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Streaming: is the future Filmstruck?

The Us streaming service, newly arrived in the UK, offers a collection of classic movies that could prove irresistible

As much as the worlds of streaming and film archiving would appear to be mutually supportive, the internet hasn’t thus far been the most fruitful of resources for fans of classic cinema. Netflix, far from the all-encompassing grab bag it’s often billed as, is steadily narrowing its outside film library as its original content production becomes a budget-eating industry in itself. The company’s thin, ill-ordered “classics” division grants golden-oldie status to Pulp Fiction and Groundhog Day, masking its relative dearth of pre-1960 titles.

More specialised platforms such as the BFI Player and the rolling, curated menu of Mubi offer more rarefied options, but are by nature idiosyncratically selective. Even Amazon Prime might not help you if you have an immediate yen for an old Hollywood standard such as The Big Sleep.
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The Legends Of Tomorrow Go The Way Of Pirates In New Images

After bearing witness to a memorable visit made to the Waverider by one John Constantine, the time has come to begin looking forward to whatever Legends of Tomorrow may bring us next. Now, you may be thinking we’re about to discuss next week’s episode that’ll see the team get stuck in a time loop Groundhog Day-style, but, believe it or not, we’re actually going to talk about what’s to follow.

As you may recall, this past Monday night’s midseason premiere hinted that uniting six totems may very well be the key to stopping Mallus. So far, two of them are on board the Waverider, safely in the possession of Vixen and Zari, but another, the Water Totem, is currently held by Kuasa. Truth be told, we’re wondering how they’re going to collect the Fire Totem because that was destroyed in the Vixen web series/animated movie,
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Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology Review

JRPGs are caught in a perpetual tug-of-war between an irrational mainstream stigma and a dedicated fanbase that’s perhaps too attached to tradition. You could ask five different gamers for their opinion of a particular Jrpg and get six different answers. So I went in to Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology with totally middle-of-the-road expectations, despite the generally positive reception to its original 2011 DS release. At first it seemed to be meeting those expectations exactly, with a straightforward battle system, passable script, and unexpected Chrono Trigger influences. But as the game’s full breadth began to unfold, it felt less like a Chrono Trigger imitator and more like a successor, which may just be the highest compliment available to the genre.

Perhaps that label applies simply because there are no other contenders for it. The universe itself seems to have declared Chrono Trigger a once-in-a-lifetime achievement – its “dream team” production squad never convened again,
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‘Groundhog Day’ at 25: How Bill Murray Rom-Com Became an Accidental Classic

‘Groundhog Day’ at 25: How Bill Murray Rom-Com Became an Accidental Classic
With a quirky romantic comedy and a gimmicky sci-fi premise, “Groundhog Day” managed to tap into universal, spiritual, larger than life questions. What kind of person do I want to be? What would I do with eternity? Do I have the capacity to change? But the creators of the classic film, released a quarter century ago, say that the Bill Murray comedy’s deeper themes and success feel almost accidental. “I was not trying to write a spiritual piece, but I was trying to write a story about a human life,” screenwriter Danny Rubin told TheWrap. “You sort of go through these periods...
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‘Groundhog Day’ at 25: How a ‘Gypsy Curse’ Almost Ruined the Movie

‘Groundhog Day’ at 25: How a ‘Gypsy Curse’ Almost Ruined the Movie
Here we go again. The concept behind “Groundhog Day” is perfect in its simplicity. A sarcastic, narcissistic man finds himself stuck in a time loop of the same day, Groundhog Day, until he becomes a better person. But as the movie hits its 25th anniversary on Feb. 12, producer Trevor Albert and screenwriter Danny Rubin had the same horror story about the film’s development that other filmmakers have dealt with over and over again. “Somebody whose name I won’t say said, ‘Why does the day repeat? Why the hell … I like it, it’s good, but I don’t understand why he...
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25 Years of Groundhog Day! 12 Facts You Probably Didn’t Predict

25 Years of Groundhog Day! 12 Facts You Probably Didn’t Predict25 Years of Groundhog Day! 12 Facts You Probably Didn’t PredictKurt Anthony2/12/2018 1:20:00 Pm

Okay, campers. Rise and shine! It’s the 25th anniversary of Groundhog Day!

Directed by Harold Ramis (Caddyshack), the infinitely quotable cult classic stars Bill Murray (Ghostbusters) as a TV weatherman who’s having the day of his life…over, and over again. Featuring Andie MacDowell (Sex, Lies, and Videotape), Chris Elliott (The Abyss), and a hilariously repetitive script, this is one time warp comedy that never gets old!

Filmed on a budget of $14.6M, Groundhog Day was released in theatres on February 12, 1993 and went on to earn over $70M at the domestic box office. In fact, the film was so successful it was added to the United States National Film Registry in 2006!

Join us on an enlightening journey as we list 12 facts you probably didn’t predict about Groundhog Day.
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Time travel and romantic comedies: a perfect love match?

Mark Harrison Feb 14, 2018

Christopher Reeve, Back To The Future, About Time, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time: join us as we examine time travel in romcoms...

Love is complicated enough without time travel. When time becomes a factor in a relationship, that relationship may be in trouble. In science fiction especially, time travel is a wrinkle that both brings lovers together and keeps them separate in some temporally devastating way.

Marty McFly almost breaks up his parents before they even get together, Kyle Reese falls in love with Sarah Connor when tasked with saving her life, Captain America misses out on a dance with Peggy Carter by getting frozen for 70 years (still technically time travel, if a bit low-tech), and on TV, River Song and the Doctor experience their marriage in almost opposite directions.

But just as romance factors into timey-wimey movies like Back To The Future, The Terminator and Groundhog Day,
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Inside the Making of Groundhog Day: Why It Wasn't Just the Groundhog Who Wanted to Bite Bill Murray

Inside the Making of Groundhog Day: Why It Wasn't Just the Groundhog Who Wanted to Bite Bill Murray
If you say something is "like Groundhog Day," most people know what you mean: It feels like the same exact thing is happening over and over again. We owe this now universally recognized turn of phrase to the Bill Murray comedy Groundhog Day, which premiered 25 years ago today (or 9,125 days ago, if you're counting). In the 1993 film, Murray plays Phil Connors, a callous weatherman who, after being dispatched to cover the Feb. 2 festivities in Punxsutawney, Pa., finds himself living the same day over and over again. No one else—including Rita, the producer he's fruitlessly trying to woo played by Andie MacDowell—seems to be experiencing this extreme déjà...
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‘Groundhog Day’ at 25: How a Minor Holiday Gave Birth to an All-Time Comedy Classic

‘Groundhog Day’ at 25: How a Minor Holiday Gave Birth to an All-Time Comedy Classic
Some films have become so much a part of the culture that they almost seem like they’re playing on a continuous loop in our minds. Kind of like the loop Bill Murray finds himself stuck repeating in “Groundhog Day.” One of the most-beloved comedies of all time, the 1993 film celebrates its 25th anniversary on Feb. 12.

Just ask co-star Stephen Tobolowsky, who still can’t go anywhere without being recognized for his role as the annoyingly friendly insurance salesman Ned Ryerson.

Even at the ticket kiosk at ancient Roman ruins in the south of France where he was visiting with his wife. “Though the man selling the tickets couldn’t speak English, he knew the word ‘Ned.’”

“‘Groundhog Day’ always and forever is what I am linked to, which is a good thing to be linked to,” said Tobolowsky. “I mean, it’s quite a movie.”

Added to the National Film Registry for being deemed “culturally, historically
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Legends Of Tomorrow Does Groundhog Day In New Photos

As revealed when its synopsis was unveiled, fittingly, on February 2nd, an upcoming episode of Legends of Tomorrow will see the DC superhero show offer its own spin on the classic Groundhog Day time loop scenario. In season 3, episode 11, titled “Here I Go Again,” the crew of the Waverider will be frozen in time – and Zari (Tala Ashe) is the only one who can save them.

We now have our first look at this exciting-sounding episode in the form of a batch of photos. Going by the groovy costumes the team are wearing, it seems that the outing is set in the aftermath of a visit to the 1970s. Considering that we know the cast will be frozen still for most of the runtime, this should provide a lot of laughs.

From what we can tell, “Here I Go Again” is set to be a major episode for Zari. The
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‘When We First Met’ Review: Adam DeVine’s Awful Netflix Comedy Is a ‘Groundhog Day’ About a Guy Stuck in the Friend Zone

  • Indiewire
When Netflix announced that they were going to be releasing 80 (yes, eighty) original films in 2018, it was hard to imagine how they could possibly handle that kind of volume. At a time when more traditional outfits like Disney and Warner Bros. are distributing huge movies in small doses, it seemed unfathomable that a studio would be able to put out more than one new movie per week (even a studio that didn’t always have to deal with pesky industry headaches like shipping DCPs and informing customers that their movies exist). But here we are in early February, and Netflix’s agenda is already seeming all too fathomable.

The crux of their strategy — the streaming giant’s ace in the hole — couldn’t be clearer: They’re just going to release the movies that nobody else would.

That idea seems to be the one thing that all of the recent Netflix Originals have in common,
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Q&A: Director Christopher Lawrence Chapman Discusses the Time Loops and Hospital Horrors of Inoperable

  • DailyDead
Combining the eerie atmosphere of The Twilight Zone with the time loop predicament of Groundhog Day and the immersive qualities of a first-person shooter video game, Inoperable was one of my favorite viewing experiences of 2017, so I was especially pleased to catch up with co-writer/director Christopher Lawrence Chapman to discuss the film in a new Q&A feature.

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us and congratulations on Inoperable, which made my list of Favorites of 2017. When did you and Jeff Miller first come up with the idea for this movie?

Christopher Lawrence Chapman: Thank you so much! I was really flattered to make your list of favorites for 2017! I am so fortunate to have critics and writers like you who really know this genre and help tell the filmmaker’s stories!

I had shot a few films in the past, and began working on a film with Jeff Miller.
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Andie MacDowell on ‘Groundhog Day’ at 25: Bill Murray ‘Asked Me to Really Slap Him’

  • The Wrap
Andie MacDowell on ‘Groundhog Day’ at 25: Bill Murray ‘Asked Me to Really Slap Him’
It’s been 25 years since the romantic comedy “Groundhog Day” hit theaters. Now a bona fide classic, a big part of why the film has endured is Bill Murray’s commitment to authenticity, his co-star Andie MacDowell told TheWrap in a recent interview. “He asked me to really slap him,” MacDowell said of the multiple times the film features her character Rita striking him, after Murray’s glib Phil Connors attempts to woo her. “It’s hard to hit someone that many times!” Of course, Murray plays a man who finds himself stuck repeating the same day over and over again. And his dedication...
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Animated Horror Feature Malevolent Brings Together an Extraordinary Cast: A Preview

Tagline: "Fight to Your Last Death." Malevolent is an upcoming animated horror film. Developed by Coverage Ink Films, Malevolent was 100% hand-drawn, by a team of thirty animators. Described as a blend of Saw meets Groundhog Day, Malevolent was written by Jim Cirile (Liberator, 2012) and Tanya C. Klein; Malevolent was directed by Jason Axinn. And, this animated title showcases the voice talents of: Morena Baccarin (Deadpool), Ray Wise (Robocop), Dani Lennon (Bite Me), Bill Moseley, William Shatner and many more. The film was co-produced by Mem Ferda. And, the film's early poster and story details are featured here. Malevolent tells the story of Miriam (Lennon) and her contentious relationship with her father, Cyrus (Wise). When Cyrus learns he is dying, he brings together Miriam and her three siblings, to presumably discuss his will. However, Cyrus has bloody plans of his own - plans of revenge and punishment. More release details, on Malevolent,
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Superhero Bits: ‘Wonder Woman’ Coming to HBO, James Mangold Doubles Down on Credits Scene Disdain & More

When will Wonder Woman be available to watch on HBO? How does Joel Kinnaman feel about the tattoo Will Smith gave him on the set of Suicide Squad? Will Evangeline Lilly have a role in Avengers 4? Did you know there’s a Groundhog Day Easter egg in Doctor Strange? Which superhero movie of 2017 is […]

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Sundance interview: Bridey Elliott, Abby Elliott, Chris Elliott and Paula Elliott

The Elliott family is now three generations deep into comedy. It began with Bob Elliott, half of the comedy duo Bob and Ray. His son Chris Elliott went into comedy on Late Night with David Letterman, his own sitcom Get a Life (costarring Bob) and movies like Groundhog Day and There’s Something About Mary. Now his daughters, Abby and Bridey Elliott, are working actors. Abby was a Saturday Night Live cast member and now appears on Odd Mom Out. Bridey acts in indie movies and series too (Fort Tilden won SXSW) and she directed the whole family in Clara’s Ghost, more
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Stray Dogs Acquires Johannes Nyholm’s New Film (Exclusive)

Nathan Fisher’s Paris-based banner Stray Dogs has acquired international sales rights to Johannes Nyholm’s “Koko Di Kodo Da,” the up-and-coming Swedish director’s follow up to his feature debut “The Giant.”

Weaving reality and fantasy as”The Giant,” “Koko Di Kodo Da” follows a couple who goes on a trip to find their way back to each other a few years after the tragic death of their only child. But the couple ends up reliving a traumatic night over and over again while camping. The story, told through their mutual dreams, is about relationships, grief and love as a healing force.

“The setting is those wee hours of the morning when dreams are at their most relentlessly untamed. “Koko-di Koko-da” was both written and takes place during such a time – this nightmarish landscape between wakefulness and sleep,” said Nyholm.

The director said he wanted the film to show “everyday situations and power struggles lurking beneath
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S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: Groundhog Dayum — The Other Seer Spills an Agent's Secret

This week on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Kasius’ own seer detailed the perpetual hell that has been her own Groundhog Day — dropping a bombshell about a beloved agent along the way.

RELATEDIs Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Flint Related to Someone?

That “seer,” as some here predicted, turned out to be Elena from the first timeline, the scythe-wielding one who in the flash “forward” mentioned that Mack was “gone” before breaking away from May and Robin to hunt down their keepers. In the course of rounding up any stray Inhumans
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Legends Of Tomorrow’s Groundhog Day-Style Episode Gets A Synopsis

That’s right, woodchuck chuckers, it’s Groundhog Day! So, seeing as it’s February 2nd, let’s take a look at the just-released synopsis for an upcoming episode of Legends of Tomorrow which will take inspiration from the classic Bill Murray comedy based around the holiday.

In episode 11 of season 3, “Here I Go Again,” Tala Ashe’s Zari will find herself trapped in a time loop. Rather than being stuck in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, though, the heroine will have to prevent the Waverider from being destroyed over and over. That’s definitely higher stakes than trying to woo Andie MacDowell.

It also sounds like the time loop gimmick will be used to explore Zari’s character and what her place is on the team. Having joined the gang at the beginning of the season, she’s still the newbie of the bunch, so this one will likely deal with her
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Check Out Helen Mirren With A Slew Of Winchesters From The Winchester Movie

Helen Mirren recently joined James Corden on The Late Late show for some fun in his “Drop the Mic” segment.

Now open in theaters nationwide, check out Mirren below with a legion of Winchesters for the scary Winchester movie.

Inspired by true events at the most haunted house in history, this supernatural thriller will be terrifying audiences from Groundhog Day through Tom Brady’s inevitable Victory and beyond…

On an isolated stretch of land 50 miles outside of San Francisco sits the most haunted house in the world. Built by Sarah Winchester, (Academy Award-winner Helen Mirren) heiress to the Winchester fortune, it is a house that knows no end. Constructed in an incessant twenty-four hour a day, seven day a week mania for decades, it stands seven stories tall and contains hundreds of rooms. To the outsider it looks like a monstrous monument to a disturbed woman’s madness. But Sarah is not building for herself,
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