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9 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

Not so good as I imagined

Author: Jessica Carvalho from Brazil
1 October 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I heard so much about Indecent Proposal, and after watching it, I can say that it is not everything that I expected to be.

First,I thought it would have much more passion,drama and even mystery.

Second: I hated the end: it is totally unlikely. So Hollywood's style.

The character John Gage has too many contradictory actions: He bought Diana's and David's house,persues Diana in her work, and even goes after her in her citizenship's class,showing how obsessed with her, he is. Then,in the end, just because David was sad with his divorce with Diana,John decides to break with her,touched with David's action.

I mean, John already have destroyed Diana's and David's wedding,showing that he never cared about the fact that they were a couple, in love with each other. So, he breaking with Diana because he was sad with the situation, didn't matched at all.

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27 out of 49 people found the following review useful:

Money can't buy love. Or a decent script apparently.

Author: hall895 from New Jersey
11 July 2005

Mind-numbingly boring, utterly predictable and in the end simply laughable. That pretty much sums up the disaster that is Indecent Proposal. Starting with a decent premise the whole thing just unravels and becomes a complete mess. Basically the story boils down to the question, "would you let your wife sleep with another man for one million dollars?" Here of course the answer is yes because otherwise we wouldn't have a movie. Quite frankly, we'd have been better off if we didn't have a movie.

Our married (and financially troubled) couple are played by Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore. They go to Vegas to get rich. Yeah, that'll work. Anyhow, a billionaire, played by Robert Redford, takes a liking to the wife and makes the million dollar offer. For one night with the wife he will give them financial security. The aftermath of that one night is what the movie is really all about. Unfortunately nothing in that aftermath is the least bit entertaining. The script is so predictable you can say the characters' lines before they do. The performances leave much to be desired. Harrelson would be better off sticking to comedies as this attempt at serious acting completely misses the mark. Anguish is not something he seems capable of portraying. And it is quite safe to say that Demi Moore will never have to clear space in her home for any Academy Awards. Why is she a movie star again? In a part that should be full of emotion she conveys none. Only Redford escapes mostly unscathed. He's appropriately slimy yet suave and clearly the best actor of the bunch. But he can't save this film. Awful script, lousy acting, plodding pace, zero entertainment...Indecent Proposal is downright awful.

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6 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

Pure subversive brilliance ...

Author: ElMaruecan82 from France
18 August 2013

What would you do if a billionaire were consenting to pay you one million dollars (or more) for one night with your wife? This is the titular "Indecent Proposal", on which millions of viewers, men and women, have been debating for years, placing themselves in the same tricky situation than David (Woody Harrelson) and Diana (Demi Moore), the ill-fated couple who met the devilishly sexy John Gage (Robert Redford) in Las Vegas.

I remember when I was younger; there was a guy in my neighborhood who told me that in every woman, there was a potential prostitute. To confront him to his own contradictions, I carefully asked him whether that statement also applied to his family. The cynical macho nodded but felt the need to reformulate his thought, he meant that there was no woman in the world who wouldn't sleep with a man if she needed something, that's "potential prostitution", and I must confess I was almost convinced. And "Indecent Proposal" is all the more interesting because it confronts this option not with a woman, but a couple. The husband is part of the game, and that's the strike of genius some distracted critics failed to grasp.

Think about it: did Jack Engelheard, the author of the original novel of the same name, take for granted that a single woman wouldn't have thought twice before accepting the deal? I bet he did and I happen to think the same. Refusing wouldn't be honorable but stupid, and I'm sure many women would agree with me. We're speaking of one million dollars for a sumptuous night, and not with the most ugly man of the world. I bet when today's women visualize the myth of the Charming Prince, they think more of Robert Redford (or Brad Pitt) as a billionaire than the nameless Princes of Disney classics. We'd all need money to achieve our dreams and selling one's soul for one night with one handsome rich guy and one million dollars isn't too high a price.

But the film is cleverly provocative because it already admits the venal nature of women, which provoked the anger of feminists. But I'd love to see them in Diana's heels. The question isn't whether they would have accepted the night for one million, but how about two or ten, how high could John Gage raise the stakes before they'd say yes? That was the point and we got it, money can buy a body, but how about love? It all comes to David. And that's the subtlety the angry mob of feminists missed just like the intellectual critics: the film also highlights the very hypocrisy of men who brand any woman who sleeps with other men as 'broad' or 'whore', by confronting them to the same situation. And I would have loved to ask the question to my macho friend, what if he was in David's place? Wouldn't there be, after all, in every man, a "potential pimp"?

To answer that, watching the film isn't even necessary, it's all part of cinematic pop-culture, and we all have an opinion on the subject. In fact, if Adrian Lyne's film had one merit, it was to feature one of the most memorable premises of Cinema's history, and handle it with a believable mix of realism and romanticism. It is crucial within the context of the film, because the theme is so sordid it had to be washed up by a poignant love story. And on that level, the chemistry between Harrelson and Moore works, and built our empathy toward this couple of sweethearts, watching the ashes of their fantasy dreams gone with the wind of the 90's crisis. In many other films, the fact that the husband is an architect and the wife a real estate agent would only be details, but they're significant in "Indecent Proposal".

Indeed, after the bursting of the US housing bubble, there was no offer for Diana and no demand for David. Inevitably, their descent into poverty guide their hopes toward Las Vegas, an interesting setting where two worlds coexist: people who need money and can't afford losing, and those who've got enough to lose one million a night without even caring. The film even succeeds to make a brilliant social commentary, behind the appearance of a cheap soft-porn flick; it subtly denounces the pervert aspects of liberalism, where free trade is synonym of salvation at the expenses of principles, totally worthless when money is at stakes. And the world sunk into liberal lows so eagerly it ended up giving a price to anything, and people have been so effectively brainwashed by greed and lust they would look now, at the half-full glass. Isn't there one word to say 'crisis' and 'opportunity' in Chinese?

I live in a country where many beautiful girls, students or salaried, go out with mature men, because they can buy them things they couldn't afford. Basically, they use their charm as an asset to overcome material problems. It's certainly what lured my macho friend into his certitude. But when you take the plot to larger scope, you realize it's less the selling-your- body dilemma than the eternal selling-the-soul-to-the-devil story, doing something morally wrong for a pay-off. Movies are made to provide some interesting 'what if' situations? What if we lived the same day again and again? What if we hadn't existed? "Indecent Proposal" is the ultimate 'what if' asker because this time, we can respond to the plot and relate to the protagonists, even more because we live in a similar economic context, and the world is crazy enough to feature such characters as John Gage. And Redford finds the perfect tone for his character: subtly obnoxious but always charming, one hell of a tempter!

And I guess part of the fascination doesn't come from our relief not to be in David and Diana's shoes but from our regret. And that's pure subversive brilliance!

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3 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Beautiful realistic love story

Author: ranat85
24 January 2016

How can people give a low rating to this movie!! It's engaging, it's interesting and it's moving!

If you like romantic movies, you will love this one!

I give it 9 stars as its one of those movies that I won't forget.

It's not a silly romantic movie, on the contrary. It's about love, marriage, jealousy and fidelity. Definitely a favorite for the romantic souls.

Demi more gave a beautiful performance. Well done!

It's starts with humor and lightness and then the plot starts with an interesting twist.

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3 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

A pretty engaging story with a moral message attached to it.

Author: OllieSuave-007 from California, USA
4 October 2015

Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson star as couple David and Diana Murphy, who are financially in trouble and in danger of losing their dream home. While on a trip to Las Vegas, they meet billionaire John Gage (Robert Redford), who offers them 1 million dollars in exchange for a one-night stand with Diana.

This film was actually pretty good I thought - it kept me engaged and kept me wondering how the unpredictable plot would unfold at the end. The plot offers a moral message of the limits money can buy, and the old cliché that money really couldn't buy love. The acting also wasn't bad. Harrelson gave a thoughtful performance of a husband in financial and relationship troubles who strives to overcome his woes and pick up the pieces to move forward; Redford gave an eloquent portrayal of the invincible, but heartfelt billionaire; and Moore exhibited complexity and vulnerability in her character as she faces the choices she has to make between the two men.

I have to admit the movie is mind-boggling at certain points, I mean, the thought of seeing a marriage torn apart of an out-of-this-world proposal, and the implications that resulted from it. And, there are some failed attempts at humor, at the expense of Oliver Platt's character. But overall, the movie has something we can all learn from and is, again, a pretty engaging story.

Grade B

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8 out of 13 people found the following review useful:


Author: penisandtesticles from United States
11 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was one of the biggest pieces of crap I have ever had to watch. I mean, seriously. How would anybody else feel if they were in Woody Harrelson's shoes and your wife was even CONSIDERING it would be a good idea to sleep with the other guy even for a million bucks. After all, she was the one talking about it in bed and saying how it would be good for them since he can build his house or whatever with that money. Woody never fully agreed to it until she talked him into it. How CAN you trust her? Who the hell would actually even consider that if they were married? I don't care how desperate they were. That's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life. Then, he flips out on her. Apparently, he had no right to mistrust her, other than the fact that his wife just slept with another dude who is extremely rich and handsome. Oh and wait, then he's supposed to apologize to HER after she files for the divorce so she can be with the guy she slept with. Of course Woody has no right to say anything to her or mistrust her especially after she still has Roy Hobb's card in her wallet. Then, at the end of the movie, she's apparently so in love with Woody still and misses him so much, that she was not going to leave Hobbs until he made some ridiculously stupid story up to try to hint to her to leave, and she bleeping thanks Hobbs???? Are you bleeping kidding me? Was she under contract as his sex slave or something?? I mean what the bleep?? Oh and wait it gets better. She bleeping kisses him passionately before she gets out of the car. Yea, she's not a whore. Oh, thank you for letting me go, let me go make out with you one last time for good ole' sake. Smooch smooch, smooch even though I'm still married to a guy I left for a rich guy. I have never seen such a piece of crap in my life. How the hell are we supposed to feel good after that horrible ending? What was this movie supposed to represent? NOTHING CAME OUT OF THIS! This was the most pointless movie I have ever seen in my life. Two pathetic desperate people. If I were Woody, I would tell her to go drown herself in that body of water they were near. Apparently, he had no self respect. What the hell was Roy Hobbs thinking by taking this horrible role. I feel like puking after watching this. This movie was so bad, it was seriously laughable. I want those two hours of my life back that I wasted watching this piece of ****.

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Money Isn't Everything

Author: smart-47509 from United States
13 December 2015

The plot of this movie is fairly simple. Would you let your wife/husband spend the night with a stranger for a million dollars? I am surprised that the rating for this movie is so low. I thought the acting was good, I really got a sense that David Murphy (Woody Harrelson) and Diana Murphy (Demi Moore) were actually in love. I thought that the chemistry between Woody and Demi was extraordinary. The one complaint that I have for this movie was the way that John Gage (Robert Redford) would try and make it a point that money is everything. Robert did however, do a great job at portraying a millionaire. I do wish that would have went into more detail about the night that David and Diana earned their big paycheck. Was the night just strictly physical or did they both share something meaningful. Overall, I thought that the movie was excellent and well written.

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Have I ever told you I love you?

Author: Glen 'Anthony' Allison from Lincoln, England
27 May 2014

After falling in love with the soundtrack before watching the film, I was already anticipating a good sob-fest!

John Barry captures the delicate emotions with his score in a simple melody that will play in my head for days to come. Demi Moore's performance is just brilliant! The way she and Woody bounce off each other truly makes you believe their relationship is solid. A different approach to any other love story I've seen, exploring issues of trust, power and money in new ways that make you look at things with a new perspective.

Overall, a very lovely film with a perfect ending, turning an old movie into a new favourite!

How do you think you'd react to this situation?

This film is definitely worth a watch... Grab a bucket of ice-cream and a glass of wine and don't expect a blockbuster... this story is a gentle ride for those can that find romance in the most unlikely places - like a pair of pants burning on a stove!

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

An erotic thriller and morality tale

Author: miss_lady_ice-853-608700 from United Kingdom
12 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


The film has one of the best premises of any film: would you sleep with a stranger for a million dollars? We've all jokily posited the dilemma, with some people answering 'yes' with more than a hint of bravado and most people emphatically taking the moral high ground by answering 'no'. But what if you were broke and the stranger was Robert Redford?

The film starts off brilliantly, with the suspense of an erotic thriller turned up to the maximum as we anticipate the moment where Redford will make the offer and everyone's lives will be changed. Underneath all that glossy porn, director Adrian Lyne also makes some social commentary, believe it or not. Money and wealth is given an erotic charge as Demi Moore's character Diana lusts after a gorgeous black dress. It's way out of her price range and symbolises the wealthy lifestyle that she secretly desires. Most viewers at one time or another will have yearned after an object with a price tag they can never afford, not so much because of the object itself but of what it symbolises. You imagine that this object- a symbol of wealth- will make you more attractive, more confident, more authoritative. This is a universal truth that every advertiser plays on and indeed Hollywood plays on.

The climax of this exploration of money as sex is when Diana and John (Woody Harrelson) have just won £10,000 at a casino. They throw the notes onto the bed and then themselves. Each glossily voyeuristic shot of the couple unites their sex with the money, as the notes press against backs, thighs, etc. But this is of course small change compared to what Robert Redford's character, handsome billionaire John Gage, is offering.

Reviewers who argue that the film would be more credible if the filmmakers had picked someone more unattractive are completely missing the point. Gage is the embodiment of the erotic lure of wealth. If he was hideous, the million dollars would look much less alluring and it would simply become a question of how far someone would go to pay the bills. An unattractive billionaire would also be much less of a threat; Diana would simply do the deed, get out of there and live a life of wealth with John. If she did choose to stay with the ugly billionaire, the film would just become a tale about an unpleasant person who betrays her loving husband for money.

The extra tension is that David feels sexually threatened by Gage. As he walks past a television shop, he imagines that the screens are showing his wife at it with Gage. So as well as the theme of the sexualisation of money, you also have questions of masculinity. What makes a man a man? (no giggling at the back please) Inevitably the film slows a little in the second half once the decision is made. It shifts gears so the question changes from "Would you sleep with a stranger for a million dollars?" to "In a loving marriage, would you be able to/should you forgive a betrayal?". This too is an interesting question, though less entertaining.

Lyne makes the ending very moral and conventional, upholding the sacred vows of marriage by Diana repenting and John forgiving. However there is a degree of ambiguity as what wins Diana over is a romantic gesture enabled by wealth. Some might see it as signifying that personal history will triumph over money, but without the money required to make the gesture, would Diana have gone back to John?

I would normally rate it 6 or 7 as I feel that the initial theme of the sexual power of money could have been explored more deeply, and that the ending is a bit weak. However the IMDb score is too low for what is a piece of glossy entertainment that touches on provocative issues. Maybe the film raises an uncomfortable question that we'd rather repress: is there a price at which we can all be bought? More specifically, what price can you be bought at?

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Money Cant Buy You Love

Author: nakia (
1 October 2013

Indecent proposal is the type of film that makes you look within when it comes to your current or past relationship. I think this film is one of the best for roles I have seen both Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson featured in. There is nothing like a good romantic film that makes you think long after the movie is finished. The plot of this film is one that we all can relate to. Two high school sweethearts who face struggles go to Vegas to bet in all in hopes of financial freedom. Although they lost it all they are approached by a billionaire who offers one night with David's (Woody) wife (Demi) in exchange for one million dollars.

This film uses many themes throughout such as human relationships. Any person willing to offer money for sex with another mans wife clearly is suffering from human relationship problems. Morals are also put to the test not only for David and Diana relationship. But also for John (Robert Redford) who plays the role of the billionaire. All three major actors and actress are placed in hard decision, which test their morals. While lying in the bed David and Diana discuss rather or not take up John on his offer. At that point you notice how the lighting changes dim and dark. As if this begins the start of darkness for the high school sweethearts.

In 2009 there was film released by the name of The Box this two film are filmier because of the choices that have to be made based off of love and the finically status of a relationship. If you have seen Indecent Proposal then you will absolutely love The Box. I would like to end by saying although Diana and David marriage was put to the test one theme that tells the truth about this couple is coming of age. No matter what good or bad times two people who truly love each other can overcome all things. And always remember money cannot buy you or anyone love.

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