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Si Swimsuit Model Angie Everhart Files for Divorce

  • TMZ
Angie Everhart has filed for divorce ... TMZ has learned. Everhart cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for ending her marriage to Carl Ferro. The couple married in 2014.  Sources tell us there is no prenup, so community property laws apply, which provides a 50/50 of assets acquired during the marriage. Angie, a model who also appeared in numerous TV shows and movies, including "Last Action Hero," also wants spousal support from Ferro, who owns Sunfare, a meal delivery service.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Joins Cast of Amazon Drama Series: Get the Details!

Amazon has locked in a big star for its latest original series.

Per Deadline, Arnold Schwarzenegger will star in, and executive produce Outrider.

The official description reads "Outrider is a mystery set in the Oklahoma Indian Territory in the late 1800s."

"It tells the dark and dangerous tale of a deputy who is not only tasked by a notoriously brutal judge with apprehending a legendary outlaw in the wilderness – but must also partner with a ruthless Federal Marshall to make sure justice is properly served."

"And as the story unfolds, not only will enemies become allies, but a series of unpredictable surprises will blur the line between good guys and bad."

The series will be co-written by Trey Calloway and Mark Montgomery, who will join Schwarzenegger and Mace Neufeld as executive producers.

Schwarzenegger will play a Federal Marshal who moved to the U.S. from Europe as a child.

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Jamie Lee Curtis Says Eliza Dushku’s Molestation Claim Has ‘Awakened Us’ to ‘Horrific Reality’

Jamie Lee Curtis Says Eliza Dushku’s Molestation Claim Has ‘Awakened Us’ to ‘Horrific Reality’
Jamie Lee Curtis says Eliza Dushku opened up to her a few years ago about being allegedly molested by stunt coordinator Joel Kramer while filming True Lies when she was 12 years old.

In an essay published by the Huffington Post titled “Truth and Lies,” Curtis — who played Dushku’s mother in the 1994 film — said Dushku had previously “shared that story with me privately a few years ago. I was shocked and saddened then and still am today.”

“Eliza’s story has now awakened us from our denial slumber to a new, horrific reality. The abuse of children,” she added.

Kramer has denied Dushku’s claims,
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True Lies Stuntman Dropped by Agency After Eliza Dushku Allegations

True Lies Stuntman Dropped by Agency After Eliza Dushku Allegations
Just days after Eliza Dushku opened up and accused True Lies stunt coordinator Joel Kramer of sexual assault, his agency has dropped him. The Worldwide Production Agency released a statement this morning revealing they have parted ways with the stunt coordinator after the allegations surfaced. Take a look at Wpa's brief statement below from the agency's president and general counsel Richard Caleel.

"Wpa has elected to part ways with Joel Kramer based on the allegations of misconduct now being reported. Such behavior is unacceptable and entirely at odds with the the standards of conduct we demand of ourselves, and expect from our clients."

While Joel Kramer has denied these claims, first revealed by Eliza Dushku on a lengthy Facebook post, they have since been backed up by her mother, brother, her legal guardian on the set, and her former agent. Director James Cameron also showed his support for the actress,
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Eliza Dushku's On-Set Legal Guardian Calls Joe Kramer a 'Pedophile' After Backing Molestation Claim

Eliza Dushku's On-Set Legal Guardian Calls Joe Kramer a 'Pedophile' After Backing Molestation Claim
Eliza Dushku‘s legal guardian on the set True Lies has come forward to corroborate the actress’ claims that she was molested by stunt coordinator Joel Kramer while filming the movie when she was just 12 years old.

“Eliza Dushku is telling the truth,” Sue Booth-Forbes, who was assigned to protect the child actor when Dushku’s mother was not able to come to the action film set due to work, said in a statement to Deadline.

Booth-Forbes claimed that she reported Kramer’s inappropriate sexual behavior to someone “in authority,” but no action was taken.

“I was met
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Eliza Dushku's Mother Says She Was Afraid of Her Daughter's Alleged Abuser Too

Eliza Dushku's Mother Says She Was Afraid of Her Daughter's Alleged Abuser Too
A woman claiming to be Eliza Dushku‘s mother said on Facebook that she wished she had been brave enough to stand up to her daughters’s alleged abuser.

In an emotional Facebook post on Saturday, Eliza alleged that stunt coordinator Joel Kramer sexually molested her during the filming of 1994’s True Lies when she was just 12 years old — an incident that she claims she told her a handful of people about including her mother, but that no one, including herself, “seemed ready to confront taboo subject” at the time. (Kramer did not immediately respond to People’s request for comment,
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Eliza Dushku Alleges True Lies Stuntman Molested Her When She Was Just 12

Eliza Dushku Alleges True Lies Stuntman Molested Her When She Was Just 12
Eliza Dushku has alleged that one of Hollywood’s leading stunt coordinators sexually molested her during the filming of 1994’s True Lies when she was just 12 years old.

The actress, 37, was starring in the James Cameron-directed film alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis when she met Joel Kramer — who has worked on many of Schwarzenegger’s films including Twins, Total Recall, Kindergarten Cop, Last Action Hero, Eraser, and Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

He was put in charge of her safety on the film, rigging her on wires and harnesses for the action movie’s then-groundbreaking stunts. But while
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Ten Terrible Movie Promotions

  • Cinelinx
Beyond just the standard trailer(s) and poster, many films have an entire promotional campaign designed to spark interest. Here’s a look at ten film promotional campaigns which should have stayed on the drawing board.

Selling a movie is not an easy task, and over the years it has not gotten any easier. Promotional campaigns have to be very creative and persistent in order to capture people’s attention amid the sea of advertising we are flooded with on a daily basis. Common tactics include giveaways, publicity stunts, viral marketing techniques, sponsorships, and product tie-ins. Many films try to push the boundaries of traditional promotional campaigns in an effort to get an edge on the competition. Below is a brief look at ten campaigns (in no particular order) which definitely pushed the envelope, but doing so did more harm than good for the films they were trying to promote.
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AC/DC Guitarist Malcolm Young Passes Away at 64

AC/DC Guitarist Malcolm Young Passes Away at 64
For those about to rock, we salute you. Malcolm Young, founding member of AC/DC and brother to lead guitarist Angus Young, has passed away at the age of 64. Malcolm suffered through dementia and cancer for the last years of his life and has not toured or recorded with the band since 2008's Black Ice. Malcolm Young was the band's rhythm guitar player and is responsible for many of AC/DC's best-known songs that have topped the charts as well as helped launch movies into the top of the box office with his contributions to soundtracks.

In a statement on the Malcolm Young's Facebook, his family said, "Renowned for his musical prowess, Malcolm was a songwriter, guitarist, performer, producer and visionary who inspired many." While the statement is accurate, it also underscores just how amazing Malcolm Young really was. Arnold Schwarzenegger's The Last Action Hero was a box office bomb,
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Blames Bill Clinton For ‘Last Action Hero’ Bombing

On paper, “Last Action Hero” is actually a pretty clever idea. A satire and fantasy rolled into one, it tells the story of a young kid who is magically dropped into the upcoming movie starring his hero Jack Slater (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger). And with an in-his-prime John McTiernan (“Die Hard,” “The Hunt For Red October“) behind the camera, the ingredients were there for success.

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Daily Podcast: Stranger Things, Thor, Star Trek, Justice League, Phantom Thread, Geostorm & More

Daily Podcast: Stranger Things, Thor, Star Trek, Justice League, Phantom Thread, Geostorm & More
On the October 23, 2017 episode of /Film Daily, Peter Sciretta is joined by Ben Pearson and Jacob Hall to talk about the latest news, including the first reviews for Stranger Things 2, the reasons Last Action Hero bombed, Star Trek Discovery gets a second season, the Justice League run-time is much shorter than expected, […]

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The Surprising Reason Why ‘Last Action Hero’ Bombed, According to Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Surprising Reason Why ‘Last Action Hero’ Bombed, According to Arnold Schwarzenegger
Remember Last Action Hero? Of course you do. The 1993 Arnold Schwarzenegger action/fantasy was one of the biggest critical and financial bombs of its decade before finding a cult following on home video. As a member of that cult following, the film’s initial reception can’t help but feel like a badge of honor 24 years […]

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Last Action Hero’s failure: Schwarzenegger argues Clinton partly to blame

Simon Brew Oct 23, 2017

Last Action Hero failed partly because of a change in politics, argues Arnold Schwarzenegger...

When Arnold Schwarzenneger’s first big action vehicle following Terminator 2 – 1993’s Last Action Hero – went head to head with Jurassic Park at the box office, you don’t need us to tell you that the dinosaurs won. Arnie’s box office power never hit the same heights again either, although True Lies had a go, and in the aftermath of Last Action Hero’s disappointing takings, several reasons were cited.

But the election of Bill Clinton wasn’t one of them.

However, in a new interview, Schwarzengger has reflected on Last Action Hero’s underwhelming box office performance, and part-concluded that new politics had its place in the mix.

“It was one of those things where President Clinton was elected and the press somehow made the whole thing kind of political where they thought,
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Angie Everhart Recalls ‘Frightening’ Encounter With Harvey Weinstein

  • The Wrap
Angie Everhart Recalls ‘Frightening’ Encounter With Harvey Weinstein
Angie Everhart has joined the growing ranks of women who have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct. “Last Action Hero” actress Everhart called into the “Frosty, Heidi and Frank” morning radio show on Los Angeles’ Klos Friday morning to detail an encounter with the disgraced film mogul, recounting how he pleasured himself in front of her during a trip to the Venice Film Festival. “I went to the Venice Film Festival and iI was on somebody’s boat, and I had just arrived, and I was sleeping. It was in my bed, and you know boats aren’t very big spaces sometimes,
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Ghostbusters table arrives for Stern Pinball Arcade on Xbox One

Fans of Stern Pinball Arcade will be excited to hear that the Ghostbusters table is now available on the Xbox One, we’re talking about a table based on the good Ghostbusters not the dodgy remake. This latest table adds to the already long list of table for Stern Pinball Arcade that includes tables such as Starship Troopers, Last Action Hero, Phantom of the Opera and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

The new Ghostbusters table features lots of elements from the original two films and sees players become the newest member of the Ghostbusters team. Players will be able to chase down Slimer, Battle the Stay Puft Marshamallow Man, capture the Scoleri Brothers and much more busting.

Players will be treated to custom speech from Ernie Hudson (Winston Zeddemore) as they perform skill shots like ‘paranormal’ magnetic slingshots and get rewarded with unique multiball modes such as the flipper reversing Mass Hysteria multiball.
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Robert Patrick interview: Terminator 2, James Cameron

Ryan Lambie Aug 25, 2017

We talk to the actor behind one of cinema's great villains - Terminator 2's Robert Patrick...

It's more than 25 years since Terminator 2: Judgment Day first emerged, but actor Robert Patrick still carries the same cool, shark-like look of his shape-shifting villain, the T-1000. When Patrick fixes me with his sharp blue eyes, I can almost imagine his right arm quietly morphing into a sharp, chrome spear... and then he smiles, lets out a raucous laugh and the illusion is, thankfully, broken.

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In London to promote the 3D re-release of T2, and it's testament to how well-made James Cameron's sci-fi sequel is that it holds up so well all these years later. For his part, Robert Patrick doesn't appear to have tired being
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70Mm Film Festival August 10-september 1, Aero Theatre, Santa Monica

  • CinemaRetro
The Aero Theatre's "Return of 70mm" film festival opens tomorrow and runs through September 1. Films to be screened include 2001:a Space Odyssey, The Dark Crystal, E.T: The Extraterrestrial, Back to the Future Part II, Steven Spielberg's Always, The Last Action Hero, Hook, Streets of Fire and John Carpenters The Thing. Click here for info. 
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Predator 30th Anniversary Poster Shared by Director Shane Black

Predator 30th Anniversary Poster Shared by Director Shane Black
Predator turned 30 recently and, even three decades later, it remains a true action classic. The movie holds up incredibly well, even by today's standards, and the creature is still a relevant part of pop culture. Shane Black is currently shooting The Predator, a sequel to the original, which is set to come out next year. Before he was a successful writer/director, Shane Black was an actor and, he actually starred alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in the original Predator. That being the case, Black recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of the movie.

Shane Black took a break from reviving the Predator franchise and took to social media in order to honor the 30th anniversary of Predator. On his Twitter, he shared a pretty sweet looking poster, with Arnold Schwarzenegger's Dutch front-and-Center, celebrating the entirety of the franchise. Shane Black, who played Hawkins, did have a very simple but effective message
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365Flicks Podcast – Episode 74: 13 Reasons Why, Arnie Top5 and more!

Here’s the latest episode of the 365Flicks podcast, part of the ever-growing podcast roster here on Nerdly. If you haven’t heard the show yet, you can check out previous episodes on Podomatic and Libsyn, whilst we’ll be featuring each and every new episode as it premieres.

365Flicks Podcast – Episode Episode 74: 13 Reasons Why, Arnie Top5, News & Quickie Reviews, Last Action Hero

We kick this episode off with our usual awesome 365 Banter moving swiftly into the news however Kev has other plans as he decided to derail procedings to gush over 13 Reasons why (Spoiler talk after the end credits). Then its time for the news where Chris is surprised to learn Logan is getting the Noir treatment and the lads discuss the fact that Marvel seems to want girls to diet. This episodes quickie reviews are of Nicholas Hoult and Henry Cavill’s Sand Castle, One man movie Mine with Armie Hammer.
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When the Police Academy gang made a horror movie

Simon Brew Jun 20, 2017

Steve Guttenberg headlines what's supposed to be a reunion of the Police Academy cast. Life doesn't always work out as promised, though...

To the nearest $1m, the final Police Academy movie – Police Academy: Mission To Moscow – took a tidy $1m at the box office. It brought to a tragic end a movie franchise that had delighted surely a few people in its latter years, and certain given the office photocopiers a workout, as jokes were religiously recycled en masse. The Hangover series would put a better gloss on the recycling jokes schtick, and repeat the trick across its sequels many years later, to better commercial return.

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See also: What went wrong with Police Academy: Mission To Moscow.

Police Academy producer Paul Maslansky – who also tried to turn Ski Patrol into a series, foiled by the fact that barely anyone went to see the first and only one – has talked about rebooting Police Academy since. Most of the original cast are still with us, too, save for the brilliant David Graf (Tackleberry), Bubba Smith (Hightower), and George Gaynes (Commandant Lassard). Basically, a chunk of the core ensemble are available, and have been waiting for the call to return for a fresh Police Academy adventure. But the call, unfortunately, never came.

Hence, Lavalantula.

This is a film that centres on Steve Guttenberg, a washed-up movie star of the 90s who’s taken on a bug movie for $10,000. Going by the name of Colton West, we learn that he’s been the star of such movie franchises as Crazy Cops and Red Robot, and I know even typing this that nobody really cares. Instead, you’ve been drawn to this film for the same reason I was: it’s the cast of the Police Academy movies, just in a sort-of-horror film. Asda – and other supermarkets selling DVDs are available – had this next to Star Wars: Rogue One in my local store. One coin toss later, and Rogue One could wait.

It turns out, of course, that it’s a dose of trash that’s been doing the rounds for a little while. Spun out of the Sharknado series, Lavalantula was first shown on Syfy in the Us back in 2015, and I’ve barely found mention of it since. That notwithstanding, I armed myself with some of those new strawberry and vanilla Calippos (6/10 from me for them), and settled in.

Purveyors of The Asylum and Syfy attempts to recreate the feel of B-movies will know what they’re getting here. A perfunctory bit of plot, to get to some special effects that have been produced with second hand computers bought off Ilm. That’s less snooty than it sounds, mind. Lavalantula, a word that only seven of the 49 human beings who have ever tried managed to pronounce correctly the first time, is a solid audit as to what $20,000 or so’s worth of effects can buy you. Some lava and half-decent spiders is the answer. Given that London Has Fallen, for one, cost $105m to make and had effects that looked like Call Of Duty a generation back, Lavathingy does offer a decent recent in that sense. Don’t get carried away and start giving it awards or anything, though.

Thing is, it’s easy to look down on micro budget stuff like this. Yet who knows where the next big filmmaker is going to come from? Jennifer Yuh Nelson cut her teeth on the basic animated movies that used to go straight to bargain stores, and now she’s one of the highest grossing female directors of all time, courtesy of the Kung Fu Panda series. The late Jonathan Demme was one of many schooled by the low budget ways of Roger Corman – a model that Jason Blum has expanded on for his Blumhouse outfit, offering filmmakers low budgets in exchange for final cut – and whilst The Asylum has lower ambitions, everyone needs a break, right?

In this case, it’s director Mike Mendez, who worked on the likes of NCIS and CSI before giving the world Big Ass Spider! Here, he knows the trade off is he has to shoot lots of explanatory conversation scenes to stretch the budget (he does throw in a Raiders Of The Lost Ark boulder-rip-off at one moment, though, as well as a just on the right side of legal Pirates Of The Caribbean homage), reckoning he has but 10 minutes out of 80 that he can spend on effects. At one stage, he decides to have a man dressed as a spider fight a spider. Sadly, it’s less fun that it sounds.

The other concession to budget is you don’t actually get the cast of Police Academy for very long. This is less forgivable. Sure, you get shirtless Guttenberg stealing a bus, and in his own way giving us his own spin on Last Action Hero. His character also needs to reconnect with his son for reasons that are of no human interest. But everyone else? They’re shuttled in for quick cameos. You get them at the start, and then Winslow and Ramsey finally return an hour later. But by then, they’re plotting how to beat the big spiders, and – presumably fearing legal interest – the references to glories old are all but gone.

I can’t be the only person who put the DVD in to hear Michael Winslow recreate his collection of noises. But we get, what, five minutes with him in all? It’s like a Police Academy reunion where everyone but Steve Guttenberg got given the wrong time. There’s the odd concession and acknowledgement of the series elsewhere in the film - “they took out the Blue Oyster. I loved that place,” says pretend Captain Jack Sparrow (really) at one stage – but for Ramsey, Leslie Easterbrook and Winslow, the DVD packaging may as well provide you with a spotter book, so you can at least tick ‘em off once you see them.

Still, Ralph Garman is good fun here as the aforementioned Jack Sparrow knock-off, and 24 fans who wonder just what happened to that fella who played Tony Almeida Isn’t Dead Really will get their answer, as Carlos Bernard duly picks up his cheque. 24: Legacy couldn’t come along quickly enough, though.

On the plus side too, there’s little question that everyone’s in on the gag.

But when you yearn for the film to at least have an equitable number of laughs as a Police Academy sequel, it’d be fair to say a little alarm has long been going off. By the time the film is directly mirroring and quoting a moment from Jurassic Park, that old adage of invoke the memory of other, better films at your peril has long been proved.

The cheapest moment, incidentally, and this is a competitive contest, is the Basil Exposition-type Doctor/Professor/scientist character, clambering into a helicopter with the full chopper sound effect going. Only for the camera to leave the fact that the rotors aren’t turning fully in shot.

Yet I think I still want that horror movie with the Police Academy cast that I was sold. In fact, what I think what I’d like to see now is a big screen version of the PlayStation 4 game Until Dawn, but with Police Academy characters, to bring a bit of a choose your own adventure element to the fun. Plus, then you get to replay it, changing just a few plot elements next time you play, accurately reflecting one of the core components of the Police Academy business plan.

Guttenberg has since followed this up with a sequel, 2 Lava 2 Tarantula, where only two Police Academy alumni joined him. Another film is coming. But Lavalantula: Tokyo Drift is surely just a meeting and a beermat’s worth of plot away, where all of his co-stars will have deserted him, ready to rejoin him for the fourth film in the series. That’s how this stuff work, right? And then Statham will turn up two films later? Right?

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