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Robust acting outshines the story line
karamlinda23 March 2005
Redgrave, Pryce, Tutin and the younger actors all give virtually flawless performances in this somewhat original but unevenly written tale. While the story has some good lines, the suspense does not hold. The marvelous character actors haul the script along. Ms. Ayola as the buoyant, aspiring aviator is particularly compelling. There's a surprising, touching scene between Redgrave and Tutin when they discover that their collegiality has blossomed into love -- Vanessa sensually licking a spoon evokes a laugh. If you think, as I, that films are worth seeing for good performances, this one will not disappoint.
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Has Its Moments (slight spoilers)
Jennel22 August 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Perhaps the video title ("Shades of Fear") and plot summary are a bit deceptive, and designed to lure fans of Agatha Christie style mysteries. However, I was impressed with the script's comic tone, and the dialog, which mostly avoided cliches. The directness of some of the dialog was undercut, a couple of times, by a conventional use of swelling music during dramatic, confessional scenes; and some of the character developments were a bit too pat. The missionaries played by Redgrave and Tutin, for instance, confessing their sensual affection for each other, after years of denial was a bit much. Not for those looking for a traditional British chamber mystery, but rewarding for other reasons: the acting (especially John Hurt's performance), the very good photography (rarely has food been so lovingly depicted by the camera), decent period atmosphere aboard the ocean liner (loved the little extra touches like the horses in the cargo hold), and the somewhat unconventional protagonist. A bit too much like a Hallmark greeting card at the end, but interesting and enjoyable for the most part.
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great imagery, great music, just OK story
Kim Trotto3 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Perhaps my idea of what constitutes a "made for TV" move is marred by what I'd grown used to before HBO and other cable networks added a bit of class to the genre. So I was still surprised to learn this movie was 'one of those.' Shades of Fear is graphically gorgeous despite all the action taking place on a passenger ship. Better even than Titanic, which naturally was mainly grandiose. And the music! God, where can I get it? No soundtrack released as far as I know. As for the story. Well, it was mostly wise sayings and a quickly solved mystery. Gabriel Angel's personal impediment to love was resolved too quickly to make sense. Still, I liked it. I give it a B+.
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A big disappointment
esh-313 July 1999
Despite what the blurbs say, the story's focus is a young girl from Grenada traveling to England who wants a pilot's license. The art forgery is a very minor sub-plot. If you like her character, you'll probably like the movie despite the weak story line, but I just couldn't get that interested. I felt I wasted my time watching this.
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