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  • A mummy returns from the dead and becomes obsessed with a woman which he thinks is the reincarnation of his dead lover.


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  • Opening Monologue with the Astrological signs explained. Aires the Ram governed by Mars, The Bull Taurus ruled by Venus, Gemini the Twins governed by Mercury, Cancer the Crab - male and female essence, The Lion Leo - motivated by the heart's desire, Virgin Virgo guided by Mercury, Libra the Scales goverened by Venus, The Scorpion Scorpio driven by Mars, Saggitarious goverened by Juipter, The Goat Capricorn galvanized by the Sun and Saturn, Aquarius the Water Bearer - Saturn and Mars, Pices the Fishes guided by Neptune and Jupiter. We see the three pyramids and men on horses traveling. The Sphinx of Giza is shown. Sandra Barnes (Leslie Hardy) arrives in Egypt on a Jet at the Cairo Airport. Her fiance and her had broken up and her father had died. She traveled all over London, Amsterdam, Paris then she feels the need to travel to Egypt. She enters a taxi and picks up a newspaper. She sees and article "Media Millionaire Leads Luxor Dig" Lord Maxton (Jack Cohen.) Next we see Maxton firing an editor. He drives toward the dig and complains about all the money the dig is costing him. He says there is global interest in what happens there. Dr. Carey Williams (Greg Wrangler) comes to the opening of the tomb that the workers had found. Sandra is takinga shower. After the shower she goes to the window and looks out and thinks about the sky looking familiar to her. Maxton enters the tomb with the others on the dig and Williams starts diging at a wall with a chisel. Maxton is anxious. The wall is breached and shows Egyptian Writings. Captain Mahmoud (Joseph Shiloach) show up and ask the men what they are doing there. Maxton calls one of the policemen an officious bastard.The police put iron bars in the entrance to the tomb. Sandra is having a dream about Egyptians in a tomb a long time ago. The High Priest (Tony Curtis) is chanting a mantra to the God. Egyptian women dance to the God and Kia dances toward The High Priest (Aziru) and he smiles. Four hooded men enter the tomb...they are the dig participants. Maxton says "This could be one of the greatest finds in history". They happen upon a cobra while examining the wall paintings. They find writings stating that Aziur is buried in the tomb with a thousand curses and treasure. One of the workers warns the party not to break the seal. They break the seal and find a sarcophagus. They read the words on the sarcophagus that Aziur was condemned. Cut to Ancient Egypt: Kia moves toward Aziru...he calls her beautiful and she says it is a magical night. Some of the Egyptian priests are following Kia. Kia pours Aziru a glass of wine. Aziru is sketching Kia. He kneels down and kisses Kia. The slaves take Aziru and Kia prisoner. The three rulers say that he will be buried alive....he gives Kia a ring. Kia looks on as the priests mummify Aziru. They say he defiled Kia the concubine. They put a mask over Aziru's face. He screams. The present: The adventurers open the top of the sarcophagus. The mummy's body is cut open. No physical damage. A policeman enters the tomb. The dig party thinks Aziru was buried alive. The examine the body and put the top back on the sarcophagus. One of the slaves takes a necklace off the mummy. Sandra wakes up from her dream of Aziru and Kia. The policeman goes to the mummy and is strangled. Sandra comes out of the Oasis Hotel and walks to the taxi. She is thinking about the people in the past. The taxi takes Sandra to the Museum of Archeology. Monologue again from Sandra. In the tomb the mummy rises and walks. The museum lights go off and go on again as Sandra looks at the mummies in the museum. She sees a ring on one of the mummies and breaks the case and takes the ring. The police and cureator come and she faints. The mummy picks up a snake and talks to the God of Vengence to restore him. He comes back to life as a person - no longer a mummy. Sandra is getting her hand wrapped. Sandra says she blacked out and is not a psycho. The doctor - Dr. Carey Williams - who treated Sandra gives her his card. He is from The World Health Organization. She said she is going down to see the new dig. The head of the Department of Antiquities (Eli Danker) goes into the tomb which Maxton says no man has entered in 3,000 years. A statue moves and Dr. Mohassid (Tony Curtis) come out and warns them not to go into the room behind the statue. They go into the room behind the statue and look around. The room has a curse on it. One of the policemen are found and Mohassid says he was a grave robber. Mohassid says he is the protector of the dead. Sandra is dreaming when a horrific mummy in her dreams is grabbing her and she is screaming. Sandra empties her purse and calls Dr. Williams. Sandra and Williams goes to the dig. She tells the doctor her story. Sandra falls off her horse and a snake is there. Dinner with Sandra and Williams. Williams grills her about her dreams and then says she is beautiful. The next day Mohassid sees Williams. Mohassid says that the best wine in Egypt was in Pharoah's court called the Balm of the Heart. After a snake eats William's bird, Mohassad disappears. Sandra and Williams goes to the market. Sandra gets scared in the market then gets locked in an underground place where people live. She runs and is then embraced by Mohassid. Mohassid takes Sandra to Williams and leaves. Sandra goes to bed and dreams about Mohassid and Zoth. Sandra shows up at the museum. Bast. Mohassid kills the head of the antiquities director. Mohassid dresses down Maxton at a party and tells him to get out of his tombs. Sandra goes to bed that night an sees a snake. She runs out into a storm to Dr. Mohassid. Mohassid puts her in his bed and she dreams that a mummy is sleeping with her. Mohassid gives Maxton a cat who digs into Maxton and gives him boiles. Zoth talks to Mohassid. Mohassid kills Maxton. Mohassid reads to Sandra about Ra. Night of the Embraced....lovers return to paradise where they will live in extasy. He gives her a ring. Sandra goes to Luxor. Monologue from Mohassid to Zoth. Williams finds out that Mohassid thinks that Sandra is Kia. Another person of the dig is killed. Mohassid shows embalming implements to one of the scientists. Mohassid calls Sandra to his house in the middle of the night for the embrace. Mohassid drugs Sandra and makes her up as Kia. A shot of the stars in the sky. Mohassid takes Sandra to the tomb in a storm. Mohassid makes the tomb entrance cave in. Williams tries to dig out the cave in when Ali (Moshe Igvy) falls against a wall and opens another entrance into the cave. The Sacred Embrace is occurring. Sandra says that Mohassid is going to kill her and she throws acid on him and he turns back into the mummy. He burns up in the fire and Williams comes into the room thru a secret passageway. The policeman shoots the mummy. They run through the tomb while it comes down around them. Ali is killed and they escape. Captain Mahmoud dies. The mummy is shown in the the night sky and two stars are joined to become one. The End.

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