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Alternate Versions

A 128 minute workprint of Hard Target does exist in a rare very poor quality video tape dub. It is a rough cut consisting of all shot footage, much in which was unnecessary and would later be trimmed down to the 116-minute test screening after further refinements. It is mostly the same as the 116 minute version, though it includes the following differences:
  • there is no music score throughout the whole film
  • most sound effects are missing
  • alternate/extended scenes of dialogue
  • alternate/extended shots in certain scenes
  • additional shots and missing shots
The international version is 99 minutes long and was the final version submitted to the MPAA for an R-rating, but was rated NC-17. It contains more violent footage not seen in the censored American R-rated version. It is three minutes longer than the R-rated version. These cuts consist of:
  • Binder trying to remove an arrow from his shoulder being replaced with an intercut shot of Van Cleef walking.
  • Binder killing two enemies with a gas canister is removed.
  • As Binder runs in the pier, the second arrow that hits him in the leg is removed, creating a continuity error.
  • Binder's corpse drifting downstream in the river is removed.
  • In the sequence where Boudreaux repeatedly shoots an enemy whilst holding the pistol upside down, the amount of gunfire went from around 35 gunshots to merely 15 gunshots. The deaths of two biker enemies were also removed entirely.
  • The closeup shot of an arrow protruding through an enemy's throat is removed, resuming on him falling to the ground.
  • The scene showing Natasha shooting a bearded enemy is partially obscured using an intercut shot of pigeons flying.
  • In the scene where Boudreaux is shooting an enemy whilst hanging from a rope, the bloodier entry and exit wounds were removed. Boudreaux's somersault is also removed.
  • When Douvee is shot in the leg, a closeup shot of his wound is replaced with a less explicit wide shot in the R version.
  • Immediately afterwards, Boudreaux shoots at two enemies with dual Berettas. In the R version, the amount of gunfire in the two kills are reduced.
  • In the scene that shows an enemy falling to the ground after being shot by Boudreaux, a large blood spurt is removed.
  • When Boudreaux shoots an enemy at the top of the stairs, the shots that show the enemy being riddled with bullets, tumbling down the stairs and falling onto the camera is removed.
  • In the face off between Boudreaux and Van Cleef, the amount of gunfire towards each other is slightly reduced. The amount of gunfire on the grenade-wielding enemy is also reduced. The amount of gunfire in the stomach and groin of another enemy is reduced.
  • During Van Cleef's death scene, the amount of impact shots towards Van Cleef's torso and the time that Van Cleef takes to die are reduced, removing the instance where Van Cleef pulls a grenade from his sling as he dies.
  • In the scene where the last enemy is killed by a shotgun blast, the sight of the blood spurts are removed.
  • In the scene where Fouchon is shot with a shotgun, the closeup shot of Fouchon's exit wound is removed.
  • In the scene where Fouchon is kicked in the chest by Boudreaux, the sight of the former spitting blood is removed.
A test screening version is 116 minutes long. Scenes included in the 116 minute version include:
  • Additional dialog at the beginning where Van Cleef tells Lopaki (the guy with the arrows) that he shoots like a buffoon and next time he will charge him double.
  • The ear cutting scene is intact.
  • A three minute scene of dialog between Natasha and Chance which takes place in Chance's apartment. She is patching him up after the beating he got while looking for dog tag, he puts the moves on her, she leaves then comes back saying she has changed her mind. A still from this scene appears on the liftout that comes with the American DVD release.
  • While Fouchon is playing the piano there are several shoots of news or documentary footage showing elephants, deer etc being shot down by hunters. This is probably the most disturbing scene in the film.
  • Before Fouchon drops the letter opener on the floor at the coroners house he has additional dialog that describes what happens when a hunter dies in Africa.
  • When Roper dies he is shot then gets up and is then hit with another volley of bullets.
  • In the motorcycle chase, before Chance takes out a second biker he takes out an oncoming car instead of another guy on a motorcycle, the car tumbles over and explodes.
  • Before Chance stops the motorcycle near the roadblock, another vehicle with Fouchon's men pass by and shoot his motorcycle.
  • Scene where Chance takes on a vehicle with his motorcycle is extended, he fires more shots at Fouchon's men.
  • When Chance and Natasha first meet up with Douvee and Chance jump around and start singing before Chance introduces Natasha.
  • Most of the deaths in the Mardi Gras Graveyard are longer and juicier (people being shot 30 times instead of 10 etc)
  • In the the final fight between Chance and Fouchon (in which Chance utters the line "hunting season is over") is missing. Instead Chance does the runnup as Fouchon shoots, kicks him into the garbage pile, throws the grenade and Fouchon is blown up.
The German retail video version is rated "Not under 16" and runs only 75 minutes. The rental video carries a "Not under 18" rating and features the uncut R-rated theatrical print. The German DVD version carries a SPIO/JK approval and features the unrated print with a running time of 95 minutes.

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