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This was one of Don Ameche's final movies before his death the year of the film's release. He voiced Shadow.
One of the rare talking animal movies in which the animal's mouth doesn't move in sync with their lines.
Although the film is a remake of the 1963 version The Incredible Journey (1963) and based on Sheila Burnford's novel of the same name, the main characters' names and breeds have been changed. In the film Chance is a young, exuberant American Pit Bull, while in the novel his name is Luath and he is a Labrador Retriever. In the film Shadow is a wise, old Golden Retriever while in the novel his name is Bodger and he is a Bull Terrier. The film has a female Himalayan cat named Sassy, while the novel has a male Siamese cat named Tao.
The original The Incredible Journey (1963) did not feature the animals having voices but instead relied on narration.
Dedicated to producer Franklin R. Levy, who died during the film's production.
The widescreen version of this film is not on DVD. It can only be found on iTunes or rare laserdiscs (which are not anamorphic), Hulu and Netflix
In the French dub, Jean Reno voices Shadow and Christain Clavier voices Chance. Both actors appear in the Les Visteurs movies and the remake Just Visiting.
Chance the dog makes two references to Arnold Schwarzenegger. He nicknames the mountain lion Arnold Schwarzekitty, and when they launch it into the river, Chance says, "Hasta la vista," which Arnold Schwarzenegger says as the Terminator in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

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