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Pretty good!!

Author: sugar-bear from Anywhere
14 August 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Pretty good Lifetime movie. Lesley Ann Warren is Carol. A woman who juggles motherhood and a career and a husband who's always on the go with business trips, etc.. they have two daughters Jill aged 17 and Wendy, 12. While Jill deals with her own world into becoming independent and an adult, Wendy seems to be more closer to her Carol. One day Carol realizes she needs to stay late at work so she calls Jill up at work to pick up Wendy after school. Jill is late in picking her up and this worries Wendy who heads back into the school building a little after 5pm to call her mother. Little does Wendy know, there is a sick perverted janitor, Frank, still inside who's got his eye on Wendy and before Wendy can call her mother, he beats then rapes her leaving her for dead.

Wendy is in the hospital clinging for life while Frank is caught and while in court Frank's quick witted attorney along with his lying mother take him off the hook. There is not enough evidence and Frank is free from all charges and is a free man. Carol is outraged at what is happening and decides to take the law into her own hands. Right there in the court room, she pulls a gun out of her purse and shoots and kills Frank. Now Carol must face with the possibility of never seeing Wendy again. Wendy awakes from her coma and is getting better when she finds out her mother is in court for killing her rapist.

The rest of the story is throughly acted and avoids being too sappy. In the end, Carol gets less time in prison(I believe she ends up getting like 2 or 3 years) and Frank's mother fesses up to lying under oath. Wendy heads back to school and Jill and her Mother along with Wendy become closer and stronger. I liked it and it was great to see Lesley Ann Warren in yet another movie she so greatly manages.

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Excellent Movie!

Author: BreanneB from United States
10 May 2005

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I loved this movie and the actors and actresses in it. My favorite is Annette O'Toole. Although, you may think she is a jerk in the beginning because she gets the charges against Frank Warden the rapist dropped, she really is a cool character. I also really like Carol Sanders the mother, Lesley Ann Warren's character. I think she is a supermom. Iam not saying that killing is okay, because it certainly is not, there is no justification in killing someone. However, that man was a monster and his mother was an asshole. She is a moron for lying under oath just to protect her son. Kudos to cast, crew and filmmakers. Two Thumbs Way Up!

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.decent character buildup & very REAL dialogue & the little girls' sister play SUPERBLY ....

Author: Beverly Bee ( from United States
27 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

.....I have seen LOTS of life-time movies & HAD to reviews this one as it ROCKS & is played EXCELLENTLY with a great story-line & realistic Twists along the way....and i am ONLY 1 HOUR into the Movie as i write this.....i figure it would be slam dunk for the Mom to be found innocent since daughter has awoken from Coma & can Identify her Assailant. Chain of Evidence is the New phrase i have learned in my Legal battles - LOL Beverly

>>>> was this REALLY based on a Book ? It seems ANY Pre-2000 Lifetime movie rocks & is WAY BETTER than 1999 and up.decent character buildup & very REAL dialogue & the little girls' sister play SUPERBLY .... there IS a second co-plot that involves Mom & older sister & its interaction is very Natural. All in all its a TOP 10 & ANY Lifetime Movie made in the 90's is WAY SUPERIOR to trash released in last 10 years !! TIP: Watch one with Brendon Frazier called "guilty till proved innocent" w/Martin SHeen

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Pushed to the limit

Author: gasmaskproductionsbooks ( from Canada
21 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A Mother's Revenge (A.K.A. Desperate Justice) is the dramatization of the sad story of a woman whose straight-A's elementary school daughter gets raped and beaten to near-death by a man she trusted. It's a typical Lifetime movie, overly dramatic and hokey, but it manages to hold your attention for the most part.

Carol Sanders is the mother of two children: her "perfect angel" Wendy and her rebellious goth older daughter, Jill. She's married to a loving husband and aside from the typical family feuding drama that pops up on occasion, the Sanders family is totally normal, living in an Arizona suburb where everything seems protected and safe.

Wendy is a teacher's pet in her elementary school, with good grades and a love for animals, dreams of being a veterinarian and many hopes for the future. Lately she's befriended the kind school janitor, Frank Warden. Meanwhile Jill Sanders has started dressing all in black with a goth style, hanging around with her boyfriend at all hours, much to her mom's disapproval. When Carol asks Jill to pick Wendy up for school and Jill in ten minutes late, Frank Warden invites Wendy inside the school and the unthinkable happens. Wendy is reported missing but is found lying near the school, raped and beat-up and in a coma. When Frank's fancy lawyer gets him out of doing any jail time, Carol snaps and shoots him dead in the courtroom, and in order for Carol to stay out of jail, she seeks help from Frank's mother, his former lawyer and she tries to patch up her rocky relationship with Jill.

A Mother's Revenge has great soundtrack, not the best acting though. I think if it showed things more from Bill Sander's, Frank's mom, Frank's lawyer and Jill's boyfriend more, it would've been a little more insightful and interesting. Still, it's not too bad of a movie and I think it deserves six stars for its effort and its intriguing plot.

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Spoiler: Each parent should watch this,a GOOD parent,and grandparents,families.1 of the best ever made on true stories.

Author: ShaKaarii Melendez from United States
8 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Annette O Toole from Dead before Sunset. with the handsome Ken Olin,she was great in that film too,but THIS one i really feel her acting chops.The lovely,very talented Leslie Ann Warren was simply as always incredible,quite realistic,as all of her movies i've seen. --- I have it on again today. Prosecutor,i agree only care about it seem"winning"at all cost,not attempting to understand the flagrant mitigating factors,leading up to a parent doing what she did. --- They do not put themselves,in"how they will feel if some 1 hurt their under eighteen years old child,in a abhorrent brutal, nefarious, vile fashion.The parent simply SNAPPED.It clearly was not planned.She snapped.She sure didn't mean to intentionally kill the rapist/batterer of her youngest child.

I love Annette O Toole,from start to conclusion.

I love how at first,she had aggressiely and astutely,defendant the rapist,the disgusting,abhorrent Frank Warden,who indeed battered/raped wendy,a little girl pre-teen only 12, during such brutal attacks,then turn around,sympathize,as a mother herself with Leslie Ann Warren character, she clearly did understand what the mother must've been going through and finally agreed,to represent the mother.I love it.

Brilliantly written-all premise on a true-story.sad, so so sad,seeing the beautiful Lil girl Wendy suffer this way,"talk about a great child-actor."so good she was in this,and the father as well,JILL, theolder teen-child,curly-hair sister was good(realistically) as a teen-sis,devastated,blaming herself at first as the mom,even "inwardly blame Jill."the ending i will not surprise but wow. ---

Just a incredible true to life story.Sex abuse/RAPE is the worse. ...

Some say death is worse than what happened to wendy but some disagree.

Some say, the knowing of what had happen to her daughter,simply in many ways is worse. Worse for the victim of rape & worse for the darling, sweet good parents who also has to live with what happen to the child,during such time in their young lives. ---

I could not convict some 1 like that,i do NOT at anytime,condone shooting a man or woman,in cold blood, defenseless. ---

But i also know this coward,no good person was the worse in society,and she "snapped"so it happened. i would have said acquit her,and or probationary period couple years,with ongoing week-by- week therapy,until she is "ok again." 1 of lifetime BEST MOVIES ever made for television. ---

Even toward the end of her being sentenced,not of murder but of the lesser included-charge of "manslaughter"we see the daughter enter the courtroom,and how the jury responded,the courtroom etc. A very moving scene.

Even at the end,his mother(frank warden mom) finally understood when seeing "the physical of what happen to the Lil girl)she even finally understood,what her son really did,and for that?i would have if i was the jury given her no time,probationary period for therapy,but no prison time.

All good parents can relate to this movie,and i love it.have it on today after many years,of waiting for LMN to show it again,love it. ...


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Another engaging plot?

Author: ( from Australia
14 March 2001

Not too bad drama about mother finding justice for her youngest daughter. What more to say about the plot? it's pretty much summarised in the Plot outline above. Lesley Warren puts up a gd act, and so does annette o'toole.

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