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A+ for a B movie
Gprime131814 May 2011
My girlfriend and I had a movie night recently in which we watched the critically (and audience)acclaimed Black Swan, Jackass 3 and this. I bought it mostly because I heard it had some A listers in early rolls and I enjoy trying to point out future stars before my girlfriend can recognize them.

I'm sure I would be mercilessly attacked for saying this on a Black Swan board -or even a Jackass board for that matter- but we both chose My Boyfriend's Back as easily our favourite of the three. Sure it was stupid, but after the dark, serious feel of Black Swan, it's silly, goofy tone was all the more appealing. Andrew Lowery is quite likable in the lead, and Traci Lind is lovely in a roll that was likely quite difficult to play. Her character was required to show some very serious emotions in a very unserious movie, and she seemed to walk the line between them admirably.

The supporting cast was a joy, without fail they understood the script's oddball, offbeat humour and really ran with it. The scene stealing Mary Beth Hurt was a stand out as Lowery's too understanding mother, and Cloris Leachman was excellent in a small, rather thankless cameo. Celebrity watchers will find plenty to keep them busy here as well. A young Matthew Fox (future star of Lost)makes his film debut; Oscar winner Phillip Seymour Hoffman plays his loathsome sidekick;as well as Edward Herrmann and Austin Pendelton(from HBO's Oz, not to mention countless other films and TV shows); character actor Paul Dooley; JFK's Jay O' Sanders; and even Matthew McConaughey makes his film debut as Guy in Movie Theatre.

Perhaps this means I don't have any future as a film critic, but I was really surprised that both of us enjoyed a low budget flick with a rating under 5 and less than two thousand votes hands down over a 13 million dollar movie with 100,000+ votes and a rating over 8.

I guess my point in all this is that you really can't judge a movie based on the general consensus about it. Had I dismissed this movie because of it's low approval among both critics and IMDb user's (as I normally would have), we really would have missed out on a sweet, irreverent little hidden gem. When selecting a movie, don't just check the star rating or critic approval percentage, but scan the fan reviews as well and see if any really speak to you. You just might end up turning a rather uninspired date night into an unexpected last minute success.
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Underrated Black Comedy
LONDON53719 July 2004
You want to see a zombie movie, but your girlfriend wants to watch a romantic comedy. What do you do??? Compromise!!! This movie bombed at the box

office, if I recall, and didn't do too well on video either. As such, its hard to find out there (I had to visit 15 video stores personally), literally making this a hidden gem! While the narrative is a little off, the one liners alone make this Romantic Black Comedy about a zombie truly entertaining! And while most of the actors in it have fallen off the face of the earth (except Edward Herrmann and a very young Phillip Seymour Hoffman), they help make this film what it is. Definitely worth hunting out if you want something a little different than your average run of the mill comedy.
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Strange, one-of-a-kind black comedy.
gridoon5 December 2003
As a comedy, "My Boyfriend's Back" is pretty one-joke, the joke being that the existence of a zombie barely raises an eyebrow in this peaceful little town (until he starts eating people, that is). The film is more interesting as a not-too-subtle anti-racist parable about the plight of the outcasts. It has some near-inspired moments, as well a feeling of profound sadness to it, which make it hard to dismiss as quickly as most critics have. (**)
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Very Tongue-in-Cheek Funny
bigstein25 June 2000
I just feel bad for the girl that admitted to enjoying Pauly Shore films. This movie is a complete original and doesn't take itself seriously. I honestly feel that some movies are made for people with a certain level of intelligence or, for that matter, dementia. I believe that only highly intelligent, somewhat demented people are in on jokes like this one. "We don't take kindly to dead kids around here." C'mon, that's hysterical. It's completely ludicrous and that's why it's funny. Anyone who doesn't appreciate the humor of this film is operating on a lower level of intelligence than those who liked it. Count me in as a demented devotee...
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Makes a mockery of the typical teen schlock.
Pepper Anne5 February 2005
'My Boyfriend's Back' is both great as a political analogy (dealing with generic prejudice and social mistrust) as well as a hard mockery of standard teen fare. The story is that of a teen who is dying to go to the prom with the school beauty. Unfortunately, a plan to get her attention backfires and he dies. But, he rises as the walking dead in order to keep the date. But, even though no one seems to mind much that the dead kid pretty much resumed his normal life, he is quickly decaying. And, it requires that he eats living things in order to slow the process until a doctor (played fantastically by character actor, Austin Pendleton) can figure out how to chemically reverse the process. Of course, his cannibalism does not blow over well with the towns folk, who soon begin to ostracize the boy (and violently, at that).

It is a witty little black comedy that does sometimes strive too hard to impose its humor on the audience (though, maintaining some witty subtle humor at the same time). The generic supporting characters such as the oblivious father (played by Edward Hermann), the exceedingly prim mother, and, of course, the doctor (Austin Pendleton) are great. Its seems like a more scaled down, cheaper version of something that Tim Burton could put together (and sort of did, with Frankenweenie). Also, look for Cloris Leachman, Paul Dooley, and a then-unknown Matthew Fox and Phyllip Seymour Hoffman in supporting roles.

If you enjoy this movie, check out 'My Best Friend is a Vampire,' 'The Applegates,' 'I Was a Teenage Zombie,' 'Terror Vision,' or the disturbing black comedy 'Parents.' This is one of those oddball varieties.
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Sweet. Charming, Blackly funny
angelynx-216 April 2000
This really is special: a zombie movie about acceptance and love. Our zombie's parents accept him with barely any question, because he's their son, and our zombie's girlfriend accepts him because the depth of his love is what has enabled him to return from death and make it to the prom, even if that means his devouring a couple of classmates. Charming and sweet, and I mean that sincerely,
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funny and well-written with lots of winning moments
wal217 April 2000
I thought it was hilarious, a bit graphic for the extremely squeamish, but really well-done. The script was well-written with lots of fondness for the characters. Traci Lind was a stand-out as the class beauty trying to get a grasp of a weird situation. The way the townspeople adapt to a zombie in their midst is another great thing about this very funny and well- done movie.
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Boy meets girl. Boy dies for girl. Boy craves human flesh. Hilarity ensues.
Evan Purcell13 September 2005
My Boyfriend's Back is easily one of the most clever satires of high school life I've ever seen. On the lines of Heathers and Clueless (The early-to-mid-90s were great, huh?) this movie mocks group mentality as well as the groups themselves in such a genuine way that the main characters aren't two dimensional. The dialogs is amazingly funny, especially when the script treats Johnny Dingle's posthumous nature as just some flaw, like acne or bad hair. Look for appearances by Matthew McConaughey and a pre-Lost Matthew Fox. They play pretty convincing high school students. Edward Herrman and Mary Beth Hurt are great as the parents. (Hurt is significantly less creepy than in Parents, another Balaban movie.) The look of this movie, with its comic book context, is prefect, but the writing is the biggest asset to this tragically underrated comedy.
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a must-see horrible movie
kaiserkeller14 January 2001
first of all, this is not a good movie. however, it has some of the best lines i've ever heard. and the whole "dead guy as a satire on societal discrimination" was great and probably not easy to do. if you appreciate the stupid/funny/strange, then this is a good choice. plus, it has austin pendleton, who just rocks.
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'My' favorite movie!
Christopher Smith20 August 2001
I saw this movie a while ago on cable and since then I've rented it a couple of times because it is the funniest movie of the 1990's. It is just a really funny movie. It's not your average teen comedy and that's what I like about it. It's kind of gross, but it could've been a lot worse. If you're a teenager and you don't mind seeing a little gore, you will probably enjoy this movie!!!
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You don't have to think a movie is good to like it
prince_bacchus13 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I'll be the first to admit it. This movie is terrible. While the acting is decent and the cast (Edward Hermann, Chloris Leachman, Paul Dooley) is just plain awesome, this movie is terrible... in the perfect way. What most people don't get is that it's supposed to be campy and over the top. That's what farce is. In terms of production value, yes, this movie is a load of stinky camel poo, but it's funny and weird and it changed my life. I was eleven going on twelve when I popped into the theaters for this one and I was moved by this pathetic romantic. I maintain that if it wasn't for all the cannibalism and borderline necrophilia, this would be one of the most celebrated love stories of all time. I mean, he died for her! He came back from the dead for her! And to this day, I ask myself "Do I love this person enough to eat someone's stomach... just for ONE DANCE with them? That's love. And I think people take far too insecure a pride in the eschewing of campy humor. I know this movie is terrible, but I love it for its humor, its wonderfully bizarre characters and for teaching me what true love is all about... not eating people, but being willing to eat people for someone you love. Sick? Perhaps. But would you eat someone's stomach just to dance with your significant other? I wish I could find someone I loved that much.
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I was smiling a lot during the movie...
gwseitz13 March 2001
I was smiling a lot during the movie but there was no roaring laughter.

The funniest part was his parents. The perfect couple decent, friendly and his loving mom puts a corpse in the fridge if he wants a snack. A nice teenage comedy with some unexpected twists. I bought the film as a used laserdisc for $5 and I think that's worth it.
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Strange, Hilarious, Charming
funky_cherry8610 October 2010
This is one of my favourite films from the 1990's it's funny, bizarre and yet sweet at the same time, My Boyfriend's Back is different than most of the teen comedies of today. Mary Beth Hurt & Edward Herrman played the part of the parents to perfection, they supported their son and didn't seem frightened by his return from the grave.

Supporting cast members Traci Lind, Matthew Fox, Austin Pendleton, Paul Dooley & Phillip Seymour Hoffman all delivered great performances in this demented comedy.

Johnny Dingle (Lowery) has been in love with the prettiest girl in school Missy McCloud (Lind) for 12 years now with the senior prom coming up he's finally gonna get up the nerve to ask her to be his date. However her jock boyfriend Buck Van Patten (Fox) squashes his chances of that happening in an attempt to get her to go with him Johnny comes up with the craziest idea ever.

This film seemed bizarre, weird and yet romantic at the same time the main character played by Andrew Lowery showed the depth of his love for his girl by returning from the dead to have the dance he's been waiting for.

for anyone who loves the strange and the undead I recommend this delightful and demented comedy.
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I loved it
thumbelinapeach24 January 2005
Yes the story is a romantic comedy. I'm hopeless, what can I say? But I loved the movie. I don't remember Rene Z in the movie though. The whole Zombie back to go to the dance with the girl of his dreams kind of dumb but the romantic aspect is beautiful. I didn't like the popular kid's side kick, he was ugly and dumb. Then there is the repeated theme of the family that seems to be the target of food for Zombie Johny. But overall this is one of those, "I'm alone on a Friday night and snuggled in my bed for a movie", movie. The song "Holding on for Dear Life" is really beautiful. I think that is what really got me at the end. Again, if you're a hopeless romantic, and are in the mood to stay indoors and snuggle with a movie, get this. You won't be disappointed.
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Good B-movie filmed at my old school
weaponx1517 August 2002
When I first heard about this movie, I thought it was cool as hell because it was filmed at my middle school (or junior high). The inside was my school, C.D. Fulkes Middle School in Round Rock, Texas, but the outside was some university in Austin, not UT. It's really a good movie with lots of cool tongue-in-cheek moments. Great for a classic slap-stick horror. Hopefully this will end up as a cult classic in Round Rock.

Trivia - took the janitors a week to clean up the bloody mess from the ax scene in the meantime all of us students were freaking out about it.
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Funny throughout
thomasvis23 May 2001
This movie kind of reminded me of the naked gun. Although this was not quite as good as the naked gun, both movies share their sense of humour. It is not a masterpiece but watching worthwhile.
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A Comedy for Everyone.
Horns6918 March 2002
* My Boyfriend's Back * has good production quality and a great cast of well-known actors. Of course, I'm bias cause I drool over Traci Lind. She's a hottie and a fine actress too. I loved her in *Class of 1999* and *Fright Night 2*. I really liked her in this film, though. This is a very witty, fun film to watch. No, it's not a * Titanic * or a * Gladiator *, but it is one of the best of its kind - campy, lighthearted family fun.

It's in the vein of films like * Back to School *, * Just One of the Guys *. . .

If you are looking for a film with good humor entertainment then I recommend this one!
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Great blend of comedy and romance
seancollin15 February 2001
The best thing is how the movie can go from being comical one minute to romantic the next. It proves that they knew what they were doing and they do it well. The prom scene is easily one of the most memorable moments from any movie.
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Kinda nice
Marcelo-1711 June 2000
It´s nothing but a teenage movie, I know, but I liked it. It was showing on cable tv and I saw it twice. I don´t feel like love can do such great things as reported on the movie, especially teenage love. Yet sometimes seeing a movie with such a message is good for the heart.
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Greatest Love Movie of All Time!
cademichaels8 May 2005
Okay.. This movie is the best. Almost no one I know has ever seen it but man! Its awesome. Picture a cheezy teen love flick... Now Add Zombies... come on can it be any better? Okay without ruining the movie its about this guy that is in love with this chick then gets killed and comes back from the dead. Its awesome because like everyone is like totally just natural about him being a Zombie except for the fact its "Unfashionable!". Seriously Dude. Girls, this movie is romantic in a twisted silly way but you will be shedding a few tears by the end. Guys; you will never stop laughing and man - ITS A ZOMBIE MOVIE THATS ACCEPTABLE FOR DATES come on! Take your opportunity to see the funnest, wackiest, movie. This is Best movie ever made! THE 90s RULE!! If you don't like this movie then you are a "Whore of the Undead"
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blessed_protector3 June 2000
Granted this is not the best film I've ever seen, but it is one that I will watch again for the mere point that it doesn't take itself seriously. The makers of this movie knew that it wasn't going to be winning any awards for best movie so they went out and had some fun with it. I liked that about it.
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Take it a Delirium Tremens of the dead
Warning: Spoilers
That one is a banquet of bad taste but of good flesh. It eats at everything and bites at the rest. Cops are not swift in their authority and uniforms. The jocks are not very intelligent since they only have muscle in their skull. The bullies just get what they deserve, an axe in the head. I don't see how they don't get an Indian in the head of some of the local bigots.

But don't think parents are going to be better. They are just infatuated with their dear genial children, sons or daughters, who are the acme of chicken-guano and bull-pie, and these children actually are just that, guano and cow-pie. With whip cream on top and a cherry to crown it off. A la mode and with style.

And the doctor is of course a mad scientist who only thinks of one thing: to make money from the dead flesh of the zombie. Money money money. Yum yum yummy. Cosmetic surgery without the surgery. Doesn't it sound fine and attractive? The dead have to collaborate and bring some added value to the living after all. The State could even have a Value Added Tax on the dead. Perfect indeed.

School teachers and other school personnel are just what they are a school of cold fish that stink high heavens like rotting salmon in a polluted river. And I will not say what happens to the trout in the lake. Dead fish can also be zombies. But then they do not have fish bones in their bodies, rather perambulating decaying radiations, like in nuclear radiations. Don't touch. It burns.

So the poor Dingle who is a dongle in life and a zombie in death will be revived by some miracle worked out by Saint Peter himself after his severe mistake and a fit of anger which should be directed onto himself but is mis-directed onto the poor Johnny. It is not easy to dangle between life and death, between the morgue and the grave, between the insanity of the saints and the sanity of Satan.

The film is funny, though of course not as funny as Michael Jackson's rewriting of the Night of the Living Dead. It is true here we have the Prom of the Living Dead mixing with the dead living. That sounds more romantic than terrifying. But it is horrifyingly gross at times and Shakespearian at other times; They even have the balcony scene of Romeo and Juliet revisited for young zombies with decaying muscles. I just wonder where the three weird sisters are? Ah! Ah! Ah! Three times of course.

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Funny Movie
lyndsay116 April 2000
Ok I loved this movie, I was one of the people that went to see this movie in the theatre. I don't understand these people that have written about how bad this movie was. Why did they take it seriously? It was a comedy, everything in it was meant to be comedy.

They talk about the acting, and how horrible it was. Well how stupid are these people to think the acting is going to be terrific in a low-budget comedy movie like this. I thought the acting was great for the movie. It wasn't suppose the be a big blockbuster movie, and let's face it people alot of those movies have the worst acting in them.

They talk about the writing, and dialogue, and call it crap. The dialogue, I thought, was perfect for a COMEDY! The dialogue made sense, it went right along with the movies main parts, and was funny. How can anyone hate this movie? All the the people that have written about this movie on here, and said it was horrible, took the movie as something serious, like a big time drama or something. What's wrong with you people? I admit the movie wasn't the best, but it bothered me when I read all of these negative comments. Out of a 10 I give the movie an 8. I agree with some of you that didn't think it was the best movie ever made but it was good all the same. For those that wrote the negative comment, go back and watch it knowing that it's a comedy, how anyone could take the movie serious is insane.
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a success, but not the unassuming classic it probably aspired to be.
bti4usweet130 July 2004
On the surface, My Boyfriend's Back is simply an assembly line contemporary teen comedy in disguise, particularly in the threatening presence of some stock characters, when actually what they've created is an offbeat, often-funny zombie spoof--A kooky horror-show-without-the-horror you'll want to show to friends. The fact that this is a project from the mind of Sean Cunningham, who fathered "Friday the 13th" and the "House" films, does explain a lot.

Johnny, the aforementioned boyfriend, harbors an enduring crush on the class beauty--a drop-dead Tracy Lin(no pun intended) and, to her gratitude, thwarts a hold up in true secret service fashion. mortally wounded, Johnny's love life finally takes off in the wacky wake of his return. Of course, bullies, bigotry(a dumb, overstated social comment) and mad doctors' efforts to exploit the phenomenon threaten his strange new existence. Yields many pluses, including the mood which, ironically, echoes that of 1989's "Parents"(which features Mary Beth Hurt in an only slightly altered role!), if missing its impact. Most often flounders when its points are beaten into the ground and its humor too calculated.These guys have brought us something original and lasting, and probably intended it to attain cult status, but lacks too much in more than one area to ever do so.
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Fun to watch
MonicaSharma1 December 2002
Johnny Dingle is a hapless teen who dreams of taking the school "babe" to the prom. Unfortunately for him, he dies before making his move. Miraculously, he rises from the dead in zombie-form. It looks like he might get his chance after all. Surprisingly, babe-girl takes an interest in him and agrees to be his prom date. But Johnny is decaying at an alarming rate. The only way he can survive until the prom is to eat human flesh...This movie is a good example of the simple teen-oriented movies of the past, before they became self-conscious and ironic. Unlike "Scream" and other similar teen horror flicks, this is naive, innocent and really dumb - but much more fun to watch. The plot is obvious, the writing is bad and the actors are way to old to be playing teens, but the movie works if you don't try to take it seriously in any way. You'll also catch glimpses of actors before they hit it big with other roles - Philip Seymour Hoffman (Magnolia, Red Dragon) and Matthew Fox (Party of Five) are both in this film.
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