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Bad film, and not very sexy.
gridoon24 December 2001
Terrible women-in-prison film, boasts "straight-to-video" production values, has no sense of place (the prison looks more like a schoolyard and anybody can drop in and out if he feels like it), the climactic riot is badly staged.....but wait! You don't care about all that! You just want to know if the movie delivers on the expected "sexploitation" level. Well, there is certainly a lot of nudity, but the director has the bad habit of cutting away from any scene that "threatens" to become really sexy! (*1/2)
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Enjoyable for what it is.
RTheManF897 November 2009
To start this review off, I have never, ever seen the original Chained Heat from 1983, but I was intrigued to check this one out, mainly for Sylvester Stallone's ex/Flavor Flav's current lady friend, Brigitte Nielsen and Paul Koslo (Robot Jox)

What was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime, turned out to be a complete nightmare for young student Alex Morrison (Played by Kimberly Kates.) Alex is wrongfully arrested for smuggling drugs into the Czech Republic, and is found guilty, given a 10-year sentence, and shipped to the Reznik Prison. At Reznik, she meets the sadistic Warden Magda Kassar (Played by Nielsen), her equally sadistic assistant Rosa, and Bobo, a Shakespeare-quoting transvestite. Meanwhile, Alex's sister Suzanne (Played by Kari Whitman) tries to get the charges towards her sister cleared, with the help of attorney Mr. Goff (Played by Koslo), who hides an agenda of his own.

In no way would I call this movie a masterpiece. It is cheesy, but it also manages to be entertaining in some parts, like with Bobo, who I found to be quite funny, in an unintentional way. And Kimberly Kates is hot. No lie. So if you're just looking for something to watch and have nothing better to do, give Chained Heat 2 a watch.

Slightly Recommended.

And for the record, I will NOT be watching Chained Heat 3: Hell Mountain anytime soon.

EXTRAS: The Canadian VHS tape, which I own, has a Cineplex Odeon Gift Card Promo and trailers for TC 2000 and Criminal Behavior.
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My Type Of Movie
crack-420 November 1999
Ive seen this a few times on TBS, surprisingly, its not that bad. IF you're into women in jail movies where they're forced to get naked and submissive. The basic story is a woman is falsely accused of some crime and sent to a Czech prison. At this prison, the warden and the warden's "assistant" basically make the prisoners into their sex slaves. They also make porn films with them. thats basically all there is to it. Its a movie you watch to see the females, not for a story. If I was to rent it, I would most likely fast forward through 1/2 of it.
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Dance for me, bitch!
lastliberal12 July 2008
This movie had all the features of a women-in-prison movies without the sex.

Yes, there were shower scenes and sex acts intimated, but heck, you see nothing you wouldn't find in a Girls Gone Wild video.

Kimberly Kates gives a skintastic view in the shower with Playboy Playmate of the Month (Czech Republic edition) Lucie Benesová, but it was really innocent.

We never got anything from Bridgette Nielson that is worth seeing. She is too busy snorting coke and yelling at her head dragon lady, Jana Svandová, who would fit in nicely in nazipoloitation movies.

I think you would be better off looking for some caged heat, rather than chained.
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Great movie... for Czech citizens that is
RedBarDragon21 October 2007
This movie is great for Czech people, because they can see some stars naked there. For example Lucie Benesova who started a an actress in movies where a "busty naked blonde" was needed is now deemed to be actress suitable for serious roles and/or TV series. She would never show her body anymore so there is an opportunity to see what she has to offer in this movie. Therefore I gave 9/10 as native Czech, but for the rest of the world it is 1/10. ;)It is now sold here in Czech republic for less than 2USD which is a price I would consider more than adequate. For Czech people this movie could become a legend of Steve Jackson's Braindead dimension.
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So bad it's good...
tas6715 January 2007
I adore this movie for what it is - BAD! There is a reason Brigette only had a couple of lines in "Rocky IV." The accents are straight out of a "Rocky & Bullwinkle" cartoon. It falls into the "Women in Prison" category, and if you go into it knowing how bad it is going to be, then you will probably enjoy it. You have to laugh at it, not take it seriously. Really, do women prisoners ever wear miniskirts and Keds sneakers? Plus, there's a Shakespeare quoting transvestite named "Bobo." What more could you ask for? It has become a cult lesbian film for the homo-erotic content. If you want to see a big woman in leather cracking a whip, you should check it out. If you are expecting an Oscar® performance, look elsewhere.
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This heat really stinks
We are a far cry from that other prison, run by dirty guard, Vernon, that saw all that madness and mayhem, 11 years prefore. Beautiful lead, the sort with such soft skin, which can be such a commodity in another dirty prison in Istanbul, run by sadistic and perverted warden, Nielsen, who's actually good here, is set up for just this reason. As good as Nielsen is that I found surprising, none such is the movie, a sort of copy rehash of story, altered a little, but has the same concept. This time our innocent lovelies are used as prostitutes, one venue, in this big house, that functions as a casino, where dirty old men can take their winnings, (women) to a private room. Nielson has a lesbian sidekick too, a woman guard. Some of the innocents are used in snuff films. Our lead's sister enlists the help of a dirty embassy official, Koslo, who's in on the prison operation, where the film ends in a bust out of explosions by a group of mercenaries. Lovers of the first Chained Heat could take this or leave this. Apart from a lot of beautiful nudity, and Nielsen's performance, this sequel really sucks.
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Bore No Relation to Its Predecessor
Uriah4312 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This movie essentially begin with a young American tourist named "Alex Morrison" (Kimberly Kates) traveling in Czechoslovakia to meet her sister when she is maliciously framed for smuggling illegal drugs and subsequently sentenced to 10 years at hard labor in a notorious prison known as "Razic Penitentiary". What makes this prison so horrific is the fact that it is run by a masochistic warden named "Magda Kassar" (Bridgette Nielson) who forces the female prisoners to prostitute themselves and further requires them to perform in pornographic films. To make matters worse, her assistant "Rosa Schmidt" (Jana Svandova) is even more vicious and compels the prisoners to labor in her own private drug laboratory when the warden isn't currently exploiting them. Yet as hopeless as things might seem, Alex's sister, "Suzanne Morrison" (Kari Whitman) refuses to give up on her and enlists the help of the American ambassador "Franklin Goff" (Paul Koslo) to petition the Czech government on her behalf. Failing that possibility, she unexpectedly finds help from a Czech named "Stefan Lotsky" (Marek Vasut) who also pledges to help. Now, rather than reveal any more, I will just say that this particular film bore no relation to its predecessor and because of that it isn't necessary to see the original movie first. However, I should probably add that this particular movie lacked the technical quality of the first in large part because of the low-budget atmosphere which permeated everything. The script was weak and the setting looked more like a school than a prison. Even so, the acting was adequate and the presence of several beautiful actresses like Lucie Benesova (as "Tina Lukof") along with the aforementioned Kimberly Kates and Kari Whitman certainly didn't hurt. Be that as it may, however, due to the weaknesses mentioned earlier, none of these young ladies were quite able to elevate this movie to an average level and because of that I have rated it accordingly. Slightly below average.
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Not that much heat here
videorama-759-85939122 July 2014
Here's the sequel, ten years in the waiting to a camp classic, CH, the one standout flick in a line of b grade prison flicks where the whole establishment is filled with corruption, as if a disease. Nielsen as a corrupt, depraved, and sadistic prison warden, plays it well, I for one was quite surprised, in a film that is far from well. It's many a far cry from it's original, which is a good thing, but the whole affair is trashy. If nudity is your thing, lap it up here, amidst some quite ugly moments plus a shock twist from one of the characters working outside the prison, played by a veteran 70's great. A young, innocent, beautiful lass (aren't they all, and this ones tasty) is framed and sent to this hellhole of a German prison, run by Nielson, and other sexual deviates, where again the hot women dress up, for their one night out at this big mansion (beautiful exterior establishing shot here) and entertain older and creepy men, with sexual services, some begrudgingly, the newer younger fish that is. This sequel unlike the original is just trashy, and isn't absorbing, which has you losing interest, quickly, as apart from the nudity, it's not that much appealing.
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Rotten Movie
vincentga20 November 2004
I give to this movie 1/10 and it is just cause technical. All the rest, actor/actress, story, music, etc., is a lot bad and boring.

Like I say often I'm all time surprise to see how easily some guys can find money to "create" a so bad movie. So "amateur".

And also the music is like one create in 1970 and apply to thousand of movies. This music is like a torture for our ears.

The story/script is a shame. Director of actor/actess doesn't exist. Acting can be find in this "movie".

A nice soporific to help sleep or a gift to give to people you don't like.
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This movie needs a transfusion
sad_594 August 2006
The only reason this movie is even watchable is because it shows a lot of T and A from the actresses. It's really what I would call soft porn. Not as exciting as the title would make you think...kind of ho hum. I wouldn't say the acting is bad, it's the script that sucks. Too bad the director or writer couldn't put a little more imagination into what could have been a better movie. Although it certainly would never have been Oscar material it could be a lot better than what it is. Still, if you enjoy some beautiful women walking around naked you will enjoy it I guess. I would like to see the actors and actresses with better material. I think some of them show some real talent but what can you do when you are stuck with a vehicle like this. The only reason I happened upon this movie was that it was on HBO and I thought the title was interesting.
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