Hocus Pocus (1993) Poster


Plot Keywords

halloween cat
candle virgin
black cat salem massachusetts
house witchcraft
cursed bully
trick or treating witch
magic hanging
product placement stealing life force
death by sunrise cabin
spider turned to stone
sacred ground fiery redhead
child killer bus ride
roadkill death by poison
reunited in death talking animal
selling soul beheaded
burned alive disbelieving adult
sewer evil music
siren revenant
devil cabin in the woods
cottage 17th century
two word title rhyme in title
sitting lifting a female into the air
falling down stairs subjective camera
cigarette smoking lifting someone into the air
tied to a chair flattened
smashed pumpkin liquid
singing torch
shoe arrogance
teenage boy haunted house
dead animal pain
pillow oven
anger pet food
daylight saving time drum set
hat halloween costume
good versus evil bicycling
fire fear
sunrise falling in love
crying future shock
chair teenage girl
bed exploding person
villain turns good little girl
turning into an animal hypnosis
horror for children warning
caged human telephone number
decapitation chased by a dog
youth restored forced to dance
salt toilet paper
spit take severed finger
scene during end credits policeman costume
noose museum
motorcycle manhole cover
magic book lobster
kiln immortality
high school halloween party
ghost foreign language tape
flying vacuum cleaner evil laughter
candy character inflates
cemetery spellcasting
interrupted kiss 1700s
zombie witch burning
mouth sewn shut 1990s
evil witch blown cover
magic broomstick scream
unrequited love revenge
potion book of magic
transformation doubt
male virgin lighter
fire sprinkler brother sister relationship
supernatural power sister sister relationship
rejection tombstone
humiliation death of child
title spoken by character surprise ending

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