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If ever there was a movie equivalent to the one-night stand this is it - not necessarily something you'll remember next day but fast, furious and damn good fun while it lasts.
The pleasant surprise about Demolition Man is that both the script, and Stallone, are funny; the film blends big-budget action and tongue-in-cheek humor in the way that "last action hero" tried, and failed, to do.
Austin Chronicle
The script is fueled by genuine wit, everyone turns in fine performances and, beginning to end, the film actually shows some thought, if little originality.
A noisy, soulless, self-conscious pastiche that mixes elements of sci-fi, action-adventure and romance, then pours on a layer of comedy replete with Hollywood in-jokes.
Demolition Man is a futuristic cop picture with slightly more imagination and wit than the typical example of the slash-and-burn genre.
Ultimately the script's often sharp social satire is drowned out by the noise and confusion.
Yes, this film is worse than "Cliffhanger," Stallone's last venture into chaos.
Rolling Stone
Demolition Man is sleek and empty as well as brutal and pointless.
Chicago Reader
Nearly all the SF premises are accorded the status of Andrew Dice Clay one-liners - which means that they, along with the characters, keep changing from one scene to the next.

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