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Great Movie....Great Cast...A lot better than expected!
XsWeEtLiLGiRL90x9 November 2003
This is a great movie and michael J. Fox does excellent in this role! This is the movie that marked the beginning of the career of christina vidal, although some others may not agree I thought she did great. As the little tough girl from the streets of brooklyn she does an excellent job. This movie is something I bought after seeing this on HBO and to me is a classic. This is definitley worth a look and I give it 4 1/2 to 5 out of 5 stars. One thing to know about this movie. Don't think about it. JUST WATCH!
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Very enjoyable movie.
mariposa-925 August 2000
I've always enjoyed Michael J. Fox in "Family Ties" and this film is perfect entertainment for fans of that show.

Along with Fox, we have the cute, talented Christina Vidal Who for some reason we don't see anymore. She is perfectly poised in her scenes with Fox. And quite wonderful as we see her transform from a street-smart toughie, into this warm-hearted little girl.

All in all, great family entertainment with a great ending and a lot of good laughs. 3 out of 4 stars.
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What Can I say.....
sixersgurl9119 October 2002
except this movie was great! It was funny and the acting was great! Michael J Fox was awesome.....and for Christina Vidal's first performance she didn't do too bad either! I would definitely recommend this movie to any Michael J Fox fans or anyone just looking for a good laugh!
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This is a funny movie.
buppy25 October 1998
Michael J. Fox, Nathan Lane, Cyndi Lauper, and Christina Vidal star in this really, really funny movie. Michael J. Fox is Michael Chapman, a washed up actor that starred in his own television show as a child. Now he's a children's talent agent looking for that big break. Nathan Lane is his brother who's working together with Michael at Chapman & Chapman Talent Agency. Cyndi Lauper is funny with her Brooklyn accent as their secretary. Christina Vidal is Angie Vega, a wise-talking con artist who could be Michael's only break at any type of future. This movie is great and everybody in the family will enjoy this.
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The best comedy that nobody could expect. Worth a view.
w1cht3l15 March 2002
I haven't watched this movie in a long time, but it still holds clear in my mind: Michael J Fox is a child actor turned talent agency rep. The gist is that they are going down the tubes and it will take a definite miracle to pull things back together. Fox is charming to the last, and also brings light to an issue that was becoming more and more prominent in the early 90's- smoking and trying to quit. Nathan Lane was very funny and sociable with Fox in this film, and Angie was a devious, but reliable kid. I didn't realize Cyndi Lauper was Geena until I wrote this summary. I've heard about her being a celeb, but I didn't realize I had a film with her in it.
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It's another adjective that means "great"
This is an underrated movie with one of Fox's most subtley comical moments. The irony was not lost watching Fox portray an ex-sitcom star. Watching Fox as a smarmy, sleazy agent was so wonderfully different from anything he had done up to that point. The movie was made for watching after sleeping in over half the day on Sunday. Also, a great turns by Nathan Lane, who I didn't recognize in the role for many years, and a young David Krumholtz who is going to ascend the throne as the next John Turturro.
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A Tailor-Made Role for Michael J. Fox
Isaac585518 August 2006
Michael J. Fox's considerable on screen charm was used to good advantage in LIFE WITH MIKEY, in which he played the former child star of a sitcom called "Life with Mikey" who now is partnered with his brother (Nathan Lane) in running a children's talent agency, even though his brother does most of the work. Things look up when Mike literally bumps into 10-year old shoplifter (Kristina Vidal)who Mike sees as a possible gold mine for their agency and does manage to get her a lucrative commercial deal as cookie salesgirl. This movie is watchable thanks to a charming performance by Fox, who imbues his own experience as a former child star into this character and this performance. It's very sad whenever you watch Mike go into one of his stories about his days on the sitcom and how whoever he's sharing it with looks completely bored. Lane offers comic relief as Mike's brother and Cyndi Lauper steals every scene she is in as the agency's receptionist. There are also some laugh-out-loud hysterical sequences of children with varying levels of talent auditioning for the agency. Between these scenes and Fox's performance, this film can hold your interest.
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