A Perfect World (1993) Poster

Plot Keywords

prison texas
on the run violence
blood texas ranger
little boy halloween
criminologist escaped convict
kidnapping adult child bonding
gun violence pistol
revolver beating
punched in the nose held at gunpoint
sniper shotgun
sniper rifle shot in the chest
double barreled shotgun tough cop
cult film mexican standoff
shooting tragic ending
villain played by lead actor tragic villain
tough guy blood spatter
main character shot modern western
ham radio main character dies
child with gun kidnapper kidnapped relationship
kitchen dance
stolen money sharpshooter
moral ambiguity money
mask male bonding
father figure crime spree
armed robbery anti villain
anti hero african american
abusive father duct tape over mouth
directed by co star birmingham alabama
nosebleed man boy relationship
shot in the stomach prison escape
cornfield blockbuster
violence against a child underwear
trick or treating time machine
steak sleeping in a car
road trip pseudonym
postcard police chief
pickle mustard
mother son relationship mobile home
misogynist mirror
megaphone man hunt
jehovah's witness jail break
inmate hostage
helicopter hamburger
gunshot wound grandfather grandson relationship
gramophone governor
goodbye ghost costume
gay slur fugitive
ford feedback
fbi agent farmer
dysfunctional family duct tape
diner crying
cowboy hat corpse
cola clothes theft
cleavage cigarette smoking
car thief car crash
car chase break in
child driving a car panhandle
missing father sexism
child uses gun father son relationship
1960s fbi
death of friend title spoken by character

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