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Now the puppets are good guys!
stu-673 June 1999
This is strange and unlike the other puppet master movies in the series. But it is funny in many ways, for instance take Cameron's high pitched shrieking of obcenities, and the Head monster at the Beginning is Hilarious looking HA HA HA. I was very pleased the girl who plays Lauren, man is she attractive or WHAT? The puppets are good guys who have to fight off Evil? What happend to the Evil gene and the lust to get brain chunks HUH? Well it's pretty cool that they are good though. The soundtrack by Quiet Riot and Joker is the icing on the cake for me. Watch this movie it's not that long. and its pretty GOOD.
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Not bad !!!!!!
nas4e682 April 2000
In this third sequel Gordon Currie makes his first really big role of a movie . Rick (G.Currie) is the caretaker to a hotel . Him and three other friends find the puppets Pinhead, Jester , and you know all the others . In this moviee the puppets are good and are fighting evil . Tons of action pretty good . Followed by Part 5 witch is horrible . Believe me . If your a horror fan you should watch this movie . ** stars out of four . Guy Rolfe ( Toulon also makes his return . He was in the third .
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The Best Of The Series
torch256 November 2005
I though that PM4 and 5 were the best of the series. the puppets are fighting the Totems, minions of Sutek, who want the secret Toulon stole from him back. To help the Puppets, a new one, Decapitron (originally an idea for an unmade Empire Pictures filck) is made. This has always been my favorite Full Moon flick, and I love part V. Keep up the work Mr. Band. As usual, the video contains an excellent videozone, and the video itself was distributed by Paramount. A Puppet Master Box Set was released in 2000 by Full Moon, but was quickly recalled by Paramount because they still claimed the rights to these films. Paramount needs to stop being an ass and let Mr. Band release all of his great films through Full Moon, not the Paramount "Full Screen Collection". Bless Full Moon.
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Decent flick; horrendous plot.
Cowman1 August 2001
The notorious Bodega Bay Inn is now inhabited by a whiz-kid science major named Rick Myers who is working for an elite team of scientists in hopes of finding out the secret of artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, in Hell, at the EXACT SAME MOMENT, a legion of evil rubbery demons send a horde of minions to the surface to kill anyone who has anything to do with Andre Toulon's elixir of animation. It certainly would be bad luck if Rick just happened to stumble upon a vial of the damning potion, now wouldn't it? Even though the plot of this particular chapter in the Puppet Master series is razor-thin and the acting stays consistently mundane throughout, it has a certain flair that most of the other entries don't. The puppets are much more likeable this time around, and their movements, although not as detailed or complex, are a lot more amusing and believable.
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Scrappy plot, but decent
Mileskolehmainen19 June 2014

🌕🌕🌕🌘🌑 3.2

I thought this was entertaining enough. Not as good as the third, but fun. And the puppet FX were good once again. Th whole puppet vs. Puppet concept works great on providing action and effects, and the demon-puppets are a good villain. I found there is plenty of clever stop motion here, all done very well. The acting ain't to bad either, but the psychic girl is a tad annoying. There are three issues I had with the film. The first, a small bug, is the buildup, which like in 1 or 2 takes a bit. The second, a much larger issue, is that the plot seems to feel very scrapped together, like a bunch of little pieces of a script. So when it's all patched together it feels a little disjointed. The third, another problem, is the lack of blood. I don't mean gore I mean blood. Other than a severed finger the action is never violent or bloody enough to be horror-y. Even so this film is entertaining and I recommend it to fans of the series ('sept for gore hounds) and the younger horror audience too.
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I Found this a more fun then the last!
atinder30 December 2012
I thought this was best one yet, (No, I am not Drunk lol ) I really enjoyed this one the most.

I had fun of start to end of this movie, it's started of as Cheese as you can get, in the underworld of Hell (It''s kind of reminds of old Power ranger shows I used to watch when I was kid lol ) , the demon Sutekh send to of Totems which really nasty little creatures

Rick Myers who ends up coming cross the Puppets and then bring they back for his own entertainment.

Soon the puppets turn good and defend the Humans against the Totems and battle break with Blade and one of Creature.

I love Jester face kept changing in fight scenes, I found it's really funny, I think could of helped that if thee kids in this movie instead of Adults.

I can see why not many people like this movie, there was really limited on on kill scenes, there not many bloody moment.

Some of the acting in this movie, as got to be worse anything in this series so. I think lead guy the only you acting didn't not bother me.

Overall going to give this a 6 out of 10 (I was going give 7 but I was hoping of for more gore)

I wasn't even thinking of seeing 5, i might end up having fun with it
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Best in the series!
Jack the Ripper188824 December 2002
PUPPET MASTER 4 is certainly the best of the PUPPET MASTER series. Gordon Currie, Chandra West, and Guy Rolfe star in this horror film of incredible proportions. Never has anything like this ever been done before, were you take the villains from previous legendary horror films and make them the victims and the ones in need of help.

In my regards, this is one of the best horror films of the early 90's, and I recommend it to anyone with interest in horror films or if you liked the original PUPPET MASTER movies.

Not much else can be said about this film. It is probably a certainty that if you liked the series, you will like this movie, though.

PUPPET MASTER 4 gets 4/5.
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HIGH HOPES fall short
bigdaddycool18 June 2000
I'm a big fan of the demonic puppets. Looking at the surface of this one, it looks pretty good! You've got Decapitron, the puppets, and a new villain in THE TOTEM! Unfortunately, the little punk that's doing this project to animate, inanimate objects, can't act. He stinks! His girlfriend is worse. If they were left out, it would probably be cool, BLADE VS. THE TOTEM. I'd watch that for 2 hours. But instead, the puppets role is down played, and the whole movie suffered because of it. The mystical Skull guy who created the totem is corny at best, and Decapitrons appearance is long awaited, short, and really quite disappointing. You'd be better off watching the first one again.
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This Series Just Keeps Getting Better!
The Creeper28 December 2001
The Puppet Master Movies are my Favorite Series of Horror Films. I've Seen All of Them Except Part 5, and Let me Tell You, I have Gotten Thrills, Chills, and Enjoyment out of Every Single One. In This One, we Have some of The Same Good Things we Find in Part One. Mainly A Psychic, A Team of Researchers, and Most Importantly, Good Scares! However, Unlike The Original, This time we Find Something New. A Few little Demons who want to Steal Back the Magic that Andre Toulon Stole from Them. Sounds Stupid? It isn't. I Even think It was Good for The Series to take a bit of a Twist. I also Thought it was Nice that the Puppets became the Good Guys. Because in The Three Previous Films, We Learn that The Puppets Will Obey any Command from "The Puppet Master". Also in The Three Previous Films, The Puppet Master has used the Puppets for Their own Evil. I Think This Film also tries to Tell you That It is not The Puppets who are the Bad Guys, It's the People that Abuse the Puppets' Power.

In Case you Already Haven't Heard, You Should Know that this is The Newest Puppet's Debut Film. His Name is Decapitron, and He is the Most "Shocking" and Powerful of Them All. It's War and Chaos as The Puppets Fight off The Pesky little Demons as They Protect Themselves, The People stuck in the Hotel, and Most Importantly, The Magic of Life. The Graphics were also Remarkable because The Actually looked like They Were Walking, as to Where in Scenes from Previous Films They looked Like they were Floating or Hovering. As Well as A New Puppet Showing Up, a Few Puppets are Absent. The Absent Puppets are Torch and Ms. Leech.

This Film was so Fun to Watch and I Would Hope that There wasn't a Person in the World who Didn't Like it. I Also Thought the Puppets were a Little More Fun to Watch, Because they are Funny and Curious. All in All, We are left with a Good Film with Plenty of Thrills and Excitement to Go Around. A Pure Joyride. 10 out of 10. Any Good Puppet Master Fan Should see The Best of The Series, Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge
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