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portrait of a flaming lunatic

Author: blanche-2 from United States
11 June 2005

Kate Jackson plays a nurse from hell who, determined to hold onto her detestable boyfriend Frank, and after months faking pregnancy with a pillow, steals another woman's baby. Since Frank (who's married, by the way, and lives with his wife) wanted a boy, and the stolen baby is a girl, she sets her sights on another mother. This leads to a gruesome murder. That part of the story foreshadows a real-life incident that took place just recently, when a woman was murdered and her fetus torn from her body.

The main focus of the story, though, is on the bereft mother of the girl baby, played by Lori Loughlin, who knows darn well her baby wasn't stillborn and also knows that the assertion of the hospital (thanks to a little computer touch-up by Jackson) that she was on drugs isn't true either. Loughlin risks her marriage and takes a lot of criticism in an attempt to find out what happened to her baby.

This isn't an unusual story - in TV movies, women have been stealing other women's babies for years. This is still an interesting film where one truly empathizes with Loughlin, wants to see her vindicated, and can't get over how completely nuts Jackson is. Kate Jackson has always been a good actress, and she won't disappoint you in this. Loughlin is poignant as the determined mother. Look for Eriq LaSalle before ER as a police detective.

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Disturbing Movie But Holds Your Interest All The Way Thru

Author: Celine-4
21 February 1999

This is a very disturbing movie but it's very good. I've seen this movie several times and I have a copy of it. It stars Kate Jackson as Rita, a woman who is in love with her married boyfriend and wants to have his baby. However, she can no longer have children.

The movie moves at a steady pace and Kate Jackson gives a very believable and quite disturbing performance as the unstable Rita. And Lori Loughin gives a heartwrenching performance as the determined Jane. The movie keeps you guessing as to how far Rita will go to get what she wants. And the things she does will literally surprise and shock you.

Kate Jackson took quite a risk playing a character totally the opposite from her usual characters, but she manages to handle it flawlessly. Eric LaSalle (ER) is good as the cop determined to prove Rita isn't as caring and wonderful as everyone believes. As I've pointed out, the movie is quite disturbing for a TV movie and children should not be allowed to see this movie.

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True To Life Story

Author: domino1003 from United States
6 March 2004

Not your typical TV movie of the week: A young woman (Lori Loughlin) gives birth in a hospital, then is told that her baby is dead. She is convinced that her baby is alive. Turns out that she's right: Her nurse Rita (A chilling Kate Jackson) stole her little baby girl, just so she can hold on to her married lover. You have 2 stories going on throughout the film: A woman determined to find her child and faces obstacles from her husband and the hospital administration, and a woman that would go through ANY lengths to hold on to her man.

What's startling about the film is the scene in which a pregnant woman is killed by Rita and her baby stolen. Unfortunately, there have been many cases like this one. Like Rita, people will do ANYTHING to possess a child. Jackson's performance was (and still is) incredibly creepy.

Eriq La Salle plays a detective that gets involved with the goings on in the story. You really don't see too much of him until the later part of the movie.

It's a very intriguing film and worth a look.

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Amazing!Held me attention the entire time

Author: Brenda Sheldon from Tennessee
10 January 2001

I thought the people acting in this movie were great. I just can't understand how someone would want a child so badly that they would do what this woman did! And the fact that she drug her son into it making him a part of the crimes.

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Kate Camps It Up (possible spoilers)

Author: mlone
30 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Kate Jackson is a hoot as a crazy white-trash nurse who schemes to steal babies from pregnant women so she can lure her married boyfriend into being with her and their "family." She goes from kindly nurse to psycho baby-stealer in the blink of an eye -- great job, Kate; who knew you were such a comedienne?!

The serious segments with Lori Loughlin are typical Lifetime melodrama, but the over-the-top scenes with Kate and her teenage son, played by Jonah Blechman, are pure Lifetime cheese (and I mean that in a good way!) Eriq LaSalle (Dr. Peter Benton on "ER") shows up in the last 30 minutes as an inquisitive detective.

Very entertaining in a campy sort of way.

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Good Movie

Author: mjb2004 (
24 August 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


I watched this one on Lifetime the other night. I had seen the previews for it and thought it looked pretty good. It was. About a young woman(Lori Laughlin) who goes to the hospital to give birth. When she wakes up the next morning, they tell her it died 9 days earlier in her womb, and it weighed only 3 and 1/2 pounds. She finds this a little hard to believe, considering the baby had been kicking on the way to the hospital, and the doctor the night she came in said the baby would weigh about 8 1/2 pounds. Anyhow, mainly the movie is about the nurse who stole her baby. Then the nurse finds out her married lover wanted a boy, so she plans another snatch.

In the end though, it's a happy ending, and the nurse goes to jail. I wish they had showed more of the Lori Laughlin side, I thought they focused too much on the nurse, but overall very good, 7/10.

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My Review.

Author: Bradknowsbest89 from United States
25 February 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well I Did Happen To see the previews about a week or two ago and it said Lori loughlin and i Just love her so i knew i just had to see this performance. Wow I'm glad i did it was dramatic. The Determined Mean Person in this movie was Rita played by Kate Jackson. Then Lori Loughlin as the lady who had her baby taking away. They told her that they found drugs in her system.Rita Slipped The Drugs into her system,stole her baby. Then Another Lady Was Pregnant and she Murdered her. Then The Detective Eric Lasalle From NBCs ER investigated Rita and then she got arrested and Lori Loughlins Character got her baby back. I did think the movie was quite interesting. You Just Gotta Have Patience to really understand it.

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Still disturbing...(may be minor spoilers)

Author: Monika-5 from United States
4 March 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Since 1993, when this TV film was broadcast, there's been horrible true stories of baby snatching, and Kate Jackson turns in an eerie performance of a nurse desparate to hold her marriage together, and sees a baby as her only hope. When she can't conceive, she panics and takes matters into her own hands. Jackson is truly convincing as the vulnerable villainess, as is Lori Loughlin as the wronged biological mother. You can also catch a pre-ER Eriq LaSalle as a cop.

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A very good and entertaining movie.

Author: tnp91-1 from United States
28 January 2007

I was really intrigued by this movie, it made me really realized that I should be grateful that now hospitals are now more strict with their rules when it comes to new mothers and their newborn baby. Kate Jackson played a real conniving nurse who would do anything to hold on to a man even though he was already married, it is sort of like the other Lifetime movie "Small Sacrifices", in which a woman did the impossible just to hold onto a man, which includes murder. "Empty Cradle" is a movie that makes you think about who to trust and who not to trust. It also makes great entertainment for women who love to sit around and watch good entertaining and suspenseful movies.

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Personal to me

Author: christylove1974 from United States
7 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I thought that this was a very good lifetime version of the story, but a far cry from the truth. It is unfortunate that the true story has never been told. I am the baby that was taken in this particular story and I think that the fact told to the public were unclear and distorted.

We are not a white family in the suburbs and she took me because I was a mixed child and she was dating a black man.

I don't really want to tell much but the story was good but not the truth and I was kind of disappointed that the network did not depict the truth.

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