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  • Frozen in 1996, Phoenix, a convicted killer is "thawed" out for parole well into the 21st century. Revived into a crime free society, Phoenix resumes his murderous rampage, and no one can stop him. Spartan, the cop who captured Phoenix in 1996 has also been cryogenically frozen, this time for a crime he didn't commit. In desperation they turn to Spartan to help recapture Phoenix.

    - Written by Rob Hartill
  • Los Angeles in the year 1996. The streets are ruled by acts of violence and terror, nothing and nobody is safe. Simon Phoenix is one of the worst criminals that Los Angeles has ever seen, and only one man can stop him - L.A.P.D. officer John "Demotion Man" Spartan. When John apprehended Phoenix, he was surprisingly found as an accessory to the recent crime and was also sent to the "Cryo Prison". During John Spartan's sentence, Los Angeles' theme and society had dramatically changed from one of violence to one of peace. Phoenix, revived for a parole hearing managed to escape and uses Los Angles to his advantage. The Police are unable to stop him with their non-violent solutions and have no choice but to let out John Spartan to stop him. Now, Spartan not only has to stop Phoenix, but to adapt himself to the future society he has no knowledge about.

    - Written by John Wiggins
  • A cop is brought out of suspended animation in prison to pursue an old ultra-violent enemy who is loose in a nonviolent future society.

    - Written by Kenneth Chisholm


In an alternate 1996, Los Angeles has descended into anarchy, with criminals ruling over sections of the city as warlords...

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