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Great Movie

Author: cherry (crazythings_03@yahoo.com)
30 September 2004

This movie was just a great overall movie. You could actually feel the emotions that the character, Rosalie, was going through. The people chosen to play the characters couldn't have been any better. They all did a wonderful job. The movie showed the side of the woman stuck in a life she didn't have much choice in choosing. From the movie, she has no idea what her father did for a living or who he actually was. Then it follows her through her marriage to a mafia prince. It showed the struggles that she faced throughout her life with Bill and showed how strong of a woman she was. I would have to say this is by far my favorite mafia movie.

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Babe in the Woods or Mafia Princess?

Author: yenlo from Auburn, Me
23 November 1999

Nancy McKeon gives a fine performance as Rosalie Bonanno wife of a Mafia big shot. The film tells the story of her stormy marriage to the son of a major organized crime boss. While it's no Godfather or Goodfellas film the story chiefly with her as the main character holds up well. She starts out as a Babe in the Woods who is truly in love with Bill Bonanno supposedly not knowing that she and he hail from powerful mob families.

The actual Mafia goings on are toned down so it's not full of mob hits and the usual escapades one might expect from a gangster picture. Her married life is depicted as she struggles to gain respectability through legitimate employment when her underworld husband is incarcerated and she must raise her children on her own. Ben Gazzara co-stars as the patriarch of the Bonanno family and Eric Roberts as Rosalies husband and heir apparent to the Bonanno family business.

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I LOVED the Movie

Author: tamarabraunfan-1 from United States
8 June 2005

Who ever made that comment about Italians knows nothing I am full blooded Italian and I have blue eyes. IT is genetics that decides your eye color not your Nationality. So unless you know from what you are talking about do not talk at all. and I LOVED this movie It was AWESOME I cannot get enough You will LOVE this story. It is bitter sweet, it shows the hay day of the mafia and some of the downfall of an age filled with honor and loyalty and family. Things that in todays society is lacking VERY much. Eric Roberts and Nancy Mckeon were Superb and Eric Himself said that the Bonannos were on the set to make sure things were done just so and that it was correct and not messed up.

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Author: Erika Salinas from San Jose, Ca
30 December 2005

I had seen this movie and it had me in tears because I relate to it , all the way to the cities involved, the lifestyles of family and marriage and prison life for the family. I wanted to show this to my husband and kids when my husband finally gets out of prison

hoping it enlightens him to do right for himself and his family. When I saw this movie I felt like it was telling my life story and I knew right there and then I had to have this movie to show my husband what this life style is doing to me and his family. I need to know how to get it, or record it or something. Someone help please. If anyone know if it will come on TV again, or tell me how to get them to put it for sale

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Believe this movie was a great depiction of the "last mafia marriage"

Author: jdodge5 from United States
12 August 2006

The movie is easy to watch, Nancy McKeon does a great job of portraying Rosalie Bonanno, and how she begins as a naive young girl, to an extremely strong and independent woman. I've seen this movie numerous times and even read both Bill and Rosalie's books, this movie is a great depiction, though tamed down some, of "the last mafia marriage". I actually wish the movie had gone back in time, to when Bill and Rosalie met and continued from there. But, the way the story is told, narrated by Nancy McKeon, makes it very easy to follow and you're constantly wondering what will happen to them next. The characters were well casted, making it seem real and the time frame is well shown. What truly makes this movie worth watching, especially if you're a mafia junkie like myself, is Nancy McKeon's performance. Many movies have been made about mafia wives, but this story, with Nancy carrying the ball, is definitely the most well told and believable, because it's told from the wife's point of view, not the mobsters'. Therefore, I highly suggest if you haven't watched this movie and are either a fan of Nancy McKeon or just of good mafia films, to catch this one whenever it's on. You won't be able to turn the channel, trust me.

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It's back on Lifetime, Dec 2000

Author: SuMac from Fort Worth, TX
2 January 2001

Very engrossing story of Mafia life from the wife's point of view. You'll recognize all the stereotypical Mafia movie actors. I loved Ben Gazzara and Nancy McKeon. Was surprised to find it was based on a book written by the main character.

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Grade A +

Author: anonymous
21 December 1998

the whole cast made this story come alive...my only regret is that you can not find this film to purchase .as there are so many you want and can not find them sad to say.if you have not seen this one you will want to.the film is a good Mafia life story..:)

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