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Better than the cover

Author: James Samyth (Direct) from u.s.
20 February 2001

This is the one that taught me not to judge an anime by its cover. I expected an hour of mindless violence along with a weak story line. Instead, I found myself in a very deep and well developed world for the short time spent in it. It was all story, and an incredibly imaginative place perfect for the story.

It was definately too short. It could have had a great and long lasting series life if they had chosen one. But it was none the less, an enjoying ride, and not a moment of wasted time.

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How cute can you get??

Author: rainman-33 from Texas, USA
2 December 2003

Any serious anime fan will have a special place in his heart for Gally. She is *the* textbook example of the innocent anime girl. Where this work shines is in Gally's character development through her experiences where she discovers a personality of her own after being reanimated. Her gradual acquisition of her defensive affection with the Doctor and her innocent but deep attachment with Yugo are impressive. No fan of good film acting can criticize this "cartoon" as inferior to live action.

All this applies to the Japanese version with subtitles. The English dubbing is awful.

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androids, romance, sci-fi, what more do you need?

Author: skuggyngel from Sweden
22 January 2007

just as a movie, the android Gally is put together by technical and live parts that together work as an emotional unit. In this future the borders between machine and man is wiped out and cybernetic parts are as respected as biological. A future like this might not be impossible with the growing tolerance of body enhancements such as plastic surgery and piercing.

This is an anime movie that succeed to deliver so much more emotion and vitality than many many live-action movies. The upcoming live action movie's actors will never succeed to reflect emotions as the animated eyes of these anime-characters.

For me, this is in first hand a love story, one of the most touching i've seen. The fact that Gally is a robot and might not know how to love is never put up. No, the plot is more sophisticated than "is an android capable of loving?". Gunnm is about social classes, chasing dreams and most of all finding a place for those refusing to be apart of the world of violence they are thrown in to.

I love this movie, I absolutely do, maybe my opinion is colored by me being very sensitive to the "robot/man - man/robot" theme, i often dream about androids wanting to be human ore humans finding out they are human, and what more suitable theme for a movie than androids to raise questions about humanity and sympathy?

At first the whole thing with Gally being built as a "warrior" machine fails to impress me, I know It's a vital part of the plot but the fighting parts... It's just taking pleasure in super-violence, the monsters are really but-ugly. But then I figured the violence-theme is really just contributing to the sense of this grim fictional-world and the contrast to this which is the love story of the film. The two sides of Gallys persona is highly contributing to the complexity of the whole movie. Though i still consider it to be some unnecessary amount of "gore".

Make sure to see this before the Cameron live-action in 2009!

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Author: faldo8
14 May 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Movies like this can completely change your taste in the visual arts. While superficially the plot and characters may seem familiar and overdone, there a parts of this anime that definitely shine. [SPOILERS] The scene where Yugo realises his dream, with that music in the background, is pretty amazing, and when Ido and Alita send his arm to Zarem in the baloon also sends a tingle up the spine. While I would love to see a continuation of this series, it seems almost fitting that it should end the way it did, leaving the life of Alita to your imagination.

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A real treat for any Anime' Fan.

Author: Ralik from Miami, Florida
18 September 1998

This feature deals with the possibility of full cybernetic replacement of the frail human body and the effects this may have on society and the individual. What kind of value would be placed on human life? What capabilities do you build into a machine body? Can a human brain thus sustained, have a soul? There is plenty of action and even a love interest. It's an anime' classic that should be required viewing for any anime' fan. And a great starter for anyone wishing to try anime'. Be advised, though an animated feature, "Gunnm" is graphicly violent. It is NOT a cartoon. No cute bunnys. "Gunnm" (Battle Angel) is an incredibly well animated adaptation of a popular Manga (Japanese Comic Book Style). The only drawback is that their is only one and apparently no plans to continue the work in Anime'. The Manga however... continues.

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Good movie, not as good as the source manga though.

Author: chromeballz from Netherlands
24 April 2005

The movie is based on a manga by Yukito Kishiro, which is generally seen as one of the better manga's out there.

For the unknowing: A manga is essentially a comic, japan-style. Most of the drawing is in black and white, quite in contrast to the western style comics. The drawing style however is a lot more realistic, save for the faces, than western comics. The faces are caricatures of how they would really look, but, this makes that feelings are conveyed a lot better than any western comic ever can. As it is stated in a Gunnm (or Battle Angel Alita outside of Japan) review, you can see in an instant how Alita is feeling, and the same goes for a lot of other characters.

Here comes the difference between a manga and an anime: Manga is Japanese style comic, Anime is Japanese style animation (mind you, NOT cartoon!). The difference is often forgotten, but should be pointed out.

Anyway, back to the anime: Gunnm is a 60 minute adaptation of the first 2 graphic novels of the comic. The movie is roughly divided in half, although the story flows through entirely. I can say beforehand: the movie is a very WEAK adaptation of the books. Nothing more, nothing less. It has been westernized too much. The character Chiren doesn't even appear in the books, and the big guy Alita defeats twice has an entirely different role (and not for the better).

The movie has been westernized to much in the sense that is has been simplified. Add a character tehre, make it quasi a double love story, add some fights and you're done. The entire path of discovery of Alita is left out (her fighting style, the Panzer Kunst, is essential to what thrives her to live on and discover where she's from, but the concept is entirely left out of the movie).

On itself, you can call the movie okay, but when you've read the books, it simply doesn't reach the level of the latter.

All in all, the animation is good, even very good. In terms of visual quality it ranks up right next to Ghost in the Shell in my books, while not being as realistic and dark, the fluent movement is very good while still remaining in the spirit of anime (watch the documentary on the Animatrix DVD to know what i mean with that).

The English voices are very much out of place, they are way too excited for the situations they're in, as if they were doing voices for any pokemon movie. That's what really brings down the movie, please try and watch it in Japanese with English subtitles if possible. English just doesn't cut it, but that goes for virtually every anime every dubbed in English.

To sum it up: This movie is a good 1 hour watch, and some may even want to watch it more. However, there's a lot of things that bring the movie down, especially when you;ve read the manga first.

If you watched this movie, buy the manga (starting with the first one of course, there are 14 translated graphic novels as of today) and read it, you'll be hooked. If you do it the other way around you'll only be disappointed.

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What a story!!! [Mild Spoilers]

3 August 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Gunnm is one of the greatest anime's I've ever seen! The story is so great, the story is about a young cyborg who is found in a scrap heap by a professor and is rebuilt. I won't say anymore as its better for the story to unfold on you.

The only one little spoiler here was the fact that Alita's size changed on times like she'd go from normal size to very small. But it doesn't bother me as the story is so great and the characters are all so brilliantly built.

I strongly advice everyone reading this review to take a friendly visit to ebay and get a copy for themselves on video (DVD of it isn't out sadly).

Adams Rating 9/10

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Good story, that gets disjointed, mostly because of its short running time.

Author: Boba_Fett1138 from Groningen, The Netherlands
12 December 2007

You can really tell by watching this film that the source material it is based on is really excellent. The story is a fine and compelling one, that is filled with fantasy elements and is set in a sort of future post-apocalyptic world. Because of this fact, I'm also positive of it that the James Cameron version of this movie called "Battle Angel" is going to be absolutely great.

This animated movie version is also a good one but unfortunately also heavily flawed.

The biggest problem with the movie is that it's very short, with as a result things get rushed. Also every sequence feels incredibly short. Every time you think you're going to get to see a big long fight sequence, it's already over again. It also makes the storytelling disjointed at times. Villains are keep getting introduced throughout the movie, until you finally start to loose interested at who is actually supposed to be the biggest and main villain of the movie. Some characters really made a redundant impression and they did not got the treatment they obviously deserved. The movie is also over before you know it, with a sort of an incomplete ending that will also give you an unsatisfied feeling.

The storytelling and build-up really isn't the greatest within this movie, although that isn't anything too uncommon for a Japanese anime, it still is a bit worse than acceptable in this case. The movie really gave me the feeling it had so much more potential, if it only had a better budget and production time span. It now unfortunately never reaches the level of true excellence and certainly is not among the top Japanse anime's.

Nevertheless the movie has plenty of qualities that make this a watchable one. The story is one of them, even though it's potential isn't fully used. The imaginary futuristic world and concepts within this movie are just so fine. It also has a fine love-story, that however also gets very rushed in the movie. The short action within the movie was also fine, which was mainly thanks to those awesome looking cyborgs with each their own special fighting powers and weapons. The movie is also filled with plenty of gore.

It's a certainly good watchable movie but still I would wait for the James Cameron movie version if I were you.


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Why oh why must it be so short!

Author: Jeffrey Pauletto ( from Montreal, Canada
21 December 2000

This was simply an amazing piece of artwork. This movie had the potential to be right up there next to Akira and Ghost in the Shell. Unfortunately there's just way too much left out, leaving you with a feeling that you've been conned out of a great movie. Gally (the main chick / hero) is the most beautiful anime babe out there. Overall, it's a movie an anime fan will like, but will long for more.... Find the comic books for more.

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Nothing like the manga.

Author: johnnymacbest from United States
27 November 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I gotta say this movie pales in comparison to the critically acclaimed manga series by master Yukito Kishiro. Many key plot elements are either glossed over,underdeveloped or jammed together. Makaku is sadly missing, Chiren, a character that never appeared in the manga, is basically useless, no introduction of Alita's new combat suit after her first one was destroyed by Makaku, Vector is killed in the movie whereas in the manga he lives and Shumira and Jashugan are replaced with generic characters who add nothing significant to the story whatsoever. Alita sounds too young for a female cyborg and the ending is very underwhelming and unsatisfying.

There are some good merits in BA. The animation is amazingly fast and smooth, the colors are beautifully dark and crisp, and the music is hauntingly bleak and foreboding but the movie takes far too many liberties with the source material to be anything as remarkable as what came before.

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