Much Ado About Nothing (1993) Poster

Plot Keywords

wedding bachelor
shakespeare play reference to william shakespeare
written and directed by cast member slow motion scene
antipodes hedge
sighing false report
tears crying
scheme folding chair
clothes line venice italy
ass bastard
topless female nudity bare breasts
disloyalty imaginary horse
death church bell
black leather supper
sadness constable
sexton virtue
justice nobility
noble disgrace
father in law son in law relationship jester
musician count
fortune prank
intrigue consumption
flute piper
massage heir
dog bull
mother son relationship father daughter incest
mother daughter relationship mourning
montage swing
feast thunder
lightning sonnet
veil rhyme
fire eater face mask
mask uncle niece relationship
celebration cousin cousin relationship
garden fountain
funeral uncle nephew relationship
prince song
singing singer
grapes vineyard
husband wife relationship sensuality
bugle party
dancing dancer
dance priest
cross friar
picnic villa
padua italy horse riding
horse liar
lie slander
shower kiss
marriage engagement bride and groom
tuscany mistaken identity
breaking the fourth wall wife and husband lead actors
female nudity nudity
mistreatment male nudity
masked ball honor
friend villain
revenge politician
opposites attract matchmaker
homecoming governor
friendship frame up
false accusation espionage
duel courtship
countryside bumbler
brother brother relationship battle of the sexes
wit suffering
set up overhearing
multi plots mockery
misunderstanding marriage
love loathing
jealousy endurance
directed by star deception
adoration presumed dead
male frontal nudity shakespeare's much ado about nothing
based on play independent film

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