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The most emotional and lovely film that I can remember
QueenEofHistory15 May 2005
I remember when I was about five or six years old that me and my younger sister used to rent out this film quite often and watch it all the time until we had to return it. Although I could not remember the title of the film until I saw it many years later, I would often remember the characters because I felt that I understood them and loved them to pieces. My sister's favourite scene was the 'He's Back' because she found the gospel singing hilariously funny though I can't actually remember what my favourite scene was. When I watched it for the first time in like five or six years, it brought back all the lovely memories and scenes and just wish it got more of the recognition it deserved and that I wish it was brought back on TV for younger children to watch and enjoy, I also think that the video and DVD should be brought back onto shelves so that people who did enjoy the film can enjoy it again. The singing I also thought was wonderful, it would be another five or six years for me to realise that the person who sang 'Please Wake Up' was the person who made me laugh my head off in BBC sitcom 'Some Mother's Do 'Ave 'Em'. Overall, this film deserves 10 out of 10 and more recognition!
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Fuzzy Adventure
Cylex22 June 2001
A road accident causes poisonous gases to leak into a forest. A young badger's life is at stake. Her three friends, Abigail a tomboyish mouse, Edgar a careful mole and Russell a greedy hedgehog, go to find special herbs that can save her. They have plenty of adventures along the way and learn about courage and working together. There are only three songs in the movie (including end title), but they are worth hearing. Please Wake Up brought tears to my eyes and He's Gone/He's Back is an upbeat gospel number. Once Upon A Time is a nice one to finish with. The characters are likeable and it doesn't get too cute. Children should love it and so will tender-hearted adults. 7/10
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An underrated classic!
Weather_lord_76 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
OK, I'll say this now, this is one of the best animated films I've ever seen in my life. The question I have to ask is, WHY IS IT SO HARD TO FIND FILMS LIKE THIS? It has all kinds of stuff that makes an animation good, drama, a laugh or two, and peril. Why does everyone give this classic a 4 to 0 out of 10?!!!? That being said, this is basically an eco-toon, in which a poison is leaked into the village of Dapplewood, and it's up to 3 little "furlings" to find a flower to cure their sick friend, whose parents were tragically killed by the gas. Lots of people say that his makes humans look like the villain, they've obviously never saw the ending. This FernGully/Secret Of NIMH classic gets two thumbs up from me.
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I cried like a baby at the end of this, when I was 8
janefondafan30 November 2002
I'll always remember the first time I saw this film, in late 1993 when I was 8 years old. This film was really the first film to ever have a large impact on me. Up until then, I had been mainly unaffected by fast, fun, feel-good kids movies with happy endings. This one was different... the ending was only semi-happy and I cried like a baby. Sure, I was only 8 years old... but that was the first time I had cried at the ending of a movie (and the last time, until I viewed "dancer in the dark" a few months ago). Needless to say, this is a very powerful film about family, friendship, and guilt. I'm quite surprised this only has an average rating of 4.7/10 from IMDB users. This film is much better than animated films like "Fantasia" and "Shrek" which have a much higher rating from IMDB users. Sure, it's not as flashy, but it has so much more to say. I think some users are too ignorant/cold-hearted to appreciate what this film has to offer. It's not a cheesy film in the slighest. Anyone with a heart should appreciate its power.
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I LOVE this movie, though if anything I wish it was 5 minutes longer...
TheLittleSongbird26 May 2009
I personally think that Once Upon a Forest is an underrated gem. I mean this is one of the few animations that had me weeping buckets at the end, and I am a 17 year old schoolgirl. My only complaint is that at 68 minutes long, it is a little too short, but putting that discrepancy aside what you have is a beautiful, poignant film. The animation is stunning with beautiful backgrounds and excellent character animation, and I absolutely loved the songs by James Horner. Please Wake up, had me in tears,(the only other song in an animation that did that to me was Somewhere Out There from American Tail) and I know the vocals were a bit shaky but that can be forgiven as that is such an emotional song to sing, and it did say in the trivia that Michael Crawford found it very difficult not to be moved by the song. He's Gone/He's Back is an upbeat gospel song that provides the funniest moments in the film, and Once Upon a Time is so lovely with sublime vocals by Florence Warner Jones. The characters are a delight, particularly the wise Cornelius, and the three furling friends are very well done, with enthusiastic voice work from all involved. Both Ferngully and this were heavily criticised on release for being too preachy, but to me, both are wonderful overlooked films. Whereas Once Upon a Forest has slightly better songs(as I really liked the ones in FernGully) and better character development, one of FernGully's main merits is the villain Hexxus who terrified me when I was 9, and Tim Curry is one of the gods of voice acing and made Hexxus as chilling as people remember him. Once Upon a Forest has a number of enemies portrayed, like the yellow dragons, the owl and the gas, and I must say they were very well done. In conclusion, a beautiful underrated movie, and my main advice to those who haven't seen it, have a box of tissues beside you as this is bound to bing you tears. 9/10 Bethany Cox.
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Excellent Movie
hugh75022 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I Haven't seen this movie over 10 years (i'm 40) but i always loved it. I know everyone has a right to their own opinion. But i don't know why this movie keeps getting a fairly low reviews. And for a g rated movie it has a pretty dark story. but it does have cute heroes and wonderful music. And i'm happy to find it on DVD. It does have a good message in the story about protecting the environment and how pollution effects all that lives in that environment. And when some animated movies are violent (not all are though). I hope you enjoy it has much as i do. They do need to make a sequel to it. And bring back the characters. Ether as adults or as they where in the first movie as children.
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I don't get what's being said
waybourne7 April 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I'll give you that "Once Upon a Forest" is kind of an eco-toon. But I really don't think so. It's far more about the journey of the furlings; of them becoming adults. The poisonous gas is just a plot-device to make the trip necessary. And it was the result of an *accident*, not an intentional evil.


And, in the end, humans come and clean up the mess. The only adult character, the only anti-human character, is amazed and awed. I think that directly contradicts the "humans are bad" message people are complaining about.
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Not bad
carizma3625 July 2002
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this movie a few days ago for the first time since I was a very young child. I can say that I remember it, but, watching it again for the first time in several years, each scene made a new and different impression on me than it did the first time I watched it.

If I had blindly seen this movie for the first time, I would give an irritated comment. But I can remember what I thought as a six year old, and my sister remembers the same things. My much younger sister loves it as much as my sister and I did, and I can safely say that it doesn't instill any absurdities in a child. Truly, this film has no shades of gray, only black and white. But young children can't understand that many shades of gray, and no connection is made between (possible spoiler) the 'bad humans' in the movie and their own loving family.

If you're looking for an entertaining movie for your kids, I recommend that you rent "Once Upon a Forest". However, I don't recommend that you watch it with your kids, as, I'm certain, it will irritate the heck out of you.
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best animated film ever
foxigrl1123 June 2004
okay i haven't actually seen this movie since i was like 7 but i just spent about 5 hours trying to figure out the name of the movie by using a million different searches because i am that much in love with this movie. i think that every single time my mother brought me to the movie store i rented this movie. as soon as i found the movie i saw pictures and i almost cried. these characters are super adorable and i need to buy this movie. i don't see how any people do not like this movie or think it is about how bad people are. every movie needs a theme and little kids do not really notice things like that. the only thing i really picked up about saving the economy or whatever is that you shouldn't litter or pollute because it can hurt the little animals. i mean are you saying that is a BAD message to send to kids. okay lets tell them we live in a perfect world and so you can ruin it any way you like.that's not cool. i think this is the best animated movie ever made and the message is kind of like fern gully's too but it is way better
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This one is still touching to me
Daniel Jaeger25 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I wish movies like these were still made.

Usually, animated movies like these don't find my favor, neither do I remember them very long. However, there's something about this one that somehow touches my heart. I first saw this video when I was about 8 years old, maybe a little older, 10 at the most. Years later, My younger brother, about 9, wanted to watch this video. I was 16 then, and at first, I had no interest in watching the movie. But then I remembered watching it years ago, and thought, oh, what the heck, I'm not doing anything today. So I watched it. Things that I paid no attention to when I was young I now watched closely. The introduction, transitions, quality of the video, the story, and reality of the video and characters. Even though this video is over 15 years old, it still had exceptionally good quality for a VHS tape. The characters are so real, you like them instantly. When I say real, I mean being able to tell the difference between a male and a female mouse, badger, and other critters that were in this movie. The young furlings start out as typical kids, mischievous and selfish. This leads to a few minor consequences. Eventually, they realize the danger and the reality of the real world out there, for example, the road. Now, I could get picky and say the car, tanker truck, "Yellow Dragons", and the humans did not look very realistic, but hey! This video isn't based on those things, so why judge the movie by that?

When Michelle falls sick, the other young furlings realize the need to work together, get along, share, obey rules, and never give up. The songs, especially "Please Wake Up" were very touching, and even brought tears to my eyes. I liked how the furlings learned to respect their elders, so to speak, such as Uncle Cornelias, who was very wise. They balanced to movie very well with suspense and action.

The end brought tears to my eyes once again, as it was very touching. It is an animated film and yet it brings out the reality of life. The only few things I would have done differently are these:

1. If I was uncle Cornelius, I would have been much more upset with the furlings after they did foolish things, especially, when it ruins long periods of work. 2. It would have been nice to see Abigail with Willy again, since they liked each other. I thought for sure he would return to the picture towards the end, but never saw him. 3. It was really sad to leave Michelle without a Mommy or Daddy.

Those are the only things I would have done differently. Like I said, I wish Fox still made good movies like this one. The new animated movies have much better graphics, but the stories usually aren't the greatest, and they tend to add humor and content that isn't really appropriate for children.
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C S20 February 2008
i first saw this movie when i was about 9 yrs old. i fell in love. it captured my imagination and because of it i respect my environment. every child should see this movie. little skunk, Michelle, captured my heart when she woke up and didn't know what was going on. the other "furlings" were so courageous and brave for her and taught my brothers and i how to act to our friends. also, the children who watch this movie will learn about how human beings are killing the animals with poison. this movie and the movie "fern gully" both show kids how to respect their environment. if i had kids, i would want them to watch these kinds of movies over other titles out there.
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I think this film is one of the best animated films EVER!
emma_crawfordgreene6 August 2003
I first saw this film cause I am great admirer of Mr. Michael Crawford and his work and I wanted to see how he did in this animated film. He was just phenomenal (as he usually is ;-) but I was also touched by the sweetness of the film and the characters. The other performers in the film were just as good and deserving of their roles as Mr. Crawford was. I thought the story had more heart and kindness in it than any of the animated movies I had seen such as "Shrek", "Fantasia", "Finding Nemo" and so on. This was an original story and I loved it. I was in suspense watching it, I couldn't leave the room I was so engrossed in it.

From the bottom of my heart to those people that designed and directed the film, and to the actors and to Mr. Crawford - BRAVO!! ENCORE!!

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One of the best children's movies I have seen.
One of the best children's movies I have seen. It teaches children to care for the animals. And if adults paid attention they could learn from it also. Things like this happen every day with chemical spills & animals have to suffer. If every company took care of things like this when it happened like they do in this movie, everyone would be better off. Anyone who does not understand this movie did not pay attention to it. My children were watching this when they were 4 & 5 years old & they understood it then & they still love it today. I will gladly play this movie for my Grandchildren when they are old enough to understand its' meaning. I hope everyone that watches this movie will pay close attention & follow the guidelines that it sets out for a cleaner environment & happier lives.
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A flawed, but completely underrated children's film from the 90s
After I grew up in the 90s, I watched some of my favorite childhood stuff (The Lion King, The Swan Princess, etc.), but I never heard of this film before although it did came out before I was born the following year. Years later, at elementary school, I watched it with some of my friends at class and I think it was pretty good. OK, it's not as excellent as some of Disney's great films, but I think this is completely underrated for a children's film.

Sure, there are some moments that could easily frighten younger kids and the fact that it could've been a little bit longer, but these two flaws are easily overcomed by it's beautiful animation and some great characters. Abigail, Russell, Edgar, and Michelle are likable furlings and some of the minor characters are fine. Cornelius, however, is by far my favorite character thanks to Michael Crawford's excellent voice work. In fact, the voice acting is pretty good for a non-Disney film released in the 90s. The musical songs aren't the best, but they're tolerable enough to listen to especially (Please Wake Up sung by Michael Crawford).

Overall, Once Upon A Forest may be flawed, but I think that this is completely underrated and I think people would give this a chance. Besides, I didn't understand all the hatred it had on rottentomatoes.
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Childhood memories
sml145220 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I used to watch this film as a young child at my aunt's house! Such wonderful memories. I was so thrilled to find it on DVD, so that I could watch it whenever I wanted to and share it with my children someday! I love the emotional theme behind it and the beautiful, calming music. I am sure that some will criticize this film as "too environmental," but there is so much more to the film. Yes, there is the element of humans ruining nature, but there are also the more prevalent themes of friendship, unconditional love, courage, strength, and teamwork that happen to be centered around animals battling a deadly, human-caused force. Don't let your fears about it being too environmental impede you from viewing a classic, adorable tale about friendship that will provoke many deep thoughts (even in adults).
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Most underrated animated movie of the 90's
Sonicx39916 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Wow, I really don't get why this film is hated so much. Maybe because the Nostalgia Critic reviewed it?

It's a shame that this movie is hated. Sure, it's pretty dark, I mean, Michelle's (The badger) parents are lying dead on the ground due to the gas leak, and also got her very ill. But thankfully her friends, Abigail (The mouse), Russel, (The hedgehog), and Edger, (The Mole), were there to get the herbs they need to get her better.

My only problem with this movie is that the 3 Furlings (Yeah, that's what they're called) were able to build the plane in about a few seconds, while Cornelius took months to build it. I mean, what the heck?

I don't want to spoil TOO much, I recommend you buy this movie at Wall- Mart, and watch it. It's not as bad as people say it is. I give it a 8/10.
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sqgamer_queen31 March 2007
I watched this movie when I was about... five. Then I watched it over and over again for the next few years. Eventually, my mother stopped me from borrowing it from the library so I'd hope it'd broadcast on TV and I remember watching my morning cartoons, waiting for it to come on but it never did. Eventually I forgot the name, but since it was my absolute favorite movie growing up, I searched it up with random keywords I hoped were in the title.

I really don't know why this movie has a rating of like, 5. If watched when a kid, it sets you up for an adventure and keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering if the animals will ever rescue their friend or not =P. It's a fantasy, and what kid doesn't like that? It pulls you in with a strong message and lovely story, and so I strongly recommend anyone to show this to their seven year old because It's definitely worth it.
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Rather depressing but an OK little children's film.
Shopaholic353 May 2015
I will admit that this movie tries to ram an eco message down your throat but it's still super sweet and innocent in a way. The little main characters continue to stay true to themselves even with the truly depressing subject matter. It is quite a bit like FernGully but in my opinion not nearly as good. There isn't as much heart and the concept feels ill thought out. It was just missing that little something special.

Overall it's still quite a nice children's movie but I don't think I would recommend it for children. Maybe back in the 90's it was suitable but today kids have too many other things to worry about. They really need something a little more upbeat that gives them hope for humanity.
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Riar Elmirou8 August 2014
A story so strong and emotional, full of rich characters, about significance of nature and struggle for survival. An incredible journey where three kids risk everything willing to do anything to save their friend.

Simply, a beautiful character development that shows the viewers how beautiful a true friendship is. Along the gorgeous scenery and powerful inspiring conversations, the story underlines the importance of knowledge and education.

I cried on several occasions through out the journey that the little fur-lings made.
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rbn_lrk-131 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Nostalgia Critic saying rheumatism was enough to revive this movie.

Nobody knows what forgotten 1990s cartoon the NC will make become alive Again.

I remember seeing this on German TV decades ago.

This is a movie about three critters that must save their dying friends after a Chemical spill.

The three animals meets gospel singing birds and on.

In an old fashioned way the day is saved by these three Young animals.

There are a sad song, and as told hat upbeat gospel song.

This movie laid forgotten for years.

Right along with many other furry movies at that decade.

If you are Lucky enough your TV station might show this movie.

Recommended for fans of lighthearted old school Cartoons.

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Beautiful film
ittycar-220 July 2013
I have waited 20 years to see this movie again, and just finished watching it after finding on VHS for 75 cents (this is July 2013). I remember when I originally watched it on the big screen upon its release in 1993 and feeling so sad that no one else was in the theater. It is a beautiful movie, with three gorgeous songs, memorable characters. Its themes are working together and the importance of remembering to cherish the creatures and the green space around us. I miss seeing hand-drawn animation. The environs are gorgeous. Andrae Crouch, the London Symphony Orchestra and Michael Crawford - what beautiful music! And it had a female protagonist which was rare for family fare in those days - far ahead of its time. This deserves a Blu-Ray/DVD release!
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Classic Masterpeace cartoon movie !!!
unitedcba15 March 2011
This movie is for kids and for adults...I enjoyed this movie just like any other recent cartoon or so called animated movies. In simple words "Great entertaining" movie.I had a doubt in my mind before i play this movie just because the year it was released and seems like very much childish movie but this movie has got something for everyone. Simple charterers and simple story just with these things the movie done the best it could. I am happy that I bought DVD of this movie..All money is worth :) Don't think twice to rent this movie or download, u won't be disappointed.

My IMDb Rating : 6/10

Suitable for : PG

Cheers Unitedcba @Movie is my life@
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It's about a chemical spill in a forest and one of the animals gets sick and her friends try to find a cure to help her.
Serendipitygurl8 April 2010
I couldn't remember the name of this movie and every time I mentioned the story line to people nobody seemed to know what I was talking about. I loved this movie when I was younger and I want my niece and nephew to watch it so I researched and found this. I can't wait for them to watch it. I cried all the time but I think it's an awesome movie for kids to learn from. I wish they had it on Netflix instant Cue so they could watch it now but of course not. I think that they teach you a lot in this movie about not only trying to protect animals, but also they teach you the value of friendship and going out of your way to help a friend in need. I think it shows the love that we should all have for each other. I think everybody should watch this movie at least once, I know I can't wait to watch it again!!
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Once upon a forest
Lily Nicole23 February 2009
When I was little, my sister and I would watch this movie every weekend; every single time I ended up sobbing; it's a very bittersweet movie, which isn't something you expect to see as a little kid. I've spent hours trying to look it up with no hope, but today my sister called me into her room to tell me she'd found it.

After watching it now(for the first time in about six years) I understand the dual message it gives us about protecting the environment,and truth be told the movie means as much to me now as it did back then. I'm so glad I was able to find this movie again and be able to realize the deeper meaning. I highly recommend it for anyone from about 7-18; and maybe older if your taste allows [:
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One word -- no two words -- MICHAEL CRAWFORD
christinedesler10 March 2002
I have to say it... the only reason I have this movie (or should I say the only reason I KEEP this movie) is because Michael Crawford does a characters voice in it... and he SINGS!!!!!!!! *Giggles* Alright so I'm not going to talk about the movie to bash it or praise it because it's a kids movie and it should be up to them to review this movie properly. They are the target audience, after all.

But how can you go wrong? Anyone who is touched by music as remotely hard as I am would have tears at least slightly threatening them during his song. needless to say, I love MC, and that is why I would recommend this movie - but hye, I'm bias!
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