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It's movie making of the high, smooth, commercial order that Hollywood prides itself on but achieves with singular infrequency.
The director is Wolfgang Petersen ("Das Boot"), who is able to unwind the plot like clockwork while at the same time establishing the characters as surprisingly sympathetic.
It's not the deepest thematic concern you ever saw on screen. But it's watchable, great fun.
In the Line of Fire is a terrific action movie with good performances and a smart script that occasionally falters for trying too hard but, on the whole, takes us on psychological journeys that few of us have had opportunities to experience.
Petersen takes what could have been a muddled motion picture and structures it perfectly, creating a strong piece of entertainment. It helps, of course, that he has a capable cast.
Rolling Stone
Eastwood hasn't had this much fun with a role in years, and his joy is contagious.
Entertainment Weekly
With all of that going for it, it's hard to see how In the Line of Fire could be anything less than rock-solid entertainment-and, indeed, it is. Yet it's never more than that.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
This is a movie that works well when it works, and lazes around the rest of the time.
Chicago Reader
If you don't care about such motivations, this is a pretty good thriller, though not one you're likely to remember for very long.
Working from the script by Jeff Maguire, director Wolfgang Petersen ("Das Boot") plods through the narrative as if he were completely unconcerned with giving it even a semblance of credibility.

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