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Crew or equipment visible 

After the Explorer has fallen out of the tree, the camera zooms into the wheel, where a reflection of a face is visible.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When Lex falls through the ceiling, she is screaming but her mouth isn't moving.
When Ray Arnold uses the UNIX command prompt to access the park's security system his spoken commands do not match his typed commands. For example the first typed command is "access security" and the first spoken command is "access main program". None of his spoken commands match the commands entered in the prompt.
When the T. rex is attacking the car with Lex and Tim, in a shot through the roof wind-shield, you can hear them scream. However, their mouths stay closed.
As Hammond was hearing the shotgun fire through the telephone, we can hear that what was firing was like a pistol the bangs and the rate of fire. Shotguns usually have a slower rate of fire and sound far more louder than a pistol, and when the shot goes to the glass behind the "ride" it looked like holes from 9mm pistol rounds instead of .12 guage shotgun rounds.
When the goat is offered to the T. rex, you hear the bleating sound of a sheep as opposed to a goat's bleating sound.

Character error 

In the embryo freezing chamber, Tyrannosaurus rex is spelled with only one "N" instead of two. Also, Stegosaurus is spelled "Stegasaurus".
As Dr. Grant lectures the cynical boy at the dig site about the velociraptor, he says that the velociraptor's claw was used to eviscerate and tear its victims apart, as opposed to going for the neck like many of today's predators. The fossilized remains of a velociraptor caught in a feud with its prey clearly show the velociraptor stabbing the prey in the neck with its claw. The Truth About Killer Dinosaurs also conducted an experiment to see if the claw could eviscerate flesh. It couldn't.
In the scripted audio tour, the narrator refers to the dilophosaurus as poisonous, when in fact if the method of toxin exchange is spitting or biting, then it is actually venomous.
The command prompt used by Ray Arnold while attempting to access security settings appears to have correctly started in normal user mode, as the prompt symbol is simply a ">" character. He would have to enable superuser mode, often indicated by a "#" symbol, to access important system information such as security settings. Perhaps the enable command was "please."
A lot of the characters call the dinosaurs "he" even though Dr Wu told Malcolm the dinosaurs are all female.
Grant says; "T-Rex doesn't want to be fed. He wants to hunt. Can't just suppress 65 million years of gut instinct". However he has it the wrong way round; dinosaurs had 200 millions years of gut instinct; 65 million is the period for which they were extinct.
During his dig in Montana, Grant makes three mistakes: First, he unearths a velociraptor in Montana. Velociraptor remains have only been found in Asia. Second, he declares that velociraptor was a pack hunter. All velociraptor remains have been found alone, indicating exactly the opposite. Both of these, however, are accurate claims about Deinonychus, on which Michael Crichton modeled his velociraptors. Thirdly, Grant says that raptor means "bird of prey." It is actually Latin for thief. (The English word rape has the same root, and originally meant theft.) The first velociraptors were found around egg nests, and paleontologists thought it was an oviraptor (egg thief). They subsequently concluded that the eggs were in fact velociraptor eggs, indicating that the animals cared for their young, rather than abandoning them, as many had previously thought.
When Grant is holding the baby raptor, he asks Dr. Wu, "What species is this?" and receives the reply, "Uh, it's a velociraptor." In fact, "velociraptor" is the genus of the animal, not the species.
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When they arrive at the T. rex cage right before the black out, we can clearly see the ground inside the cage is approximately flush with that outside the cage. But when the T. rex escapes and begins to terrorize the two trucks, the ground in the cage is shown to be at least 100 feet below where it was before.
When the T. rex throws the goat's leg onto the car, you can see that it is a hind leg, but when you see the T. rex swallowing the rest of the goat, you see both back legs disappear into its mouth.
When the two jeeps are approaching the Brachiosaurus, Hammond instructs his driver to hastily stop the jeep to which the driver complies, halting the vehicle. The shot then changes to the first car and we can see Hammond's car is still moving, even though we saw and heard it stop in the previous shot.
When Ellie enters the cafeteria where Hammond is eating ice cream the ceiling fans are working despite the power being out.
When Dennis crashes the Jeep in the Dilophosaurus section of the island, the Jeep gets stuck on a tree branch. Dennis ties a cable to a tree to free the Jeep from the tree branch. The cable is clearly seen sitting straight. When Dennis is face to face with the lizard in front of the Jeep, the cable is somehow gone. And it stays like this throughout the whole scene.
When Dennis is taking the embryos in the shaving cream can, the can changes between red and blue and then back again when it is being covered in the mud.
When the helicopter is descending onto the island, the cars are already beside the landing pad. As the scientists get out, the cars are shown backing up to the pad.
When the two grandchildren are in the jeep and the T. rex smashes down on the plexiglass roof, a large section breaks where Tim is holding it up. When the camera switches positions, the glass is whole again.
The position of Muldoon's shotgun butt, seconds before he is attacked by the first raptor.
Gennarro runs off and leaves Lex and Tim in the Explorer when the T. rex appears, and leaves the car door open. Later, we see the same vehicle through the windscreen of Grant and Malcolm's vehicle and the same door is closed. Later on still, Tim shuts the door which is what attracts the T. rex' attention.
When Tim looks through the windshield with the goggles, Lex is looking in his direction. When the shot switches to the outside, she is looking elsewhere.
At the beginning, when the group is walking up to the front door of the visitors center, the stone top of the entrance exceeds the bottom of the roof, but in the subsequent close up shot, the stone entrance is smaller, with sheets of grass/straw behind it.
When Dennis Nedry checks the shaving cream canister diversion safe he places the cream on a pie, in the next shot his hand is completely clean of cream before he wipes his hand.
In the T. rex attack scene when Grant and Lex are inches from the rex, they are leaning right against the upside-down car (notice Grant's hat). In the next shot, they are at least a few feet from the car and in a different position.
When Dr. Grant starts climbing into the tree that contains the Explorer with Tim trapped inside, the tree is dripping with water from the rain. A few seconds later when he reaches the Explorer there are no drops falling down. When Dr. Grant start talking to Tim you can see water drip behind him again.
When Alan, Timmy, and Lex are running from the Gallimimus herd, some of the dinosaurs run past them, but in the next scene, shot from behind, there aren't any in front of them.
The scene in the trailer Hammond is drying the glass with a towel in one shot and in the next the towel is a complete new one evident by the change in color.
During lunch when Hammond explains to Gennaro that the "park isn't just for the super-rich?", Hammond's hands change positions between shots.
At the beginning, when we first meet Dennis Nedry at the outdoor cafés in San Jose, he is talking to Dodgson and wiping his fingers with a napkin, and his fingers change positions from one shot to the next.
After Dennis Nedry pulls out the cable on the front of the jeep, he slips and falls down the hill with water rushing down all around him. In the next shot, there is hardly any water around him.
In the final helicopter ride, Lex is seen sleeping on Dr. Grant. Her head position changes several times between shots.
The goat's leg mysteriously disappears just before the T. rex smashes into the roof of the car.
In the scene with Ellie and Hammond, she leans forward to grab a spoonful of ice cream. The next shot is from behind Ellie, and shows her at the end of a long table, with the ice cream cartons 6-8 feet away from her and out of reach.
When the Velociraptor egg is first hatching, the robotic arm is holding it in place, in the next shot the arm is nowhere to be seen.
When Nedry gets out of the Jeep to open the gate, he leaves the door open, but when he comes back, it is shut.
After the soup ladle falls on the floor in the kitchen, Tim moves to the other side of the stainless steel cabinet, which shows a reflection of one of the hanging spoons still moving from side to side. In the immediate subsequent shot, the spoon is still.
We see John Hammond picking pieces of egg shell off from the hatching egg, but in a subsequent shot, there are two pieces lying down that weren't there before.
Immediately after Sattler's encounter with the velociraptor in the powerhouse, she lunges toward the door, and the door is closed. In the close-up shot after that, the door is fully open. But in the next shot, the door is fully closed again.
After the two raptors hear the soup ladle fall on the floor, Lex is shown crawling to go to the other side of the kitchen, and Tim is briefly shown following behind. But in the next shot, Tim is just then starting to crawl to the other side of the cabinet.
Dr. Grant and Lex are shown kneeling next to the Explorer, but just before the T. rex spins the vehicle, they are crouching.
The undamaged East Dock sign on road below Nedry's truck crash points up, then left.
When Dr. Grant enters the trailer, the hatchet on his belt disappears.
When the car falls into the tree, each shot shows the lights on top of the car pointing in different directions.
The distance between the wires in the electric fence changes.
Tim stops climbing down the fence when the green light starts to flash, but in background shots later he can still be seen climbing.
As Dr. Sattler walks out to turn on the power she puts on the headphones for her walkie talkie. In the next scene they are coiled at her side again.
When chased by the raptor and going above the ceiling, Alan Grant gets to some kind of a hatch and makes everyone pass before going in himself. Right after, he's the first to exit the duct and makes everyone pass (again) onto the T. rex bone structure.
When the Explorer falls out of the tree, the left front headlight gets smashed by a tree branch. As it falls further, the light is on in some shots and off in others, alternating about five times. When the T. rex steps on the upside-down Explorer, the A, B, and C pillars all buckle and the roof caves in. Later, the interior shots of Timmy and Lex trying to get out show that the pillars are all still intact and the vehicle is simply sinking into the mud.
When Nedry crashes and tries to use the winch to pull the car out, he unhooks and pulls the line twice.
When he first learns that there's a T. rex on the island, Dr. Grant has a grass stain on his pants before he sits on the grass.
The scratch on Dr. Grant's left cheek continually shifts positions.
When Nedry adds the first embryos to the shaving cream can, the can is already half full. When he adds the second ones, the can is empty again.
The positions of the people in the helicopter from the outside shot at the very end of the movie are different than they were during the shots inside.
As the cars are going back to the visitors center, they are traveling through dense jungle when they "suddenly" stop, yet in later scenes they are in an extremely open area.
When Drs. Sattler, Malcolm, and Grant are talking in the cars, there are several shots in which rain shows on the windows of the Explorer, and several in which the windows are dry.
The viewing platform for the raptor compound is bare until Muldoon shows up. Just as he makes it up the stairs and begins talking to Grant, you can see that they are standing on something red.
The T. rex footprint that Malcolm looks at when he is in the Jeep after being rescued was not there when the other two went to look for Grant and the kids in the other Jeep.
When they leave the compound at the end, Grant jumps in the passenger side and Hammond drives away. When they reach the helicopters, Grant gets out of the driver's side and Hammond, Sattler, and the kids are shown walking toward the Jeep from behind it as if they rode in another one.
After falling to the ground, Muldoon reaches to save the gate keeper twice.
When Dr. Grant feeds the brachiosaurus, during the long shots, he holds the branch with both hands. During the close-ups of Lex, his left hand is loose by his side.
When Grant approaches his trailer at the dig site, the hinge is on the right. When he steps inside, it is on the left.
The concrete wall should be right beside the tree in which the Explorer landed. However when Grant walks up to the tree to help Tim out, the wall is nowhere in sight.
When Dr. Grant fires the shotgun in the control room at the intruding dinosaurs, the bullet holes in the glass are incorrect. They are clearly not from a shotgun round and are too small to be slugs.
When Ellie, Alan, and the rest of the people are digging up the raptor skeleton, the camera shows a black bone during a close up shot, but when the camera zooms out to a full body shot of the skeleton, there is no black bone.
In the movie theater, when Hammond clicks his remote to lock the restraints in place, only the bars on the front row moves. In the next shot, all three rows are locked down.
When Nedry realizes that he has lost control of the Jeep, he's shown turning the steering wheel hard to the right, but the next shot shows the skidding front/left wheel turned to the left.
When Sattler and Muldoon step out of the lodge Ellie can be seen putting on headphones for her radio. Then when Muldoon is looking at the Raptor footprints she does not have them on.
When the crew first steps onto the platform to look down at the velociraptors, there is an area rug where they are to stand. Moments later, the rug has vanished.
As the Ford Explorers first arrive at the visitor center, (in a long shot) you see Lex walk to the front Explorer. Then, in a close-up (through the windows of the front Explorer), you see her walk up to it again.
The bag of money Nedry is holding disappears between shots when Dodgson shows him the canister.
During the introduction ride, where it is shown and explained how the dinos are made, you hear the recorded voice saying the genetically engineered dino DNA is put into unfertilized ostrich eggs - but moments later we see a baby velociraptor hatching from what appears to be an actual dinosaur egg.
During the helicopter ride Hammond has his back obviously towards the front and is sitting on the left side. Malcolm is across from him with Gennaro is next to Malcolm. When the helicopter lands Hammond is on the right side with Gennaro across from him.
Before Tim and Lex are attacked by the T. rex the seat belt holder next to the door is in place where it should be. In the next shot the holder is not there, just a hole in the plastic interior of the car.
Tim's left ear is bloody from the electrocution he suffered (probably a blown eardrum), and it's visible in the buffet scene, but when they are evading the velociraptors his ear is devoid of blood, and his hair is pretty well styled (as opposed to being frizzy from the frying).
In the trailer / champagne scene, the amount of dust on Grant's forehead changes between between shots from 3/4 covered to fully covered, back to 3/4 and finally none.
When the T. rex breaks out through the fence its first move shows it walking in between the two explorers away from the characters, which would give it no cause to have any interest with the explorers. In the following scene, the T. rex is shown at the fence again.
During the tour group's first stop at the tyrannosaur paddock, rain appears and disappears from the vehicle windows between shots.
As the T. rex was destroying the Explorer that Tim and Lex were in, in one shot, their clothes are nice and clean, and the next, they're filthy with mud.
As the gas Jeeps travel through the park from the heliport to the visitors center, their tops are configured to be completely open air. As Dr. Grant sees the brachiosaurus for the first time, he reaches up to grab the Jeep's roll bar to stand. The Jeep's canopy covering the front seat passengers is closed. Seconds later when he reaches down the turn Dr. Sattler's head to the left it's open again.
As Alan Grant gazes at the herd of brachiosaurus, he's sitting on the ground between Ellie Sattler and John Hammond. But in a reverse-angle shot showing the three characters in the foreground and the dinosaurs in the distance, Ellie is standing between Hammond and Grant.
Ellie makes a break for the maintenance shed. She jumps over a log and the shed can be seen in the distance. She then swings from a branch and then jumps over the same log again. Evidently, this was a different take as the shed is virtually lost in the fog effects.
Dr. Grant clearly isn't wearing a watch during the helicopter ride to the island, but is wearing one as soon as they land and for the rest of the film.
While Muldoon is on the ground, attempting to save Jophrey's life, his hat is missing, but when he gives the order to shoot the raptor, the hat mysteriously appears on his head.
When the T. rex flips over the Ford Explorer it hits the wall but in the next scene when the T. rex stands on it, the Explorer has moved away from the wall by several feet.
When Dennis jeep get stuck he notices a sign telling him which way to the docks, in the first shot the arrow is pointing up. A few seconds later when Dennis falls down and proceeds into the jungle to attach the cable, the arrow is pointing to the left.
When the T. rex roars right by the jeep door, Timmy not only does not react to the earsplitting sound, he's not even looking at the rex. The scene then quickly cuts to a closeup of him cowering in terror.
When Nedry opens the shaving cream can to steal the embryos he tosses the top section of the can aside. When he is finished collecting the embryos the discarded section is on a shelf in front of him.
Before the T. rex attacks Tim and Lex in the car, the exterior shot shows the previously open door closed, but, when the camera changes to inside the vehicle, Tim closes the door and gains the attention of the T. rex.
The label on the champagne bottle changes position at least three times as Hammond pours.
When Dennis bumps open the main "Jurassic Park" gate, the CB antenna on the right rear of the Jeep is straight up. Yet when he slides and crashes into the sign, the antenna is bent over and tied down like the other Jeeps.
When Lex and Tim, go into the kitchen to hide from the raptors, there are several mats along the floor, but during the closeup shots of the raptors' feet the floor mats are gone.
When the T. rex attacks the Explorer, the first shot shows the rex nudging the driver's window. In the next shot of the T. rex it is letting go of the nudge much lower down, from the door itself.
When the T. rex starts to spin the overturned vehicle, the taillights and brush guards are intact, but after the spin they are damaged even though they shouldn't be yet.
The sky in the first Brachiosaur scene is alternately cloudy and clear from shot to shot.
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Malcolm goes from leaning in on Grant and Ellie's conversation in the cinema to sitting further away in the next shot.
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The swing-arm behind the raptor egg disappears.
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Grant moves forward to look at the Gallimimus herd but in the next shot he's just started moving.
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When Grant is lecturing the group in Montana, the man working the computer is looking at the monitor and then at Grant from shot to shot.
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When the power to the electric fence comes on, sending Timmy flying toward Dr. Grant, Timmy flies off of the fence in a perfectly vertical position with no sign of rotation. But when Dr. Grant catches him, he is cradling him horizontally.
When Dr. Grant is describing the attack patterns of velociraptors to the boy in Montana, his index fingers change from being right next to each other to a few inches apart between shots.
When Grant, Sattler, Lex, and Tim are running from the visitors center at the end, the mud pattern on the door of the jeep is different from the pattern that is seen right before the group boards the helicopter to leave the island.

Crew or equipment visible 

When the raptors are being fed for the viewing of the visitors, a crew member's white shirt can clearly be seen shaking the leaves in the pit as the raptors attack their prey.
Stage light reflected on the hood of the Explorer when it hits the bottom of the tree.
The raptor looks through the kitchen window with a spray of breath on the glass. Just before that, you can hear and see the digital clapper and the man holding it reflected on the door.
The video cameras in front of the steering wheel in the Ford Explorer are actually supposed to be used for the audience to see out the windshield. Even on the front bumper guard, there are video cameras, probably used for crew members to drive the vehicle from behind the backseat. When the camera zooms up to the main Jurassic Park gate, there is clearly a tiny camera on top of the driver's side windshield panel. Ian literally found this camera out after the people were looking at the T. rex paddock.
When the Explorer is falling down while Grant and Tim are trying to get out of the tree, you can see the cable that is pulling the car downward.
In the brief shot that shows the Ford Explorer being flipped on its top by the Tyrannosaurus rex, various pieces of equipment can be seen in the back behind everything.
When Grant and the two children are being chased, the tire tracks from the moving camera can be seen in the grass.
A studio light and a potted tree are briefly visible in the background when the T. rex flips over Lex and Timmy's car.
Arm of crew member when the velociraptor first enters the kitchen. The velociraptor was actually a full, but generally immobile, robot.
Shadow of crew member's hand visible causing spoons to drop when Lex is hiding in the cabinet.
When gate keeper falls off the top of the cage, a crewmember's hand stops the stuntman from hitting the camera.
When Dr. Grant and Tim are choosing which car to sit in at the visitors center two stage lights can be seen reflecting in the open car door.
When Dr. Grant is holding the door shut in the control room, just as the velociraptor pushes the door almost fully open you can see a crew member in a white shirt reflected in the glass opposite the door. The crew member seems to be pushing the velociraptor model against the door to force it open.
When Dr. Grant, Lex, and Tim have just climbed up the tree where they'll meet the brachiosaurus, there's a scaffold visible in the background on the left just behind a horizontal branch. In a later scene, when they are asleep and just about to wake up, the net used to hang distant branches and leaves is clearly visible in the top third of the frame for almost the full width. Below that, once again the scaffold silhouetted against the background light.
During the Gallimimus stampede when Grant, Lex, and Tim seek shelter under the fallen tree, you can see the shadow of a camera or crew member on Grant's body a few seconds before the T. rex appears.
A wire can be seen behind the Dilophosaurus when it spreads its neck frills, before it attacks Dennis Nedry.
Lights visible before Muldoon gets attacked by the raptor.

Errors in geography 

Nedry is shown seated at a beachfront cafe behind the caption "San Jose, Costa Rica". San Jose is landlocked, without any adjoining lakes.
Just after Malcolm is rescued, you see him sitting in the back of the jeep in the T. rex area next to the other vehicle viewing the tremors in the water. In the next shot he is hurrying the others to come to the vehicle and they are in a completely different area of the park.
The tropical storm is reportedly some distance west of the island. At the latitude of Costa Rica, tropical storms move east to west. The storm should have moved away from the island.
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Factual errors 

In order for Timmy to be hurt by the electric fence, he would need some part of his body touching the ground. (It can't be an interlaced fence because there are wires connecting all the cables.) Since he was still several feet up, he is just as safe as a bird sitting on a power line. Even if it was interlaced, energizing it while he gripped it with both hands would not knock him off. He would be unable to let go. After further review, the cables are connected by cords, not wire. So it could (but not must!) be an interlaced fence. At the time the sparks fly, Timmy is standing on one cable, he's holding another with both hands, and a third cable is about level with his knees. If the fence is interlaced, he would be OK as long as he doesn't touch the cable by his knees. (Or come within a quarter-inch of it!)
The mosquito that is encased in amber, and from which the DNA sample is extracted is male. This is evident from the "bushy" look of the antennae. Female mosquitoes have far fewer hairs on their antennae, and so the distinction is easily made. Only females drink blood, as it is needed to produce eggs. There would not have been any dinosaur DNA in the male to extract.
In the first scene where the Ford Explorers pull up and Mr. Hammond brags about the cars, the boy Tim climbs inside and if you look closely you can see there is no seat belts in the vehicle. The restraints were cut because the vehicle could not be involved in a traffic collision due to the track system. Then, when the T. rex flips the Explorer over, the kids do no fall from their seats because they were wearing some sort of restraints.
Dr. Grant tests the electric fence by throwing a wooden branch at it. This would not reveal whether or not the electric fence is active because wood is an insulator and does not conduct electricity.
Dominican amber is famous for its quality, but it was only formed 20 million years ago, long after the dinosaurs had died out, so you could never find a prehistoric mosquito that had fed on dinosaur blood there, and even then, one that was completely uncontaminated, which would have been amplified along with the DNA, as well as too degraded. There is nothing to compare it with.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

When initially passing the T. rex paddock, the cars are heading right. When the cars return due to the hurricane coming, the cars are heading left. There could be an emergency turnaround point in the track that wasn't shown.
Lex says "It's a UNIX system. I know this!" while looking at a graphical display. While the display in question was not typical of UNIX systems of that era, it was indeed a commercial UNIX system built by Silicon Graphics (see trivia entry).
Nedry gathers the dinosaur embryos, frozen in liquid nitrogen, with his bare hands. Brief contact, as shown, is possible.
Many of the animals are depicted inaccurately, but this can be explained within the storyline - the InGen scientists have made mistakes or deliberate alterations to the species they cloned. They combined Velociraptor with Deinonychus, made Dilophosaurus a dwarf, and gave Brachiosaurus a chewing ability.
If Site B was where the dinosaurs were bred (In The Lost World: Jurassic Park) then why was the velociraptor born on Isla Nublar? Hammond wanted to create the illusion that all of the animals were, in fact, created on Isla Nublar. It isn't until The Lost World that it was revealed that Site B on Isla Sorna was where the large industrial compound producing thousands of embryos for a single viable one was located. This is explained in the novel but not mentioned in any of the movies.
In the scene in the control room where Mr. Arnold says that "fences are failing all over the park", you can clearly see on the computer screen that the raptor paddock fences are included. Later John asks "the raptor fences aren't out are they?" Mr. Arnold tells him that they are still on. However, earlier in the movie it was stated that the velociraptors had to be contained in a separate holding pen - which is shown in the movie - away from the paddock shown on the map.
When Hammond shows the guests the park lab, shortly after the scene involving Mr. DNA, Gennaro mistakenly refers to the park scientists as "autoerotica". This is an obvious joke at Gennaro's expense.
Dr. Grant is shown at the beginning of the film excavating a velociraptor in Montana. True velociraptors have only been found in central Asia, but Montana was home to the closely related Deinonychus, which some paleontologists considered to be the same as Velociraptor at the time the original Jurassic Park novel was written. For the movie, they kept the incorrect name.
The "Dilophosaurus" in the film had a retractable frill around its neck and was able to spit poison, aiming for the eyes to blind and paralyze its prey. While there is no evidence to support this representation, in the film it's stated when the group is on the tour and approach the holding facility of the Dilophosaurus, the announcer states that recently, they discovered that the venom and the frill were part of what it was capable of. Meaning, clearly the "facts" were just simply exaggerated for the film, since they came upon discovering this through bringing it to life, when, outside of the film, of course that never happened. It was probably added for dramatic effect for the later scene when Dennis would encounter the dinosaur.
After shooting the velociraptor, Grant drops the shotgun on the ground, with the action open and the ejection port facing up. There is a shell visible halfway out of the receiver. This is probably why Grant stops trying to shoot the attacking raptors and drops the gun, precisely because of this "stovepipe" jam (assuming that he is not accustomed to firearms and therefore doesn't know racking the action would probably solve the problem).
When leaving the visitor coach to proceed to the laboratory, Dr. Grant, Dr. Sattler, and Dr. Malcolm have to push hard to lift their retaining clips which keep them on their seats during the ride, yet Hammond and Gennaro are able to lift theirs easily. As shown earlier, Hammond is holding the remote control for the seat restraints; all he had to do was push a button to release the locks.

Plot holes 

It is quite unlikely that a really important room like the control room doesn't have a manual (or at least an independently powered) lock which would be operational in the event of a power outage.
When the T. rex first gets out, it claws open the fence and walks through the opening; however, when Dr. Grant and Lex go through the same spot in the fence, there is a significant drop (large enough for a jeep to drop past them and into a tree that Dr. Grant then climbs to rescue Tim). The dropoff that Dr. Grant and the kids scale down would have made the fence too tall for the T. rex to reach or even see.
When Tim and Lex arrive at the visitor center, after their "tour", they find a entire buffet set with desserts. But all personnel left the night before and only the people in the control-room have been around. Hammond and Ellie ate dessert the night before, but it should have gone bad or melted until the children arrived. No staff of the kitchen seem present or around either. To leave all this food out seem without logic. Especially since no one has eaten from it or intend to do so.
The ride they are taken on passes by the lab, there is only one viewport and the ride seats only a few people (30ish) yet they expect many thousands per day. This will be impossible.
The plot centers around finding dinosaur blood in fossilized mosquitoes trapped in amber. However, our first encounter with extinct life comes when Ellie examines a leaf and says "This 'veriforman' species has been extinct since the Cretaceous." No mechanism is provided for how they could have cloned the plants, given that mosquitoes don't drink plant juices. It is possible that DNA could have been extracted from the amber (hardened tree-sap), but this still doesn't account for other types of plants, such as ferns and bushes.
Dr Wu claims "all vertebrate embryos are inherently female". This is inaccurate. In fact, it would have made more sense to breed the dinosaurs all-male, because there are far fewer variables, and may have eliminated the danger of breeding altogether.

Revealing mistakes 

A number of obvious goofs from the Dilophosaurus sequence:

  • Before it opens up its frill, you can see nothing on the animal's neck that would suggest is has a frill. It simply appears from one shot to the next.

  • As the animal opens up its frill, you can see the wire that held the frill down being quickly pulled back. You can also notice a curiously narrow area around the neck - that's where the wire was wrapped around it in the beginning of the shot.

  • When the frill is fully opened, it flops around a lot. In the next shot, it is resting firmly on the animal's neck, suggesting it is either another prop, or has been attached more firmly between takes.
When the goat leg falls on top of Tim and Lex's car, the severed end of the leg is cleanly cut, as if with a knife. Given that every time other we see the T. rex feed it shakes its prey violently, like a shark would, the goat leg should be ragged and rent.
"Surveillance camera" views displayed on computer monitors are obviously video clips that are being played back from disk (progress meter on the bottom).
After Tim has been shocked by the electric fence and is left in the dining area with Lex, his hair is clearly standing on end because of the shock. However, when he and Lex are being chased by the raptors in the kitchen, his hair is neatly styled.
In the kitchen scene, you can see the reflection of various shiny objects on the metallic tables through the reflection of the raptors. This wouldn't be possible, unless the raptors were see-through.
When Tim gets shocked by the electric fence and flies through the air, the wire holding him up is visible.
When Lex falls through the ceiling, a thin string can be seen falling along with the broken ceiling tile pieces. Notice the piece over to the left, it moves over an inch or two to the left.
In the climbing of the electric fence scene, there is a shot where it is plainly seen that this is a mere section of fence, and the actors could easily walk around it.
The air which blows off Grant's hat comes from below, not from the T. rex.
When Lex is hanging from the bones, she lets go of them then suddenly catches hold again.
During the climax, when Dr. Sattler falls from the T. rex' skeleton in the lobby, the camera zooms in for a close-up of Laura Dern's stunt-double.
Obvious double for Lex when she is swinging with Grant off the T. rex paddock concrete wall.
When the Dilophosaurus spits on Nedry the second time, you can see smoke coming in from off-camera on the left side of the screen. The smoke originated from a special effects gun used to fire the fake venom.
When Ellie and Muldoon arrive at the T. rex habitat after Grant and the children are attacked, you will notice Ellie's flashlight beaming onto a flat backdrop with trees clearly painted on it as she is stepping out of the vehicle.
The scene in the kitchen, when Tim is hiding beside the cooking utensils, you can clearly see a dark figure behind the counter knocking down the ladle.
A close-up of the amber head of John Hammond's cane (as he rotates it in the control room, during the scene when Nedry leaves to steal the embryos) shows an internal vertical reflective plane, indicating that the "amber" is actually an acrylic casting poured in at least 2 steps.
When the Dilophosaurus first spits at Nedry on the hill, there is nothing on his jacket - the poisonous substance is actually in Nedry's hand, and he smears it on his jacket himself.
In the scene where the T. rex comes out of its area and walks in front of Dr. Grant and Dr. Malcolm's Explorer, the car and the camera move every time the dinosaur steps, as if to simulate small "earthquakes", but the Jurassic Park logo hanging from the mirror doesn't move at all.
The trailer at the archaeological dig where Hammond meets Grant and Sattler is no doubt a (highway-legal) 8 feet in width as seen from the outside, but the "champagne" scene which follows takes place in a cavernous mock-up much wider to accommodate workbenches, a full-size refrigerator, etc.
When Dennis slides down the bank (waterfall) you can see a section of it that has been cut to make a sort of slide for him to go down. It is unlikely to be a storm gutter, plus Dennis manages to slip exactly where it is.
When Gennaro leaves the driver-side door open and runs away, Timmy goes to close the door and you can see the cover for the seat belt next to the driver-side window but no seat belt is visible. Once Timmy closes the door and you look out the driver-side window, the cover is missing; all you see is the opening where the cover would be installed.
When the Jeep is being chased by the T-Rex, the camera goes to the driver's side mirror showing the T-Rex and "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear". This phrase is only needed for mirrors with convex glass (used to allow the driver to have a wider viewing range and found on the passenger side of the vehicle), which the driver's side mirror does not have (it uses a piece of flat glass).
During lunch, the characters eat in a round room with projectors displaying slides on the opposite wall, around the room. The diners and the wait staff would be in the projector beams, but cast no shadows on the screens. The images are obviously rear-projection.
As the Ford Explorer that has just chased Grant and Tim down the tree topples over and smashes onto the floor, the huge tree root on the right of the shot moves showing it's not a tree root at all and doesn't go into the ground it's just resting on the floor.
In the scene where the T. rex flips the Jeep over the viewer can see a floodlight in the background being hidden by a tree. The tree which hides the light still sits in a large pot, although it should be planted.
When the T. rex spins the upside down Explorer, in one shot a wire is visible connected to the vehicle. It is in the shot where the animatronics legs are visible.
When the T. rex attacks the herd of Gallimimus, one of them leaps up toward the T. rex and the Gallimimus' top half disappears into the T. rex' body for a second.
From the control room, Hammond sees Malcolm speaking to him through a surveillance camera apparently mounted in the vehicle. Interior shots of the vehicles, however, show no evidence of cameras anywhere in the vehicles, particularly the part that Malcolm appears to have been looking at. Early concept art for the film did show where the cameras would be, but the final design does not appear to include them.
When the T. rex flips the car with the children in it over, you can see a plant in a flower pot.
When Muldoon, Ellie, and Malcolm are being chased by the T. rex, the rex moves towards Malcolm (seated in the back) and Malcolm leans back fast in fright, moving the gear stick from fourth to third gear. This should have slowed the Jeep and made the engine rev up. Neither happens.
When the T. rex chase starts, the camera angle changes to Muldoon changing gears in the Jeep. It appears that he changes gears from second to first, not vice versa.
When Grant and the children are approached by the brachiosaurus in the tree, there is a shot where you see Tim's stand-in from behind, who has straight, and significantly longer, hair.
There is an absence of blood on the shredded harness used to hold the cow after it has been fed to the raptors, despite the violence of the feeding scene.
When the T. rex slams the side of the car with the kids, and later slams the side of the escaping jeep with Malcolm in the back, there is no visible damage to the vehicles.
When Grant and the children are climbing the electric fence the soles of Grant's boots can be seen and are completely clean and free of any mud or debris.
Tire tracks of the vehicle driving the camera around are clearly visible in the grass during the Gallimimus stampede.
An obvious stuntman when Grant falls from the dinosaur skeleton in the Visitors Centre.
When Ellie takes a spoonful of ice cream at the table, you can see she has a white tongue, so must have already eaten some in a previous take.
Obvious fake monitors where the raptors jump on the table and disturb them.
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The goof items below may give away important plot points.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

In the final T. rex scene, the T. rex throws a raptor at the T. rex skeleton. The sound for the raptor hitting the skeleton is late.

Revealing mistakes 

As the T. rex rears its head up with the Velociraptor in its mouth, the raptor disappears completely for just a moment, then pops back into view.

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