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  • Witness the romance and tragedy of one man's undying passion that led him to sell his soul. In this epic horror, Vlad Dracula exchanges salvation for immortality so that he may avenge the brutal death of his true love. Now he journeys to the twentieth century to lay claim to the woman he so desperately loves.


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  • Artist Theresa [Stacey Travis] has the feeling that she's met the handsome foreigner before but, after dancing with Vlad [Christopher Akins] all night at a gallery party, he disappears, and Theresa is plagued by strange dreams about him. Still, when Theresa is asked to restore a painting at a monastery in Eastern Europe, she eagerly sets out for the job. At the monastery (which the taxi driver calls 'the Church of Lost Souls' when he refuses to go any further), she meets both her employer Alec DuVas [Doug Wert] and the painting she is to restore -- that of Vlad the Impaler who, legend says, beheaded all the monks and posted their heads on sticks around the monastery. Oddly enough, Theresa also meets Vlad, the handsome foreigner, there. However, Vlad is not happy to see her. He does not wish for Theresa to take the job, and he refuses to permit her to stay at the monastery, "recommending" that she take a room in the town.

    Through a series of flashbacks, it is learned that Theresa and Vlad were lovers back during the Black Plague, when Theresa was a village maiden, Vlad was both a monk and the son of Vlad the Impaler (Dracula), and DuVas was Vlad's superior. In retribution for Vlad's sin of lust, DuVas had Theresa burned as a witch, so Vlad sought out his father who willingly gave his son immortality so that Vlad Jr. can wait around for Theresa to return. In the interim, DuVas has also been made vampire. However, rather than serve as Theresa's executioner on the road to Vlad's piousness, DuVas now wishes to get rid of Theresa because she stands in the way to Vlad's vampirism. DuVas stages a car accident in which he hopes to eliminate Theresa by burning her to death. Vlad saves Theresa, kills DuVas, and then kills himself by waiting for the sun to rise. [Original synopsis by bj_kuehl]

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