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A hilarious film starring the late Robin Willams
lisafordeay2 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Mrs Doubtfire is a 1993 comedy drama starring the late Robin Williams and tells the story about a failed voice actor named Daniel Hillard who is on the verge of a divorce with his overbearing wife Miranda(played by Sally Field)who has had it with Daniel as he threw a party for his son Chris(Matthew Lawrence)that went horribly wrong. Of course when Daniel goes to court the judge files an order for Daniel where he can only see his kids on Saturdays for a couple of hours. Heartbroken Daniel ends up changing his ex wife's housekeeping ad so he can use his voice acting skills to the test. Of course he ends up disguising himself as a 60 year old Scottish nanny dubbed Mrs Doubtfire. The disguise is so good his wife has no idea that Mrs Doubtfire is Daniel wearing a mask and a body suit.

His disguise allows him to see his kids even more and he later ends up getting jealous as his ex wife is seeing Stu(played by Pierce Brosonan). Although Daniel can see his kids now everyday,how long can he keep up with the fascade.

I took along break from this film till about a few years later as at first I thought it was purely stupid having Robin Williams in drag, But when I seen it again after 10 long years I ended up finding it to be a very endearing hilarious film. Both myself,my mom and my granny all love this film as we were laughing so hard with Williams getting his face covered in cake,him switching places during the climax scene and so much more hilarious moments. I ended up shedding a few tears in the end as I hadn't seen it since Williams death.

Overall I will forever miss Mr Robin Williams as he was a remarkable man with a heart of gold a childlike persona.

You will forever be missed Mr Williams.

Also I have to admit the special make up effects to create Mrs Doubtfire was brilliant you wouldn't think that Williams was Mrs Doubtfire all along.

8/10 B+
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Mrs. Doubtfire review
Anish Misra1 January 2018
Mrs. Doubtfire is a film directed by Chris Columbus. I came to know of this film because of its Indian remake Chachi 420, which I loved by the way. But after seeing this film I can say that this one surpasses the Indian version.

Plot: Daniel who is going through a divorce with his wife Miranda decides to dress up as a nanny as an excuse to meet his children.

Story and direction: This film very quickly introduces us to Daniel and his life. We see Daniel quite concerned about the kind of shows he does voice work for. Which was a brilliant way to comment on what is actually being sown on TV to kids. After that we see how much he loves his kids and how he is ready just to make them happy. This love is kept constant throughout the entire film. Never a single moment is there, where you feel this love is less. Same can also be said for the kids, wherein they miss their Dad a lot. Miranda's character also draws an instant connection as she being a working other who can't give time to her children. You can see that she wants to spend time with the children but due to her work she can't give time. The film also explores how creative Daniel is with the dinosaur act he does and the channel executive wanting him to do a show. Stuart Dunmayer was a great addition to this film. His character to adds some spice to this comedy-drama. The ending may have got many disappointed as it wasn't the kind anyone expects in this kind of film. I would say that I liked the ending as it was something different and remainedtrue to the father-children relation shown. The make up deserves an applause. I mean every time Daniel appears as Mrs. Doubtfire it was as if I was seeing an actual 60 year old woman. No wonder it got an Oscar for the makeup category. The only issue I felt was with the angle of children and Stuart Dunmayer. The film didn't show that the children are either happy or sad of Stuart's presence. I would have been happy if they would have addressed that in the film.

Peerformances: Robin Williams is everytime missed. He did great in the dual roles of Daniel Hillard and Mrs. Doubtfire. I also think he perfected the English accent. Sally Field was also great in her role.Pierce Brosnan was also good as Staurt Dunmayer. He did justice to what was given to him. Roberty Pronsky was also good as Lundy. All the 3 kids also looked very genuine in their performances.

Favorite Scene: The scene where Daniel and the court liason meet in Daniel's home and Daniel says Mrs. Doubtfire is her elder step-sister. I was laughing out loud in that scene. Also the acting prowess of Robin Williams was clearly seen in this scene.

Verdict: I enjoyed this film and if you want to see Robin Williams in his best, this is the perfect film.

I am goung to go with a 9/10.
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The best Robin Williams!
Elliott-Brewster7718 December 2017
I remember seeing this movie in the theaters and I enjoyed it. I had no idea what to expect, but it entertained me. This, along with Aladdin, is one of Robin's best movies. I've met some people who didn't care for it, but to me this movie is touching and funny. What's not to like? Some say it's a poor man's Tootsie, but it works just as well as Some Like It Hot; maybe even a little better because it's more family-oriented. But if you want a good movie that deals with divorce, has an interesting plot and some good actors and actresses, and takes place in one of America's most celebrated cities, this is just what the doctor ordered!
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Williams Finest Performance..
adonis98-743-1865035 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
After a bitter divorce, an actor disguises himself as a female housekeeper to spend time with his children held in custody by his former wife. Robin Williams was, is and always will be a great actor and Mrs. Doubtfire shows that with his comedic charms he shines on the screen next to a talented cast of big names such as Sally Field, Pierce Brosnan, Mara Wilson and Robert Prosky. The film touches upon divorce and a parent moving out of the house and Director Chris Columbus shows that tragic aspect with his own charm as well which is comedy but also drama and Mr. Williams gave an outstanding performance threw out the entire film both as a man and a woman. The rest of the cast also does a great job with the stand out of them all being the little Mara Wilson as the youngest daughter. The Soundtrack was also great for it's time and still is because this is a film that was overlooked by critics and the IMDb rating for it is a big joke this is a movie that deserves an at least 8.2/10. Overall Mrs. Doubtfire is an underrated 90's Classic that benefits from a strong comedic and dramatic performance from Robin Williams but also a great and touching story. (10/10)
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Funny and Feel-Good.
powermandan27 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Robin Williams is the best. Here he is in one of his best roles in what became the quintessential gender-bending movie. I want to start out by saying this is not nearly as good as Some Like It Hot or Tootsie. Both those achieve the highest level of excellence, this doesn't. And Some Like It Hot is also the funniest movie ever. Mrs. Doubtfire is the next best thing.

Robin Williams plays talented actor Daniel Hillard. He loves his family more than anything and his principles keep him a good man. If you make a list of "Best Movie Fathers" Daniel Hillard would be high on it. Following his son's (Matthew Lawrence) 12th birthday, Daniel gets divorced from his wife Miranda. if there is one flaw that costs the movie from achieving a higher status equal to Tootsie or Some Like It Hot, it's Sally Field's character. It's pretty rare for one character to diminish the other all quality of a movie, but it happens here. She claims Daniel is too immature and she doesn't love him. Never do we get the level of bitterness Miranda has towards her husband. There's one scene where she explains that she's better without him, but it seems more like she fell out of love just out of the blue and she loves seeing Daniel suffer. Then there's one scene where she picks up the kids from Daniel's apartment an hour early after dropping them off an hour late. She had to do other stuff, so the kids will be pretty bored in the car while they could be with their dad. I know the scene is meant to sabotage her ad for a housekeeper, but it really annoys me how mean Miranda is.

Miranda is a successful architect and Daniel recently lost a voice-over gig so he's unemployed. Thus, Miranda gets full custody of the kids with Daniel getting them one day of the week. Its understandable why the custody was set up this way, but we still feel tremendous remorse for Daniel as we feel how much he loves his kids. He enlists the help of his make-up artist brother to transform him into a an elderly woman to be Miranda's maid so that he can be with his kids. His alias is Mrs. Doubtfire who is too good to be true. Meanwhile, Daniel gets a job as a shipping clerks at a TV station where his boss gets to see some of his talent. Williams as Daniel and Mrs. Doubtfire is done to perfection.

The one flaw about the comedy was there wasn't a whole lot of scenes where it seemed that the truth of Mrs. Doubtfire's identity would be revealed. Moments like those cause sheer excitement on top of hilarity. But there is one chunk of the film taking place at a fancy restaurant where he tries to sell himself to be a new host to his boss and must be Mrs. Doubtfire in a different area. Constantly changing outfits, this is the only bit of excitement mixed with the comedy as we don't want the secret to be revealed. It unfortunately does. Here is the next huge flaw of the movie: the judge awards full custody to Miranda and Daniel has supervised visits with his kids one day a week. He says Daniel's behaviour is harmful and recommends mental help. They try to make Daniel out to be a perverted monster. I've always hated this scene. Miranda is in the worst arc and Daniel being branded as evil is the worst scene.

So it is evident that there are too many flaws to say this achieves the status of greatness. Yes the good stuff outweighs the bad, but the bad stuff it too strong. The hilarity and its heartfelt view on divorce has made this timeless. There is also views of San Fransisco and the musical score that add to the nice feel. The movie may be about divorce, but it is handled very well--one of the best I've seen in a movie. And there's how the Mrs. Doubtfire alias has changed everyone for the better. That's gender-bender 101 and it is probably my favourite strength here.

I love this movie dearly. But I may never give it the highest standard. No big deal, I hold this near and dear to my heart.
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A True Childhood Favorite
chimera312 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I know that I was a kid when I was first introduced to this movie and I am glad that I got to watching it. I was, like so many other kids at the time, hooked on Disney movies and I didn't know much about Robin Williams until I watched "Aladdin" about three dozen times. After hearing him and then watching him in "Mrs. Doubtfire," it made me smile every time I heard him crack a joke or whatever.

The late, great man plays Daniel Hillard, a voice actor with a rocky marriage to his wife Miranda (Sally Field) and three kids: Chris (Matthew Lawrence), Lydia (Lisa Jakub), and Natalie (Mara Wilson). When he quits his job because he aggravated his boss, he picks up his kids from school and treats Chris to an impromptu birthday party with all of the trimmings because he knows that Miranda won't be home...

...until a nosy neighbor gets the ball rolling. Miranda blows a gasket and utters the three magic words that no married person wants to hear (especially if they're a good spouse): "I want a divorce." So Daniel moves out and is forced to do some re-arranging of his life. That's when everything starts to change for the better when he answers a personal ad of hers regarding a housekeeper.

When I saw him in the Mrs. Doubtfire costume, I couldn't believe what I saw. From what I hear, when he was on set in the costume and started talking like her, he actually had people believe that he was a woman. Anyway, the kids mature and become disciplined, as does Miranda...well, sort of. A big problem for Daniel comes in the form of Stu (Pierce Brosnan), a friend and co-worker of Miranda who wants to become serious with her after knowing that Daniel was out of the picture.

When it all comes down to it, everything is eventually ironed out and the kids spend an equal amount of time with both parents. As a child of divorce myself, I can definitely relate. For whatever it is worth, it is a comedy-drama that you will enjoy with every fiber of your being. Whether you're a kid of divorce or of two stable parents, I assure you that you will love this movie.

How can you ignore Robin's signature wit and Sally's vast array of emotions? Whether it is one that you remember or both, keep it close to you because you won't ever forget it. It is a shame that Robin is no longer with us. Every time I watch this movie, I have to hold back tears because that was the man that I remember as a kid who brought happiness to so many people. In the end, we must salute the man who brought us characters like the Genie and Daniel Hillard to life. God bless you, Robin.
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A hilarious, yet touching movie
patomartinezfgo13 August 2017
Robin Williams unleashes his whole comedic talent in this classic comedy. Mrs. Doubtfire is one of those movies that you will be remember for a long, long, time.

The story is about an unemployed and irresponsible Robin Williams who loves his kids with all his heart, unfortunately he can only see his kids once a week because of his divorce, to see them more often, he dresses up as a housekeeper and starts working in his wife's home.

This movie is HILARIOUS! Robin Williams truly shines by doing all kinds of voices and impressions, as well as setting up some amazing jokes.

The character of Mrs. Doubtfire is great, and she doesn't even look like Robin Williams, its amazing.

The supporting characters also do a great job and are completely believable in their roles.

The cinematography and editing is as good as you can imagine. The soundtrack was surprisingly enjoyable, and the makeup is great of course.

But what really makes the movie shine is Robin Williams. There was truly, no one else that could fill this role. His performance is so hilarious and full of energy, and you can't help but smile when you see him. Of course, he is also great in the more quiet and touching moments of the film, he knows when to make you feel sad.

The only problem I have with the film is that some things feel kind of rushed. Like the divorce, and some other plot points, which didn't get the necessary screen time, but it is just a nitpick. I am sure that an extra scene or two would have fixed the problem (maybe those scenes were just cut).

You should definitely watch this movie, it doesn't matter if you love movies, or just want to watch something fun, just watch it.
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Beautifully Aged Film
driggizmo198516 July 2017
This particular film has aged beautifully over the years, as many of Robin Williams films seem to do. Mrs. Doubtfire (and Robin) expresses a uniquely genuine and subtle view of humanity that goes far beyond the given script. Sally Filed too is marvelous in this same manner. Very much like A World According to Garp between Robin and Glenn Close the film is driven by this subtle compassion that, perhaps went overlooked upon its initial release. While funny, and the laugh out loud moments are cerainly still their, the film has matured and transcends being labeled as only a comedy.
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Some funny moments but not worth your time overall
EBJ10 June 2017
'MRS DOUBTFIRE' was directed by Chris Columbus and stars Robin Williams, Sally Field and Lisa Jakub. ​After a divorce results in David Hillard(Robin Williams) only seeing his kids once per week, David decides to embody Mrs Doubtfire, a happy go lucky nanny who applies to be the nanny for his kids. But as his normal persona and Mrs Doubtfire collide in everyday life, things begin to spiral out of control.

I think this movie deserves the award for the most mental concept of a film. This movie beats of 'Armageddon' and 'Face/Off' for that title for me because, if you look into the psyche of David, it's the most random and absurd premise of a movie ever. Robin Williams tries his very best as Mrs Doubtfire and provides some wicked one liners that can make your stomach hurt. On the flipside of that, his performance of David Hillard was very weak and any of his slapstick comedy was very weak and poorly done. This movie is certainly one way to pass the time but I could think of a dozen better ways to spend it.

The actual story for this movie is very bland and it contains weird subplots and arcs that are never finished. It's very slow starting off and only gets interesting 20-25 minutes in, perhaps. The ending is also overly sappy and they REALLY hammer in the message. Granted, it's a good message but they could have been a LOT more subtle.

Sally Field was perfectly passable as Miranda Hillard but neither impressed me or directly annoyed me. She was present and performed her role perfectly well. I honestly despise the children in this movie. They are annoying and serve no real purpose other than being motivation for a character. Their performances were pretty weak and none of them were enjoyable or entertaining to watch on screen. Pierce Brosnan was dull and bland as Stu and also served no real purpose to the story. The 'villain'(yeah, I'm calling them that) was very weak and also did nothing other that irk Hillard.

This movie is technically proficient. The costume design is marvellous and Mrs Doubtfire is genuinely fantastic. The set design was fine but could seem a little generic and bland at certain intervals. The movie was competently shot and I have no major complains other than some dodgy editing and overly long shots at points in the movie.

This movie is entertaining and definitely has some moments that could make you cry with laughter. These moments are too few and far between. Williams' tries his best to keep the movie afloat and does deliver some hysterically funny one liners but aside from that, it was just an okay movie. Nothing was particularly impressive. If you've got nothing else to watch, see it. You will have some level of enjoyment but aside from that I cannot recommend it. I'll rate it 5 Psychotic Fathers out of 10.
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Hilarity reigns as one family adjusts to their new reality
George Wright26 May 2017
I watched this movie on a full-day bus trip to Southern Maine and it certainly made the ride more enjoyable with some of the most hilarious scenes I've ever viewed in a movie. Made almost a quarter of a century ago, it still delivers great humour, sentiment and basic truths about the reality of modern family life. We see a well-meaning and decent mother played by Sally Field, trying to manage her professional job, three children and a loving husband and father played by Robin Williams. The trouble is that Williams can't seem to get his life together, even though his children are his heart and soul. When the two are forced to split, Williams, an actor and comedian, uses his talents to make sure he remains part of their life. The persona of Mrs. Doubtfire, which he creates, lends a welcome stability to the family's domestic life. But the mother's new romantic interest in Pierce Brosnan throws a wrench into things. More fun comes when Williams has to switch from one role to another to keep the whole massive trickery from falling apart. In the end, the family has learned a few things about what is required to grow and change amid their new understanding for one another. A wonderful movie, hilariously funny.
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Divorce His
sol-20 April 2017
Granted limited visitation rights, a divorced father disguises himself as a nanny to spend more time with his kids in this iconic Robin Williams comedy. Always a skilled comedian, Williams does some excellent vocal work here, not only nailing a proper English accent, but having lots of fun pretending to be various unsuitable nannies when making crank phone calls to his ex-wife. For all the makeup and hairstyling work though, Williams still looks very similar when in disguise here and the film therefore requires incredible suspension of disbelief to accept that his kids and wife (who have known him for years) do not quickly catch onto the charade. There is also an incredulous restaurant coincidence in the second half that leads to some over-the-top theatrics. The film's less elaborate comedy scenes work quite nicely though. Especially well done is a sequence in which Williams has to pretend to be both himself and his sister to appease a court-appointed social worker. Williams also gets away with saying some incredibly funny things in Mrs. Doubtfire's posh accent, particular regarding Pierce Brosnan as his ex-wife's latest suitor, without ever breaking character. Sally Field is stuck in a rather thankless part, very toned down opposite Williams, but she gets her share of good moments too with some of her reactions to Mrs. Doubtfire's suggestions.
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Ridiculous and unfunny
Dave20 April 2017
This sentimental nonsense isn't realistic. Its attempts at humour are pathetically lame. The plot is preposterous - a divorced father pretends to be a woman in order to be employed as a housekeeper in the house of his ex-wife and their children. As if none of them would notice that it's him!
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Fun, endearing film
Davis P3 April 2017
This is an absolute classic! The late Robin Williams (RIP xoxo) plays a husband/father who is going through a divorce with his wife Miranda (the incredible Sally Field). He wants desperately to still be involved daily in the lives of his three children. But after the judge rules that Miranda has full custody and he only gets visitation rights, he sees no other option but to..... become Mrs Doubtfire. Williams goes to his brother and his partner for help to transform him into a woman in order to be able to be his children's nanny. After a hilarious transformation sequence, it's done. Let me just take a moment and say that Robin Williams is great in this role, his portrayal as Mrs Doubtfire is just hilarious. There are scenes where the script just works so well and more than succeeds in making the audience fall over laughing. And Sally field is great as his ex wife Miranda Hillard. She can be funny when the script allows for it, and then she can be very serious and dramatic. And Field succeeds at both. Pierce Brosnan is good too, I enjoyed his performance as Miranda's new love interest. The writing is awesome for this film. Loads of laugh out loud hilarious lines for almost every character. And then the script allows for some very endearing sweet family moments. 8/10 for Mrs. Doubtfire! Very fun time.
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mrs doubtfire movie review
mariamsaad-0482024 March 2017
The film Mrs. Doubtfire directed by Chris Columbus explores a lot of adversity through the use of Drama and comedy. Characters such as Daniel Hillard use many strategies to overcome adversity. In the film Mrs. Doubtfire, Daniel (acting as Mrs. Doubtfire) faces many tough challenges. It starts off when he quits his job when he realizes that the studio he works for is portraying negative images to the younger audience. Later that afternoon he throws a party for his son Chris who his wife Miranda strictly told him not to hold, when she realizes what Daniel has done she finally realizes that there not compatible for each other as Daniel is very unreliable, bad role model and very careless of what decisions he makes in his everyday life. When Miranda takes their divorce case to court the judge rules in favor of Miranda to have full custody of their children and Daniel is only given one day each week for his kids to visit him, as he doesn't have a job or a place to live. But the judge gives him 3 months to get a decent house and a stable job and will be given a court liaison to check up on him in order for him to receive joint custody with his wife. When his ex-wife comes one night to pick up Chris, Natalia and Lydia she brings up she is placing a ad in the newspaper for a house keeper as she needs help around the house and with the kids, when she rejects his offer to take care of the kids instead of hiring someone he takes it into his own hands. So Daniel dresses up and impersonates an old English woman named Euphegenia Doubtfire in order to get the housekeeping job so he can be able to spend more time with his children. During the time Daniel is impersonating Euphegenia Doubtfire he learns a lot of new skills, which help him cope with what he going through, organize himself and understand why his wife divorced him.
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One of the best comedies I've ever seen.
Filipe Neto14 February 2017
There are some actors who shine with their own light when put into the right environment and Robin Williams was one of those. From his long career (which was interrupted too precociously) we can count on several good films, some more famous or popular than others. However, it was through comedy that he stood out and, here, he had the whole film to show everything he could do. The result is one of the funniest and most addictive comedies I've ever had the pleasure of watching. In fact, Williams performance is the film's nerve core, supporting the action, the cast, the script, everything. The story revolves around a loving father whose professional instability prevented from maintaining partial custody of his children when divorce comes, thereby deciding to disguise himself as a woman to spend more time with his children. So we also have a beautiful and edifying moral background: the importance of family ties and paternal love. We cannot fail to observe the convincing way the makeup artists disguised Williams. The film also has the meritorious participation of Sally Field and Pierce Brosnan, in a more humorous record that is relatively unusual for the actor.
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"Carpe dentum. Seize the teeth."
Predrag8 February 2017
This film is unforgettable because of Robin Williams. He is a passionate actor and when the role exhibits his comedic talent with no limitation, the character becomes intriguing and genuine. "Mrs. Doubtfire" is about a man who dresses as a Scottish dowager to invade the household of his estranged wife, who has thrown him out. Here we find Robin Williams lurks behind a latex face mask, ready to scatter wicked jokes and brilliant non sequiturs about whatever crosses his mind. Robin Williams's genius is in these details, and it is given free rein during much of "Mrs. Doubtfire," as in the sequence that has him improvising with toy dinosaurs at a television studio and coming up with a Raptor Rap. A lot of the film has gone into giving a sitcom shininess to "Mrs. Doubtfire," which was directed by Chris Columbus. Attention has been paid to everything from the sunny, well-heeled look of the family household to the pert costumes on Sally Field, who plays Robin Williams's careerist wife. The story is that the wife's job alone is enough to villainies her: Miranda Hillard (Sally Field) is seen doing something terribly important involving fabric swatches, while her sweet, helpless husband, Daniel (Robin Williams), cannot stay employed dubbing voices onto animated films. When Miranda complains about his childishness, kicks him out of the house and keeps him from seeing enough of their three children.

Robin Williams remains the film's main and only real attraction, although Ms. Sally Field tries gamely to generate sitcom-caliber sparks. Robin Williams is definitely well worth seeing whatever he's wearing, but he's most fun in an anarchic mode, threatening to blow the film's illusions wide open. The dress, the mask and Mrs. Doubtfire's gentility are inherently very funny, but nothing holds Robin Williams back when he's on a roll. You may not believe he could pass for a woman, but you'll want to see what he can do with a vacuum cleaner all the same. One thing "Mrs. Doubtfire" does well is to avoid the often-used plot device of trying to turn Pierce Brosnan's Stu, who is Miranda's new love interest, trying to turn him into a snake. He never comes across as anything but charming, and Daniel's dislike of him is based on purely selfish reasons. In fact, there really isn't a nasty or mean-spirited character in the film. Imagine that, a film without a villain! This film is a bit over-the-top, but incredibly fun and wonderfully engineered with an obvious chemistry between all the players. I highly recommend it!

Overall rating: 9 out of 10.
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What We Lost
Hitchcoc31 December 2016
When Robin Williams died, we lost one of the most creative forces in the history of the entertainment world. He seemed able to latch on to any sort of role and make it his, with that nonstop mind of his. This, of course, has him impersonating a 60 something British nanny who moves in with his own kids in order to be near them. His ex- is Sally Field. Of course, it seems unlikely he would be able to get away with this, but in the context of the movie, he does. What we have from there on are sight gags, close calls, and marvelous improvisation from the master. He also creates an endearing figure that would still pass as a wonderful grandma type in any case. There were times when I forgot Williams was in that costume. There is a delicate touch here that really works. One of the best movies of the year.
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Movie you simply have to love
Smoreni Zmaj28 October 2016
One of my favorite childhood movies. It won Oscar for make-up and Robin got Golden Globe. One of the best and most fun actors ever in one of his best achievements. IMDb rating is shameful. I watched this masterpiece countless times and every time I laugh like madman regardless that I know it by heart and every time it brings tears in my eyes at the end. Beautiful beyond any description.




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10 out of 10
boaler_inc11 October 2016
I love this incredible movie, but it was released when I was personally struggling with my marriage. Consequently, I have trouble viewing it today only because it brings up the emotions and feelings that I experienced during these most painful and difficult trying times of my life.

We didn't make it. And after an acrimonious four year ordeal that took everything that I had worked for, for my family, it brought me to the brink of bankruptcy.

Excellent movie and I still miss Robin to this day. We were born in the same year.

Love you Robin!
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The innuendo is pretty extreme but the movie is great.
jalexander-7827710 October 2016
Overall, I felt this movie was top notch as a comedy BUT there should be more in the Parental Advisory warnings about the innuendo. There was more than one scene when Robin Williams was either talking to the mom/wife or to Stu/boyfriend and the talk turned to sex (the act primarily, and as with all things Robin Williams it went over the top and it went long). There was a scene when Mrs. Doubtfire was talking to Stu about the new piece of jewelry Stu got the ex-wife. The scene devolved into why Stu would spend that kind of money (Stu did not encourage the conversation) but Daniel (Robin) went on and on about what he thought Stu was expecting, sex, due to the generous gift. I would be ready to be embarrassed several times as you watch the movie because of the innuendo.
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Robin Williams- what are you doing!
goalsmistakesfootball2 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Robin Williams plays Mrs Doubtfire in this absolute mess of a film, the genius of Robin Williams is completely lost in this film which makes me want to eat myself. Can't we go back to Aladdin and the wonderful times of the late Robin Williams, rather than in 2016 revisiting the dump that is Mrs Doubtfire. Overall the Film is a shambles, in writing and acting with boring moments of dialogue and predictable plot twists. Robin Williams makes unfunny jokes and stupid remarks. The plot is that Robin Williams is part of an unhappy family and to bring his family back together he must get a job. Robin Williams then comes up with an elaborate plan to be a nanny to his children so he could have them in his life without having a job. It is a stupid film and is almost torture to watch. DO NOT SHOW THIS TO YOUR CHILDREN- WHATEVER AGE THEY ARE!!!
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Robin Drags Us Through
bkoganbing12 September 2016
There are some who have commented to me that Mrs. Doubtfire was definitely Robin Williams's greatest role. He certainly is really at the top of his game in this film. A lot of credit has to go to the makeup department as Williams was so convincing as an elderly matron widow who fools his divorced wife into hiring him as a housekeeper, the better to be near his kids as the custody agreement is certainly not in his favor.

Sally Field as the wife even says that marriage to Williams was at first a lot of laughs, that is until the kids came along. His inability to hold a steady job in show business and him always being "on" for the kids left her in the position of being a villainous disciplinarian.

Anyway Robin's gay brother Harvey Feirstein whose partner is a drag entertainer. He fixes up Williams.

The makeup that Williams uses is impeccable and flawless. But Robin really creates a separate character with Mrs. Doubtfire. You forget that this is an act and want to believe somehow he's changed into this dowdy housekeeper.

I should also mention Pierce Brosnan as a forty something swinger who thinks the divorced Field and her kids are built in family. Stiff competition for Robin. Also TV executive Robert Prosky who Williams is trying to sell an idea for a kid's show.

Mrs. Doubtfire definitely one of the top three of Robin Williams's films. What a great an original talent he was.
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With all respect to Mr. Williams and his talent, I hated this movie!
RLS115312 September 2016
Other reviewers have delved into the troubling aspects of the movie such as the Robin Williams' character's dysfunctional behaviors and his seemingly sudden success in TV. Both are hard to swallow, but it's a movie and movies don't have to be realistic in every detail. There is one aspect of Mrs. Doubtfire, however, that I find deeply troubling as it demonstrates an inequity that often exists in our society and that should be recognized as detrimental rather than being immortalized in film.

We all recall how strict the judge was in curtailing Robin Williams' contact with his children and yet, at the end of the movie when he reunites with them and the kids wonder if it's legal, he tells them to ask their mother and she says she took care of it by talking to the judge. I wanted to throw something at the screen!! How and why could a judge's ruling have been reversed merely because a woman had a conversation with him about her ex-husband's visitation rights?? Neither parent should be in the position to wield that much sway or power with a simple wave of her (or his) hand over whether to grant, restrict, or deny the rights of their children's other parent. (By the way, I'm a father who had custody of his two kids as they grew up and who went out of his way to ensure their mother's ease of access and visitation.) I've seen too many kids and too many families damaged and victimized when one parent or the courts use access as a weapon or bargaining chip. It was happening in 1993 when this movie was made and it's still happening today over 20 years later. It needs to stop!
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Dude looks like a lady
Realrockerhalloween3 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
One of Robin Williams best films to ever be produced about a living father desperately wanting to spend time with his kids after his divorce. Now he's donning a wig, stockings and purse to go undercover as a nanny.

A heartwarming film that explores the dramatic side effects of divorce on a close not family while having a few jollies along the way. You follow Daniel the man child becoming a better parent throughout his journey as he learns to clean, cook, discipline and teach his children the values they need to become healthy strong individuals. Even his wife becomes a care free spirit like she was before they were settled with responsibility and it heals the rift between them. The side characters feel fleshed out, tie into the story and leave a lasting impression.

My only complain is his court lesion said she drop by again yet one hilarious evening and she never shows up again or Stu who seemed a little to perfect.

Christopher Columbus adds his personal touch from enduring characters, a charming atmosphere and orchestra music leaving you in tears. It earned rave reviews, rewards and classic status for the tender care in every scene.

Its sad to see Robin Williams so happy, healthy and funny like I want to remember him.
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touching. and little more
Kirpianuscus4 July 2016
one of rare comedy who gives not only smiles but precious remember about importance of the small details who defines a family. and the unrealistic story is a real useful instrument for that success. because it impose a more sensitive view about love, duties, small sacrifices, responsibility and the profound need of the other. because, in different form, it is only an Oriental story about meaning of life. or an useful parable. Robin Williams is brilliant and nothing surprising in that. but his manner to propose a character who remains real after many time after the end of film, exploring the expectations of the child inside use who hopes meet a Mary Poppins is touching. to conquest the past, to protect and observe, serve and support the family are desires who defines each life. and Mrs. Doubtfire has the rare gift to remind each of that desires in real inspired manner.
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