Double, Double, Toil and Trouble (TV Movie 1993) Poster

Plot Keywords

girl twin
debt witch
magic repetition in title
mirror young version of character
brat child as main character
anti heroine child hero
child protagonist curse
magic spell mischief
children sitting
individuality lifting female in air
rhyme in title serving tray
table homeless man
broken glass funhouse mirror
toy singing
kindness sign
flashback sharing
photograph moonstone
promise doubt
mother daughter relationship affection
human becoming an animal hood ornament
hatred halloween costume
grave coward
little girl pin the tail on the donkey
bribe growth chart
black and white scene clock
cassette tape coin toss
spellcasting car
butler broom
basement mask
basket trickery
search identical twins
bobbing for apples dinner
villainess turtle
trapped in a mirror transformation
torch tombstone
tent spinning
hypnosis spell
reflection pumpkin
prize police station
police car poetic justice
stowaway cookie
miniaturization midget
midget car magic wand
teacup kidnapping
journey home
holiday heroine
greed grave digger
good versus evil goblin
glee club friend
friendship fortune teller
fire escape
dog disguise
darkness crystal ball
crow croquet
courage costume
contest clown
tea chase
cemetery cauldron
cat carrying someone
candy bridge
cawing black magic
jack o'lantern betrayal
balloon attic
evil twin scream
pumpkin carving lifting someone into the air
forest sister sister relationship
rescue discovery
great aunt great niece relationship actress playing multiple roles
halloween witchcraft
fairy tale title based on shakespeare

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