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When Linda tells Bruce that she's pregnant, a band is visible in the background. The lead singer of this band is played by Shannon Lee, the real-life daughter who is the result of the pregnancy. The role for Bruce Lee was first offered to his real-life son Brandon Lee, who declined.
The director of The Green Hornet (1966) was played by Van Williams, who played the Green Hornet in the series.
The alley set where Bruce Lee fights his fellow restaurant workers was washed out for three days straight as a typhoon moved through Hong Kong, putting the production three days behind schedule. The scene was going to be cut altogether when a Chinese gaffer told director Rob Cohen that he could erect a giant tent over the set that would allow the shoot to continue. At 3 a.m. the next morning, Cohen came down to the ballroom of his hotel to see the entire Chinese crew and their families piecing together the giant plastic tent. At 8 a.m. it was erected over the alley set and Cohen began filming.
Dedicated to the memory of Bruce Lee's son Brandon Lee, who died due to an accidental shooting while filming The Crow (1994).
The character "Jerome Sprout" is based on Jesse Glover who was Lee's first student. Glover refused to give the filmmakers the permission to use his real name.
Bruce Lee's motorcycle is a 1967 Triumph 650cc Trophy , a choice no doubt influenced by his pal and fellow Triumph fan, Steve McQueen.
Jason Scott Lee had no previous martial arts training or experience, but was an accomplished dancer. He was selected for the lead because it was thought a dancer would more accurately depict the way that Bruce Lee moved. He was trained especially for this role, and had numerous stunt doubles.
When Bruce Lee is preparing to fight the martial artist chosen to stop him from teaching the "Guai Lo", their warmup is obviously derived from The Way of the Dragon (1972): Lee is exercising his flexibility, while his opponent, like Chuck Norris, is instead practicing a series of "rehearsed routines."
When Bruce Lee defeats the martial artist who breaks his back at the karate show and is leaving the ring, there is an older man with gray hair visible. This man trained Jason Scott Lee for the part. He was a former student of Bruce Lee.
The love theme that composer Randy Edleman wrote for the Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993) soundtrack (called "Bruce and Linda" on the album) has scored dozens of other movies' trailers, including Forrest Gump (1994), Cradle Will Rock (1999), and The Truman Show (1998). It became such a common choice, especially for the "dramatic montage" latter section of trailers, that when the humor website cracked.com and the comedy duo BriTANicK made a widely forwarded 2009 parody of movie trailers, they also used Edleman's music for the same purpose.
When Bruce climbs up the scaffolding into his room, there is a picture on the wall of Yip Man, the actual Wing Chun teacher of the real Bruce Lee.
The style of kung fu being practiced by the young Bruce Lee and his instructor at the beginning of the movie is Wing Chun.
During the Festival of Lanterns dance and fight scene, the song being sung is a Mandarin translation of lyrics by the movie's director, Rob Cohen (1960s pop songs in Hong Kong were sung in Mandarin, not Cantonese).
The film was released in the 20th anniversary of Bruce Lee's death.
While Bruce is fighting the college jocks in the gym, one of them says "ah, Danielsan!", a reference to the Karate Kid (1984) that was still many years away from being made.
Hong Kong martial arts star Donnie Yen auditioned for the title role but was turned down in favour of Jason Scott Lee.
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Michael Worth was a martial arts student of fight choreographer Jerry Poteet at the time of filming, and helped design the Long Beach brawl.
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Final film of Van Williams.
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The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

Rob Cohen: after Bruce Lee finally defeats the demon, and is back on the set of Enter the Dragon (1973), the director says, "Lost you for a minute, there."

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