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Romance multiplied by imagination

Author: Ing. Ramiro C. Tijerina Gonzalez from Monterrey, Nuevo León, México
7 November 1998

This is definitely one of the most beautiful romantic films I've seen. Marceau is adorable in her role. She is the image of beauty and love herself. A night with the woman you love, dancing in a place you've never been, loving as you've never loved. Love at first, second and every sight. I consider this movie a classic, for what it means, for those who believe in true love.

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A must for anyone who enjoys a good laugh, romance and film!

Author: Nemesis31 from Madrid, Spain
7 February 2000

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Fanfan. That's the name of our leading lady (French Actress Marceau) and Alexandre (Vincent Perez) her love interest. I think that the chemistry displayed by these two great performers is rarely surpassed, and seldom achieved. From the moment the movie begins and the characters meet, the viewer knows they are bound to fall deeply and madly in love with one another. The problem, and it is a biggie, is that Alexandre is engaged and only three months away from his wedding to his 5 year girlfriend. He decides to court her without ever getting too close to her, or involved in any kind of physical relationship. The decission and the way he carries out his plan is outstanding, funny, imaginative and everygirl's dreams about finding her prince charming. But then, the table turns and Fanfan, aware of his engagement and somewhat humilliated by his refusal to bed her although she can 'smell' his interest and desire, acts nonchantly and finds herself a so-called fiance. Alexanders ideals are not merely drawn from a hat, or random ravings, but at the end one finds his reasons for never wanting to let go of those precious moments when one is falling in love with another person. Furthermore, his intented way of living together but without the messy complications and danger or becoming a rutinary and trivial couple is brilliant and funny, just perfect. I won't give up the ending. One should see it for oneself. If it is not a classic by now, it surely will become one in time. The writing is superb, and the acting equal to it's greatness.

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A novel love story...which keeps the viewers on tenterhooks...

Author: eustfam from Philippines
13 November 2004

I was pleasantly surprised by this film--I never heard about it until I found a DVD copy. Since I love both Sophie Marceau and Vincent Perez, I decided to purchase the copy. It has a strange (quirky!) plot about a man who wants to keep his love affair forever fresh and so he makes a vow to woo the girl of his dreams but at the same time, maintains a distance so that his desire for her would never wane or turn sour. Question is, can he keep it up? It reminded me of a line from the song--"The Impossible Dream"..." love pure, and chaste, from afar..." And life throws us into situations we can't just control... Watch this lovely film and see the chemistry between the 2 leading actors. Although the film revolves entirely on them, it remains interesting to end--it leaves the viewer wondering whether they will end up together or not. (I don't want to spoil it for you, so you have to watch it yourself.) And this is the first film of Vincent Perez that I've watched where he doesn't die or get killed! Yey!

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Vibrant Editing

Author: JasonT413
5 December 2002

I really enjoyed this quirky love story between the characters played by Vincent Perez and Sophie Marceau. The editing was quirky as well but fresh. Americans can't make funny love stories like this one. They try hard but fall flat on their faces. I admit there are some indulgent scenes but maybe only one or two. Overall, it is a fun film to watch. Vincent Perez is ever so watchabel as is Sophie Marceau, needless to say. Fun film and vibrant.

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A powerful film full of sympathy for its characters

Author: Wulf C. Krueger from Germany
21 February 1999

Alexandre is a very human character. He is complicated: His love for his fiancée Laure is real but his fears are too. He hurts her deeply and yet simply *has* to do it. It's a fact of life. Laure in fact understands him but cannot let go of him completely which makes her very convincing as we all know how hard it can be to let a beloved person go. She finally comes to recognize the depth of Alexandre's love for Fanfan and shows deep insight in finally accepting it. Opposed to this understanding is Fanfan. For a long time she loves Alexandre but fails to understand him to the fullest. The portrayed characters are full of passion, of life and contradictions which makes the film very convincing - a tragedy, a comedy and a romance. Very special, very good, very french.

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A modern classic

Author: surprisinglylargeamount from United Kingdom
15 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've just seen this film for the first time over the Xmas period on a Chinese cable television. It's a classic. Marceau is just the epitome of beauty itself and charming throughout the film. Perez, too, is very watchable.

Unlike many love stories on film this has none of that awful sentimentality, but is strewn with many comical moments. The plot centres around Perez falling in love with Marceau but desiring to keep the relationship fresh by keeping her at at distance. At the same time Perez is planning to marry his girlfriend, played by the equally beautiful Marine Delterme.

Forget tired old classics like "Brief Encounter" and "The Seven Year Itch" and watch this instead. The only thing that stops me giving it more out of ten is that I would have liked to have seen much more of both the beautiful Miss Marceau and also Miss Delterme. Then it would have been a classic among classics!

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Pure love

Author: dafunmaker from Turkey
10 January 2011

The movie is about two people who are intrinsically attracted to each other and they try to find ways to make it happen.I had seen some parts of the movie in a clip, which was about an impossible love and the idea of one-side mirror intrigued me a lot. I searched a lot to find this movie. The more I tried to find the more I felt attracted to the movie. It made me wonder about the plot. Fortunately, It came out just great.

The protagonist's passion and desire to preserve his pure love, feelings for the beautiful Fanfan made me question "love" again. You need to see this movie with an original love epic. Sophie Marceu will enchant you with her beauty and innocence.

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imaginatively constructed yet to be improved loving story

Author: yanjcw from Ningbo, CHINA
28 March 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Fanfan, which i thought is another version of Fanfan la Tulipe, proved me wrong yesterday. actually it's much better than the 2003 version(there's another old version is pretty good, though).

as an eastern, i would describe this movie very imaginative. it reminds of Amilie, which wins a much high rate over here or probably around the world. it's all just for a dinner to break in an apartment, even dramatically coinciding is that the host has affection outside. i never see or even imagine people around me have this crazy idea, no matter how romantic they would like to be.

another big shot is the applying of single-side mirror, which i believe not only makes this movie sort of funny but more important also to carry on naturally and attractively. it's rather interesting when Fanfan called Alexandre next door and they danced following the same rhythm. wholly speaking, it's the mirror helped the couple finally get together, i think. never see this original idea before, so i call it imaginative again.

however, it would be perfect if it only could be improved about a few details. as i see, Fanfan should be kind of wild or hot while Sophie Masseau appears much elegant. so i don't think she fits the role well or gives a wonderful performance in this movie, though we surely all know she is definitely beautiful and truly a dream-lover among men on the earth

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