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Nikki Lennon (Caroline Catz) is raped by her boss Steven Vey (Michael Kitchen). Steven is up for a job as a judge. Nikki tells Steven who has been offered the job as a judge that he now needs to resign or she will tell everyone. Steven has more secrets than just the rape, he also has an illegitimate son, Eddy Doyle (Sean Gallagher), whom he gives five thousand pounds to, with a picture of Nikki and her address and tells him to make her "disappear." Eddie, who does not tell Steven who he really is, has a friend Leo (Andrew Tiernan), who borrowed money from the wrong people. Tommy (Lee Ross) calls to warn Eddy, that Leo has taken the money and is going to kill Nikki, not knowing that his friend, Eddy likes Nikki. Leo batters Nikki to death because he can't shoot her. Nikki's roommate comes home to Eddy standing over Nikki's dead body. Eddy, who has just gotten out of jail after serving for car theft, asks Tanya Penny (Carol Starks), Nikki's roommate not to tell anyone that he was there. Meanwhile, Steven's wife is having an affair on the nights that she goes to "therapy" which he finds out about when he goes to drop papers off at another lawyer's apartment. Eddy confronts Steven about the rape after he has found out from Tanya what happened. Leo's "friends" that he owes money to, blow up Leo's garage, after Leo has threatened to use a blowtorch on Eddy. Leo dies in the blast, then Eddy turns himself in to the police. The police try to get Eddy to confess to Nikki's murder. Steven gets himself in trouble by not sending a criminal to jail, but instead giving him community service. Giving the community service gets Steven in trouble with the Lord Chancellor, who is his supervisor.


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