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  • Bill Mitchell is the philandering and distant President of the United States. Dave Kovic is a sweet-natured and caring Temp Agency operator, who by a staggering coincidence looks exactly like the President. As such, when Mitchell wants to escape an official luncheon, the Secret Service hires Dave to stand in for him. Unfortunately, Mitchell suffers a severe stroke whilst having sex with one of his aides, and Dave finds himself stuck in the role indefinitely. The corrupt and manipulative Chief of Staff, Bob Alexander, plans to use Dave to elevate himself to the White House - but unfortunately, he doesn't count on Dave enjoying himself in office, using his luck to make the country a better place, and falling in love with the beautiful First Lady...

    - Written by Scott Nisbet <scott_nisbet@hotmail.com>
  • In this delightful feel good film, Kevin Kline gives a presidential performance, as a big hearted owner of a temp agency, who is given the opportunity of a lifetime. Kline's character, Dave Kovic, who has an uncanny dead on physical resemblance to the siting President, William Harrison Mitchell, is suddenly thrown into the role as The Chief Executive himself, thanks to some unscrupulous White House staff members, who look to take advantage of Dave's naïveté for their own devious plans. What we learn however, is that Dave and President Mitchell couldn't be farther apart with their morals and character, as Dave learns that the life he has temporarily inherited, is that of a scoundrel and indecent public servant. Once again, director Ivan Reitman (Animal House, Stripes) does a superb job with the believability of his film, this time around with the political arena that is, Beltway politics. Personal cameos from Former Speaker of the House, Tip O'neal, Former Senators Chris Dodd, Alan Simpson and Paul Simon, certainly add to the realism as well. Brilliant performances by both, Frank Langella and Kevin Dunn as White House insiders , who's gerrymandering as Mitchell staffers, set the course for what happens next. Langella, (Nxon/Frost) who once again portrays yet another political character, Bob Alexander, who gives us a glance of a power hungry White House chief of staff, who's persona somewhat resembles that of former staffer Alexander Haig. It is that very persona, that drives the problems that Dave encounters, and along the way, enables him to procure a budding relationship with the First Lady. Sigourney Weaver portrays First Lady Elleni Mitchell, who has long given up on her marriage of convenience with the leader of the free world, and his various womenising over the years. As the film evolves, she notes an incredible transformation by her "husband", one that raises doubts in her mind about their relationship and his identity. In the end, one can't help but marvel at the way an ordinary Joe could infuse his pragmatism and compassion into a complicated weave of government red tape, dotted with non transparency. But atlas...... As the credits begin to roll, we come back to reality, that this is Hollywood........ Never the less, one walks away from Dave feeling uplifted, with their faith briefly restored in humanity, let alone our Federal Goverment .... Albeit, if only for a few moments.

    - Written by David Smith
  • Dave Kovic looks so much like President Bill Mitchell that he's asked to stand in for him, while the Bill occupies his time elsewhere !. When Bill falls into a coma, a secret and highly illegal plot is hatched by Bob Alexander to keep Dave on as the president. Unknown to Dave, Bob is working on making himself president, but he doesn't count on Dave being so popular and keen to continue.

    - Written by Rob Hartill
  • President Bill Mitchell is not exactly an ideal President. He looks after those who helped get him into office than the people, and he is a philanderer. One of the ways that he keeps his little dalliances a secret is to hire a lookalike to impersonate him and when he is at a function at a hotel, his double is the one the press and media see leaving the hotel, while he stays behind for his little rendezvous. Now the man whom they have hired is Dave Kovic, a goodhearted man who likes to help people find jobs. Normally after making his little exit that would be that but Mitchell suffers a stroke. Now he is completely incapacitated, and by law the Vice President will assume his duties but Bob Alexander, Mitchell's Chief of Staff who is just as corrupt and ammoral as Mitchell maybe even more, fears that the Vice President who is boy scout, will probably not play ball with him or not keep him around, tells Dave that it's in the country's best interest that the Vice President not take over. So he agrees to continue pretending to be the President. But in reality Alexander is planning to smear the Vice President into resigning thus paving the way for him to be President. But when Dave becomes infatuated with the First Lady, and when Bob acting in Mitchell's place, cuts off funding to one of her projects, she assumes that it was Dave as Mitchell, who did it. And so to make it up to her, he restores the funding, which infuriates Alexander. Which means that Dave and Alexander are headed for a clash.

    - Written by rcs0411@yahoo.com
  • To avoid a potentially explosive scandal when the U.S. President goes into a coma, an affable temp agency owner with an uncanny resemblance is put in his place.

    - Written by mystic80


Dave Kovic (Kevin Kline) runs a temporary employment agency in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.. As a sideline...

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