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This movies name is Avoid Man (mind blow comment)
Sanchez Muller Jennifer22 November 2016
This movie s name is Avoid Man and not Meteor man, i am 100% sure i saw this movie in the 90s and the name was Avoid Man and not Meteor Man. I was reading about the Mandela Effect and this movie has a lot to do with it: 1. I clearly remember this movie as Avoid Man instead of Meteor Man and i saw it with my best friend and she also remembers it like that. we even had jokes about this.

2. James Earl Jones feautures in this movie and he is involved in another famous Mandela Effect singularity. He played Darth Vaders voice in star wars and actually he said "Luke i am your father" instead "No i am your father" 3. Sinbad also stars in this movie and many people remembers him starring in an old genie film that actually doesn't exist) coincidence? time travel? help me get to the bottom of this.

my email:
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"Ain't Nobody Bad Like the Meteor Man"
ja-191-28046510 July 2015
Robert Townsend directs and stars in this urban sci-fi comedy about a teacher turned super hero who works effortlessly to restore the peace and friendly atmosphere his neighborhood once had. Jefferson Reed played by Townsend gets struck by a meteor and sets out to fight crime and take down a ruthless gang, The Golden Lords who wreak havoc on their tight knit Washington D.C. neighborhood. Everything about this movie is cool. From the golden hairstyles and black tuxedos and shades to the all star cast. The movie is never over the top and provides a wonderful message. Children can definitely learn a thing or two about the importance of fighting for a good cause and standing up for what you believe in.
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A Lot Better Than It Ought To Be
raisleygordon21 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
For a movie that's a Superman-wannabe in the ghetto, I wasn't expecting to enjoy it very much. This film is surprisingly entertaining. While the characters don't seem worth caring about, the story certainly is. This guy being a (substitute)teacher, it would have been nice to see how his students reacted to him as a superhero. My only quibble about the movie is that the final sequence goes on a bit too long. Halfway through this fight sequence, I felt the movie made its point. Bill Cosby appears in a non- speaking cameo role, which isn't anything special, because the character isn't even explained. This role certainly won't be one of his career highlights.

*** out of ****
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I wrote this story plot as a child in 1990 1991
rubensito55511 January 2013
When I was in the 2nd grade, we had to write a story. So I wrote a story about a guy that got hit by a meteor. The story was called Meteor man. What is soo funny is that I not just the guy became a super hero, but the dig had became a affected by the meteor, and his name became meteor dog. When I turned in my paper my teacher had said it was actually a good story. When it came time for the teacher to return our papers she gave everyone there paper but not mine. I had asked her what happened to my paper and she had said she lost it. What a coincidence that the thus story plot was written, come on, I feel like my story was taken, in my story I had said the guy got hit by a meteor. Sad that I have no proof, but it is OK.

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concepts run afoul
Lee Eisenberg12 November 2011
"The Meteor Man" is one of those movies that they crank out that advertises itself as "cute". Maybe it looks good at first, but in retrospect seems boring. Director-star Robert Townsend plays a schoolteacher who gets hit by a meteor and becomes a superhero in Washington, DC, fighting a local gang. Cool once, but not again. I much preferred Townsend's appearances in "Cooley High" (a nostalgia piece with a Motown soundtrack) and "The Mighty Quinn" (starring Denzel Washington as a cop investigating a murder in Jamaica, it also functions as a look a culture that we don't often get to see). My advice is to avoid this one.

Also starring Marla Gibbs, Robert Guillaume, Eddie Griffin, James Earl Jones, Don Cheadle, Bill Cosby, Frank Gorshin, Sinbad, Nancy Wilson, Luther Vandross, Tommy 'Tiny' Lister, LaWanda Page (Aunt Esther on "Sanford and Son") and Chris Tucker.
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The most racist movie I have ever seen
tiger86-26 December 2009
Let me tell you something about this movie. I have seen it twice. The first time I was a kid and the movie was quite entertaining to me. I really liked it. I thought it was funny and interesting and the main character was kind of cool.

I saw it again a few days ago. It was horrible. Really. I don't know why I thought it was funny before but now... I didn't laugh at all. There was nothing even slightly entertaining. It was just dumb. The story was weak. The acting was nothing special. There are great actors in this movie but still the acting is mediocre at best.

What is the worst is the fact that this movie is racist. Really. Don't get me wrong, usually I don't complain about racism in movies. However I have seen people complaining about the lack of black men in movies like 'The Shaolin Temple' or about the fact that the only black man in 'The Street Fighter' is one of the bad guys or... Whatever, you get the point. There are people seeing racism everywhere. I wonder how would they react to a movie like 'The Meteor Man'. Why? I will tell you why. There are no Asians in this movie. There are no white people among the good guys. In fact there is only one white guy in the entire movie and he is the leader of the bad guys. All the good guys are African Americans. Don't get me wrong, I don't care is the good guy is black or white or yellow or pink or green... What I do care about is the fact that we can barely see a white person in this movie. This is the only movie like that that I have ever seen. It is just not realistic. If there is only one black man in a Japanese movie which is the case with 'The street Fighter' there is no problem - in Japan most of the people are Asians. But if there is only one white man in an American movie there is some sort of problem - in USA most of the people are white. It is like filming a Japanese movie with entirely white cast and only one Asian as a bad guy. Just not real.

That is it. I am giving the movie the rate of 4/10. It would be 1/10 if I hadn't have fun with it as a kid.
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The low rating on this film encouraged me to register.
jag-11421 January 2009
Is it because this film is full of blacks? Or is it that people are just viewing this film too seriously? Forget hidden messages, agenda or political statements.

Just enjoy this movie for what it is. FUN! I've seen this movie a few time and am not a young puppie, I like the humor in this film very much and I would recommend it to anyone to watch this.

Provided they aren't going to get all critical and start pretending that they are reviewing this film.

This film is about a very unlikely super-hero and how he goes on to save the his neighborhood and then the world. It's got a bit of romance, plenty of comedy and heaps of action. I think this gem of a film has been lost in time and should be rated higher than it is currently on here.
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Nice Characters, Nice Message
ccthemovieman-127 October 2006
This is an almost all-black cast featuring many prominent black actors and singers. The most famous one, Bill Cosby, has several scenes but no lines of dialog! What makes the film appealing is its innocence and charm. There is hardly any profanity, there is a good-hearted likable hero ("Jefferson Reed" ) Robert Townsend) and a nice story of good folks trying to get rid of destructive violent neighborhood gangs.

It's hokey; it's corny, it's sometimes stupid but there are some genuinely unique and funny scenes in this film as when "Meteor Man" talks to his dog or when he does some amazing feats to save his friends.

A fun, lightweight film that - yes, the whole family can enjoy. It's a sad comment that it got so few reviews. Apparently, most people here would rather watch evil, nasty characters. I think it's refreshing to see some nice people and good role- models exhibited for a change.
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An enjoyable, but flawed, picture.
Warning: Spoilers
I have METEOR MAN on video and I enjoy it a lot. BUt the film does have flaws. For instance, I know from reading IMDb's trivia on this film that a lot was cut out that could have made the film better, such as a story involving Meteor Man's relationship with his ex etc. Also, while there is certainly an impressive line-up of fine black performers, most of them are given thankless cameos, examples being Bill Cosby and the late Luther Vandross. Cosby appears as a homeless man who also has meteor power who ultimately helps Meteor Man in the end but he has no dialogue (No human dialogue anyway) and Vandross is an equally mute assistant to Batman's Frank Gorshin.

These gripes aside, METEOR MAN is a great family film and very funny as well. Robert Townsend is great in the lead as the reluctant superhero and so is Eddie (UNDERCOVER BROTHER) Griffin as his best friend. Roy Fegan is a scene stealer as head villain Simon. Watch out for a not-famous-yet Don Cheadle as his number two. Tiny Lister appears as another member of the Golden Lords gang. He seems to be reprising his role of Zeus from the Hulk Hogan movie NO HOLDS BARRED as he's playing a muscle-bound freak who communicates with grunts and shrieks. IT's a shame though as Lister proved in films like FIFTH ELEMENT and POSSE that he was a capable actor.

At times the movie does get too sentimental and I thought it was bit corny having one of the Meteor powers being the ability to talk to dogs. BUt it's a harmless enough picture and I give it a thumbs-up
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Doesn't live up to its potential but its fun nonetheless
Merklin22 August 2005
Meteorman is a fun and entertaining comedy with some big laughs but it doesn't fully live up to the potential of its own great concept of a school teacher becoming an unlikely superhero.

What stops it from being truly great is the large plot holes , mainly those concerning meteor mans powers, and the lack of detail in the story.Another negative factor is the films insistence on overbearingly sentimental and at times very corny .Also the ending isn't really satisfying and leaves a lot of question left unanswered .

Still, its has it heart in the right place and has some first rate laugh out loud moments like the way meteor man fly's low because of his fear of heights and the montage showcasing all of his rejected costumes .Plus its good to see a black superhero on screen .

Meteor man is an enjoyable comedy but if the script has a bit more detail , then it could gave been something more.
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ThermalHeat6 October 2003
I like meteaor man but i wish it was not a comedy. I wish they had been a little more serious in creating a black superman this way it could have maybe been more than just a move, But what an u expect from robert townsend. Though talented (not in acting hoever) i just felt this movie should have not been done by him, and should have taken a more dramaical approuch.
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silly fun indeed! Just dont expect too much
KGB-Greece-Patras13 August 2003
Ok this was rather made for kids, rather than some 25-year-old who are looking for B-movie fun. Reading some stuff in here I decided to give it a try. About the jokes: some worked and some didn't with me - I guess the movie along with its funny special FX is OK.

I suggest some (or more!) beer along with this, unless of course you're under 18 and alcohol consumption is prohibited for your age in your country. WARNING! This is not extreme fun, rather stupid but it has its moments.
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Not a bad film, but I think I know what's wrong.
Blueghost20 April 2003
There's no plot.

There's a fine story about a man gaining superpowers to clean up the neighborhood, but his adventures seem rather random. His adversaries also seem to lack a larger plan. The combination of the two makes for a fairly decent film that lacks a couple of key elements to make it an increbidly good film.

The comedy is good, as is the overall story. The acting is also top notch, as the characters portrayed are fun and enjoyable (I'm at a real loss to understand why other reviewers panned the acting ... possibly because they don't understand what it is they didn't like about the movie). But again the characters seem to lack a plan for their actions.

The gags in the film are exceptional, as is the case with the supermajority of Townsend's material. However a dash more comedy could've served this film as the jokes are more sporatic than constant. Not a whole lot more but a few more comic bits and comical characters could've really helped the film, because, like I said, the film bounces between a light hearted adventured and comedy. And I think this too probably confounded the people who didn't like the film.

The one thing I liked a great deal was seeing a lot of familiar actors one normally doesn't see. Read that as "black actors." Regrettably it takes a man like Townsend to bring a black cast to life. And I suppose on one plane that is as it should be; for who better to bring to life a tale of a Black/African-American/person-of-color superhero than a Black/African-American/person-of-color writer-director-actor?

An enjoyable film that strives for an A, but just misses its mark. It's definately worth seeing, and is very enjoyable, but if you come away somewhat empty understand that it's essentially a one man show where the writing is concerned.

A note to Townsend; make a sequel. This film deserves one, but bring in other writers to help you out with the script. A few more gags/jokes, and more plot, and you have yourself one fine film.
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Not a blockbuster hit, but enjoyable for the kids.
Zoot58015 March 2003
Well, I'd be lying if I said that this could easily rival Spiderman or the Batman movies. Still, it was more appealing to me for it's moral value. I first bought the VHS when my son was about 2 years old and it immediately became his favorite. My wife and I are avid supporters of Robert Townsend and have been since he used credit cards to finance his first movie, "Hollywood Shuffle". True, he needs to take advantage of the talents and knowledge of technical advisors to make the films more believable, but his movies are still fun.

Meteor Man provides a hero with an Urban Contemporary feel. I always felt that, if there were superheroes, they wouldn't provide the same scenarios as depicted in the comics. Meteor Man is realistic hero with real problems: Car broken into, bad neighborhood, local drug-dealing gangs using children for distribution, etc. The scope of his mission stayed pretty much within the community.

What I found to be truly entertaining, outside of James Earl Jones' "young forever" performance, was how the neighborhood responded to his newly discovered powers. It wasn't long before they had a full agenda lined up for him, without his input, of course. It was hilarious to hear them offer to lend him out to other communities where their extended families lived.

Yes, the plot was weak, the movie was predictable, there was bad acting and continuity was rotten, but it ranks #1 with my kids. Robert Townsend works to bring movies "home" so to speak. I doubt he'll ever truly be recognized as the talented actor/producer/director he truly is, but there are and will always be, those that love him for his efforts.

One point to ponder about the film, which I find amusing: Throughout the entire battle with Simon, no one bothered to call the police???? Also, what mother and father do you know that will watch their son fight from a window? My mother would have been right there, scrapping by my side, toe-to-toe. Dad would be loading his pistol. lol

Rent it and check it out. It's worth seeing at least once and good for those of you that are fans of Sinbad, Luther Vandross, Bill Cosby, Big Daddy Kane, etc. Great job with the cameos Robert!
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Seriously silly fun.
nehesi1 November 2002
I think the previous commentor missed the point of the movie. This movie is intended to be silly fun, not a serious superhero movie. Granted, Townsend's comedy is not always ROFLMBAO hilarious, but the movie has a good message about coming together to fight evil and the showdown at the end, where both antagonists use the powers gained from various books to fight each other, almost makes the movie worth the price of admission. Its a "I've got nothing better to do and some time to kill" matinee movie, but still worth watching once.
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A greatly under rated comedy
vampiresan10 October 2002
Like so many underated films, I stumbled across this one on television and was most surprised at how much I enjoyed it. The concept of a black superhero is obviously intriguing but what made this one stand out for me was it's strong heart of community justice and pride.

Unlike so many SuperHero films, the theme here was for the community to stop relying on someone else to solve their problems and to stop turning a blind (and scared) eye to the violence and crime that surrounded them until it knocked on their own door.

What was also so refreshing was that the film managed to convey this is a light comedy format, which was never preachy, over the top or too slap stick. Honours to the writer/director for such restraint not only in the telling of the drama but also in the refinement of the comedy which resisted over wrought juvenile comedy tactics like fart and sex jokes (a true breath of fresh air considering the bogmire of "naughty" comedy we have had to wade through this season.)

The only critiscism is that the final confrontation is a little too overplayed, but the final few scenes help to let the audience overlook this with a realistic and enjoyable ending.

Special mention for James Earl Jones in his rather off beat role as a "young" rap dude, which he plays with true humour and as the film progresses, beautiful pathos.

This film is worth seeing. For social commentary or just for a laugh - it delivers.
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Hella Funny Movie
slimm30 August 2002
I remember seeing this film about 5 years back and geez, did it make me laugh it is an extremely funny movie starring robert townsend with cameos from such greats as cypress hill's B-Real and comedic genius Sinbad and the Hilarious Eddie Griffin this film is a great. The Story basically is jeffery reid gains super powers and becomes a crime fighting super hero.
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One of the best movies I have ever seen.
Richies504354 August 2002
Why did this movie not make it? The idea was original and the movie was very funny with great acting all around, especially from Townsend who is totally believable. The ending was in my book one of the most exciting and uplifting endings in movie history, and that is just one of the many great scenes in this picture! So do yourself a favor and watch this movie.
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go meteor man
Khristianbrown41819 June 2002
Its an ok movie , better watched as a tv film. i wouldnt buy the tape or go to a theater to see it but its pretty entertaining and has a good message.Robert Towsend got a great cast in this movie and its a great concept.
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Starts out slow, ends badly
matrix2910 February 2002
The movie began well enough. It had a fellow get hit by a glowing green meteorite, getting superpowers (telekinesis, x-ray vision, invulnerability, flight, the ability to speak to dogs, superspeed, heat vision, and the ability to make plants grow large and quickly), and fighting crime. From there on it's all downhill.

Meteor Man gets a costume from his mom, fights with the resident gangs, and has many aborted encounters with the gang leaders which serves to set you up for the disappointing, overlong, and stupefying ending.

It wouldn't be so remarkably bad if it weren't like watching a boxing match where the two fighters pretend to hit each other while the audience stands looking onward while the fighters just continue to dance.

Despite all of this nonsense the movie has good points. It states clearly that if you try to take on a gang alone then they'll come back to your home and hurt you. It states that gangs & communities need to see their real enemies (the big bosses that use them for their own ends to crush honest people into a ghetto existence). It also states that people do not need superheroes if they are willing to work as a community do destroy the predators that harm them. The only message it really lacks is that the voters should ensure their elected officials (Rudolph Giuliani, Marion Barry, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, & George H.W. Bush) aren't crooks too.
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Ambitious and refreshing
Orisha Shango20 December 2000
Following an encounter with a mysterious meteorite, a Washington D.C. school teacher (Robert Townsend) discovers that he has developed super powers and subsequently uses them to become a caped crusader against the forces of evil in his own inner-city community. Although the ambitious, imaginative script is loaded with misfired comedic gags, it does produce several genuinely amusing sequences--in particular, the climactic showdown between Meteor Man and his golden-haired drug lord nemesis. Biggest plus: the extremely talented (but frustratingly underused) supporting cast that reads like a Who's Who list of black television and movie greats. It includes: Bill Cosby ("The Cosby Show" and "Ghost Dad"), James Earl Jones ("The Great White Hope" and "Roots: The Next Generation"), Marla Gibbs ("The Jeffersons" and "227"), and Robert Guillaume ("Benson" and "Lean On Me").

Also, it's just plain refreshing to see a 1990's larger-than-life black superhero/role model in a family-oriented film.
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This movie is wack...
TheQuietStorm13 April 2000
This movie is really wack. There is really nothing nice I can say about it, besides the moral truth expressed in the film's climax concerning people in the neighborhood participating in the fight against crime. Besides all that, the film had nothing: no good shots, no good acting, and no good script. I give this film a F and a 2 out 10.
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El Queso Loco10 March 2000
Superhero movies pretty much always suck, and this is no exception. Its only redeeming quality is the fact the movie COULD have been even worse. I would put 'Batman & Robin' and 'Steel' above this movie, so yes it is that bad...

If your looking for a black superhero, check out 'Blankman' its not a "serious" superhero movie but at least its entertaining.
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How Low can he go?
meld-213 April 1999
One of the best "worst films I have ever seen". A flying superhero who hates heights, sporting a costume & cape made for him by his mum! Need I say more?
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Should Have Been More Succsessful
gigster20 November 1998
In one word it's a very good movie, good actors, good script and an original story by Robert Towsend. One day Jeffery Rid is struck by a strange and green meteor, the strange meteor gives him cool powers and he has been sent to help to put an end to the bad gang in the neighbourhood. The movie is not only about action and special FX, it's also about the initiation that the neighbourhood should take and stand for it self. the movie is highly recommendend, for it's great FX and moral idea.
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