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Sex & Nudity

  • None. There is some kissing between married and engaged couples, but that's it.

Violence & Gore

  • No blood or anything like that. At the most, there is some punching and kicking in the witches gathering scene, when Mr. N, Oscar, and the girls are trying to get away.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Aunt Agatha is seen drinking something from a wine-shaped glass in a few scenes, although it is never actually revealed what it is.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Given the Halloween theme, there are several frightening scenes that may scare some younger audiences. It really depends on the individual child, but it is highly recommended that parents watch it first, because it truly does have some scary parts. Some examples:
  • Aunt Agatha is portrayed as an evil witch who treats people cruelly and threatens to hurt them. She has banished her sweet, caring twin sister on the other side of a mirror for 7 years, and the spell is scheduled to become permanent at midnight on Halloween. Aunt Agatha says things like "I'm going to drip bat's blood on this mirror and bury it. I have a nice grave all ready!" She also threatens other people with lines like "If they come anywhere near this house, I'll take care of them too!" and "If I ever see your face again, I'll use it as an oil rag!"
  • There is a gravedigger in the movie. He is portrayed as a kind and insecure man, but he is seen digging a grave at Aunt Agatha's request. "Who or what she plans to bury here, I don't know, and I don't wanna know," he says.
  • Lynn and Kelly meet up with a homeless man on their journey, and he offers to go along and protect them. This isn't so much frightening as it is questionable behavior, even though the man ends up being innocent and never tries to hurt the kids. However, parents may want to talk about this with their own children while viewing the movie.
  • Mr. N and the girls visit a psychic who helps them figure out where the witches gathering is held. The crystal ball lights up and flashes as it reveals the location. The psychic faints when she realizes that the crystal ball is actually working (she doesn't expect it to).
  • The witches gathering scene involves a large group of witches chanting, waving their arms around, and revealing some of the evil spells they have cast on others. There is a cauldron of boiling water in the middle of the room that explodes at one point.
  • There are a few chase scenes when Mr. N, Oscar, and the girls capture the moonstone and try to run away with it. After cornering them at a dead end, Agatha tries to trick them and even disguises herself as sweet Aunt Sophia. When one of the little girls, Kelly, tries to run away, she is picked up by Agatha's assistant and shaken in his arms. She screams loudly.
  • Agatha turns one character into a crow and two others into turtles. Her face turns green, smoke emerges from her fingers, and she cackles proudly as she does this.
  • The girls wander through Agatha's dark, creepy-looking house as they search for Aunt Sophia. Once they finally manage to free her, Agatha tries to push her back into the mirror, but Agatha ends up being pushed in herself. She screams as she floats into the mirror, and then a few seconds later, the mirror is accidentally smashed into thousands of pieces.
  • In the final scene, the girls are cleaning up the broken pieces of glass, and they see part of Agatha's face, saying "Help me! I know you'll help me", but they say "No chance!" and leave her there.

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