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In the driving scene that ends the film, the car that the main characters are in passes an Oldsmobile Delta 88 that was made after 1980, yet the movie takes place in 1976.
When Mitch goes to purchase beer at the convenience store, a Coke dispenser with a logo first introduced in 1985 is visible.
When Hirschfelder, Carl and Tommy were walking together just before Carl throws the beer bottle, there is an early '80s Datsun 510 parked at the side of the street.
Carl Burnett is shown wearing a t-shirt with the KISS album cover for "Rock and Roll Over" which was not released until November 1976.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When O'Bannion, after dumping the paint, drives his car over a patch of grass, the tires squeal as if on pavement.
When driving to the outdoor party Wooderson and Benny are yelling at each other but the words don't match their mouths.
When O'Bannion jumps out of the car to chase Mitch and Carl, you will hear the sounds of both cars speeding away, but if you actually watch behind O'Bannion, you will see that Benny's truck is still there, even after both tire squeal sounds can be heard, even after the rumbling sounds of the truck starts.
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When buying the beer and chatting with the shop worker you don't hear the shop worker crumple the bag to roll the top portion but when you see it the beer is in the bag all ready to go.
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Boom mic visible 

Reflection in classroom window at the beginning of the movie.
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Boom mike reflection in window behind "Mike" and "Tony" when "Pink" first encounters them in the hallway. Then as "Tony" and "Mike" walk a little down the hall the boom mike pole appears in the top right side of the screen a few times.
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Character error 

Wooderson tells Clint that his '70 SS Chevelle has been bored over 0.030, and other upgrades. The '70 SS Chevelle came equipped with a LS6 or LS5 454 cubic inch big block V8 which were actually putting out closer to 450+ horsepower stock. If Wooderson had actually done all the "mods", he'd be making closer to 550-600 horsepower. Nowhere near the 350 horsepower he claims.


It goes from pitch black to twilight and back again several times during the scenes after the baseball game and before the party at the moon tower.
When the freshman girl is "proposing" to Dawson, she is shown on her knees in one shot, then sitting, then back to her knees.
At the end of the movie, Mitch Kramer is making out with the Sophomore girl next to her car and the sun has already come up. When he arrives at home after that has happened, it is still dark outside.
O'Bannion knocks Mitch and Carl's books out of their hands in front of Carl's house. In the next shot, the books are not on the ground.
At the beginning of the film, as the title appears on screen, Michelle and Pickford are pulling into the school parking lot in Pickford's car. Michelle can be seen in this shot smoking a cigarette. However, in the very next shot inside the car, she is licking the paper on a joint and sealing it.
When Carl, Hirschfelder, and Tommy are walking away from a neighborhood street corner. In the background O'Bannion is approaching the corner. Before he passes the tree his duster is an orange color. After he passes the tree, it is a primer gray.
When the guys go to buy beer at the gas/convenience store, they pull in about 20 feet away from the building. When the two get out and one stands guard the car is shown next to the store, and then when they run back to the car it is again about 20 feet away. The gun wielding man comes up to the car as they get in and then when they pull away the car is suddenly facing the road.
When O'Bannion has the paint poured on him, the amount on his face changes from shot to shot
When Pink and Slater stop by Pickford's house for the "business" there are large gaming dice on the base of the table, gone and then back again.
When Dawson, Pink, and Mitch are cruising around with Pickford, Pink goes to pick up a trash can, but its Dawson's arm that grabs the can. Then Pink is shown in his windup.
When Pink, Dawson, Mitch and Pickford are in Pickford's car throwing garbage cans at mailboxes, Dawson is first to throw a can followed by Pink. When Pink picks up the trashcan, it is still Dawson's arm and not Pink's. Dawson wears a dark green long-sleeve shirt, where pink wears a lavender shirt.
Near the end of the movie when they are smoking a joint on the football field, the long shot shows them all sitting about 20 yards from a large dead patch of grass, but in the close-up, Slater's head is almost in the dead spot.
When Carl's mom comes out and catches O'Bannion, she orders Mitch and Carl into the house. We see Carl run in front of Mitch, but in the next shot (behind the mom) we see that Mitch enters the front door first.
When Pink is given the pledge sheet by Dawson, outside the door the ground is wet and there is a dark and overcast, as if it has rained. Shots before and after this are dry and clear.
In the "business" scene in Pickford's room, Pickford sprays the air freshener and then sets it (and the glass bowl) down on the record cabinet before letting his dad in. When Pickford crosses the room to look out the window at the beer truck the jar and spray can have moved to the floor, but when he walks back to his dad both items are back on the cabinet.
When Dawson is talking to the freshman girl, the view from his front has his hands on his knees, but other shots have him with his hands in his lap.

Crew or equipment visible 

Reflections visible in the car door when the guys pull up to buy beer.
When Simone says, "I did it when I was a freshman, and you'll do it when you're seniors. but you're doing great. Now fry like bacon, you little freshman piggies. Fry!" you can see a reflection in the window of a person crouching down signaling two extras to walk past in the background.
When Hirschfelder and Tommy are jumping from the roof after dumping paint on O'Bannion, the shadow of one of the stunt doubles can be scene even after the actors have jumped up to make their way down to street level.
After pouring the paint and jumping off of the roof, when they get into the car, you can see the shadow of the camera men in the grass.
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Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

One girl's reference to "Madonna" is to the Medieval Catholic ideal, not the pop singer Madonna who first appeared on the scene in the 1980s.
The motorcyclist's shirt. While a similar design was used later by The Misfits, the design (if indeed it's the same skull) ultimately comes from the movie The Crimson Ghost.
While O'Bannion flunked, the tassel on his mirror could have been purchased before that was known.
During the freshman hazing, Simone is wearing tube socks with tennis shoes. Another girl is seen earlier wearing black pumps with no socks that some have confused with her.

Revealing mistakes 

In the final scene where the gang is driving down the highway in Wooderson's Chevelle, the shots looking through the windshield into the car show the cowl induction flapper of the Chevelle hood open, if the motor was running the flapper would be closed (unless the engine was under full acceleration). The next shot through the windshield looking down the road shows it being closed.
When Pink, Don, Mel and Benny are in the back of the truck, examining Benny's cracked paddle, O'Bannion pops out early from behind the building at the far right (widescreen editions), then quickly ducks back out of sight and emerges on cue to deliver his lines.
When Pink is throwing trash cans out of the car you can see the wire attached to the car from the trailer it's riding on, also the tires aren't moving.
When Mitch's sister, Julie and Mitch are talking at the party, Mitch's sister pats Julie on the back and she stumbles, revealing her "mark" a yellow "t" marked out in tape on the grass so she knows where to stand for the shot.
In the opening scene while the GTO is cruising through the school parking lot the car is an early-'70s Camaro with the wheels from a mid-'80s Camaro.
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