Trioxin and proceeds to attack (and chow down, of course). They leave before they see how this gore-fest all turns out, but Julie (Clarke) can't get it out of her mind.

Kurt's father comes home and announces that he is being transferred. Kurt, however, refuses to leave because he doesn't want to leave Julie, although his father says that "getting away from that girl would be the best thing that ever happened to you". The two young lovers go tearing off on Kurt's motorcycle and are in an accident (helped by Julie's Roman hands and Russian fingers, LOL) and Julie is killed. Unable to bear the loss, Kurt decides to sneak her back onto the base and use the Trioxin on her. Of course, we know where this is going - Julie is going to become a brain-eating monster! Almost immediately after being brought back, she begins to complain of feeling terribly hungry, so the two stop at a convenience store. She begins to randomly grab various snack cakes, etc., off the shelf and unwrap and eat them right there, but nothing satisfies. Meanwhile, a group of thugs hold up the place. In the ensuing scuffle, Julie bites one of the said thugs and gets a taste of what she's REALLY been hungry for all along. The owner/clerk is shot. Kurt and Julie manage to escape with him and take off in his van with him in the back. The only problem? Julie gets a craving again and this time, she knows EXACTLY what she wants. She heads straight to the back of the van and our poor dying shopkeeper. Kurt is treated to the sight of his lady-love feasting on brains for the first time, but, this being a horror movie, is not freaked enough to dump her right there.

The two escape and meet River Man (Basil Wallace), an eccentric, shall we say, who lives in the sewers. He takes them in, not knowing that lovely Julie is rapidly becoming ZOMBIE Julie. Julie has, however, discovered that she can distract herself from her craving for human flesh/blood/brains by inflicting pain on herself. We are treated (if that's the word) to shots of her stabbing herself with pins, deliberately cutting herself, etc. Our young lovers have been followed by the gang of thugs from the store, who do not intend to take one of their members being bitten lightly. They show up and threaten River Man and Kurt. But, unbeknownst to them, Julie has fully transformed into SUPER SEXY ZOMBIE JULIE!!! She appears and is a sight to behold. Kudos to Steve Johnson, who I understand did Zombie-Julie's makeup. It's scary, sexy, realistic and all-around brilliant. Anyhow, Zombie-Julie proceeds to make mincemeat out of - and infect - our gang of thugs, as well as River Man, who Kurt makes the fatal mistake of leaving alone with her. The calvary arrives - I should mention someone I forgot earlier, Sarah Douglas, who is great - and Julie and the other zombies are captured. But Kurt STILL can't let go. There follows zombie mayhem, escape, and an ending I won't describe (although the comparison the R & J might have clued you in).

Well worth watching if you're a horror/zombie/gore fan. Cheers.
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